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Weekly Photo challenge!

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Another great week last week. Don't forget to vote! http://tiny(dot)cc(slash)pbk4gz

>This weeks theme is:
>Artificial light

Have fun with artificial light. Studio lighting, neon lights, street lights, torch lights ect.

• Submit an image in this thread that you've taken that adheres to the theme
• Multiple images allowed, please limit it to 4 or less.
• Please don't post specifically asking for critique, post that in the Recent Photo Thread /rpt/
• Do your best to submit something taken this week!

At the end of the week (Sunday) I will post a link to a survey where you can vote for your favorite image. The top 3 images with the most votes after 3 days will be posted to an instagram page for us to look back on and enjoy.

You willl get 2 votes each, to stop people voting only for their own image.

Get out there and shoot guys, enjoy yourself and can't wait to see some quality work!

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