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Should I buy a Fujifilm XH1?

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Howdy, someone in my local area is selling a Fujifilm XH1 and a lens adapter for Canon to Fuji X for $750. I've been looking to upgrade for a while, right now I shoot on an old Canon EOS-1DS Mark II. I only have 4 lenses, the 70-200 F/4 and the 50 F/1.4 are my favorite lenses and the best ones I have but the other two are still native to Canon.

That being said, the body of the XH1 and the adapter seems great, but I'm not to technically savvy when it comes to gear and cameras.

What do you say? Is it a good camera or would you recommend something else in that price range?

Let's also make this thread into a "Should I Get..." just to keep it alive and entertaining.