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/p/ - Problems (hiro approved meta trhead)

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We have a janny sanctioned advertising and trolling operation going here. I know /p/ is a slow board, but as this continues posting images is declining, and we have no to zero moderation regarding these two most damaging problems.

In short, N-word and racist reporting is going nowhere. Spamming reports are going nowhere. Sliding reports are going nowhere. Trolling reports are going nowhere. And there are major sliding attempts using olympanon/limpanon/mft/full frame arguments initiated by same individual whenever the discussion falls on fixing the board and actual causes for it all.

Why we know it is janny sanctioned is known by the fact that janny is deleting racist and doxing posts that he does not like, and leaving others up.

Example of this are various shilling threads in op. Posts and off topic personal attack threads that are still up:


posts and personal attack threads that are purged on instant basis:


There is correlation between who can attack who on regular basis. And major sliding and spamming in connection with certain individual olympanon and those that attack him. Well accepted fact is that it is the same person, or group of people doing both towards a goal of ruining the board, and advertising specific camera brand.