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Black and white

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>CC pls

So, the idea of these was that I wanted them to be really grainy and a bit more abstract than anything I've shot before.

I'm using a 60D at ISO set between 6400 and 12800.

It's just a bit of fun with the camera really but I think it would be good to see what others think, maybe, i guess.

I'll post as I edit, but it's all shot on JPEG and i'm just doing a curves layer on an online photo editing program.

I'd be interested at comments about composition and pointers where I am missing things and how I can work on them. I never paid attention to black and white before but I've been enjoying the fact it strips back a lot of thinking about colour theory and I enjoy playing with shapes and textures in the frame instead.

I've had a LONG break from photography after dealing with depression and shit, but I've recently picked it up again and want to start enjoying it again like I used to.

Hit me with your best shot xx