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Enlightenment thread

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This is the druid of /p/. You have walked a long way to get here. Now that you dominate the secrets of the exposure triangle and your devices I shall grant you the greater truths of photography.

>Your pictures are mediocre because photography is an uncomplete craft that relies on other elements. Find an interesting story first, then live it, then take the picture to tell it.

>Mastering technique is key, but if you fail to understand the previous your photography will be just a vane example of technical expertise. A snapshit that goes along with a story always prevails over a great picture that tells nothing.

>Better gear is convenient. Convenience kills creativity. Limit your resources to the minimum.

>Slow down. Don't go around chasing for subjects. Choose a location, observe your surroundings and let the moments come. Then move on.

>No technique is a meme, your intention is what matters. If it serves the narrative there's nothing wrong to shallow depth of field, selective colour, or black and white. The mistake is to turn that technique into your subject.

>Don't overprepare, don't play it safe, just do it. The best trips and adventures are the ones that make you sweat and challenge you. Those will be your stories, tell them with your camera.

Now let the spirits of photography be with you in your journey.