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Full Frame For a Youtube Channel?

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I just started a Youtube channel that is wholly unrelated to photography with a Lumix G7, but to be honest I'm not that thrilled with the video quality and kinda wanna get full frame. I was looking at the EOS RP but it has a 4k crop that gives you an APS-C field of view, so I think that one is out of the question. What would you guys get?

Some features I want:

>mount for a shotgun mic
>ability to get a decent prime lens for around $500 (right now I'm shooting with the 25mm panasonic F/ 1.7 mostly, as well as a Meike 12mm f/ 2.8 that I got dirt cheap)
> In body image stabilisation
>decent auto focus (so probably not another panasonic, lol)
>under $2k

Anyone want to weigh in and share their experiences/tips on what I should get?