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Dear /p/.

I would like you to ask about advices on proper lighting in shooting small objects and light color experiments. And a bit of opinion about those photos.

1) How should I light up small object s like plastic models properly? I want to give models I make proper photo sessions and its really fun but I don't really know how to light them up evenly. I usually use light bulb placed above as key light and tin foil stretched over desk to bounce it off as fill light. But that often lead to overexposed upper or side parts if the model with underexposed rest. At the other hand, lighting from front often light up background as well, which is not desired. I tried using LED lights but they are often too weak and suffer from different colors which makes white balance go wrong. Any solution to such problem that does not require expensive stuff?

2) I also experimented with light colors. In OP picture, I placed two blue and one violet plastic sheets in front of light bulb and result was quite fun. Tried placing another light source at opposed side, this time with red sheet. Do you have other ideas for having fun with light colors like that?

3) I once posted here asking about how to make pictures more dynamic. How went out the ones in this thread? What to improve?

Thank you for replies and advices.
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