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35mm P&S vs. Professional 35mm camera?

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I need to ask you guys for some guidance. I've been shooting with the Nikon F5, and it has given me some very, very nice results. Recently, I purchased this Cannon Sure Shot Z135 for ten dollars, and while I have yet to use it, the sample images I've seen online were quite nice. It's lightweight, small, and from what I've seen capable of taking very nice photographs.

What I'm asking is should I just sell my Nikon F5 and stick with point and shoot cameras for 35mm? If I did, I would plan on saving up for a Minolta TC-1, as the images on that camera are just gorgeous. What would I lose in the process? Well, the Nikon F5 in all its quality. But its weight, the need to buy lenses, and having to invest into film and development makes it unappealing to shoot with it. While cinematography is what I study, 35mm is something I do for myself whereas digital is what I work with professionally. I think with a point and shoot such as the Minolta TC-1, I'd get quality and portability all in one package. That's at least what I think. I want something that'll give me both quality and fluidity.

What do you guys think? Sell the F5 and save up for a TC-1?