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Busou Shinki and Friends: Toys Playing With Toys

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Read the guide:

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>Hresvelgr=Rufus is a packin with FAG artbook and includes skin tone body parts
>MD second wave have released, SOL Hornet out in June.
>Hresvelgr=Ater Clear parts append available from Lunar Toy Store:
>Gourai, Stylet, Architect, Materia, and Jinrai Indigo rereleased
>FA Girl Bluray pack-in kits are unarmored Gourai, Stylet, Anime ver. Baselard, Gourai Kai.
>Desktop Army third wave Millenia up for preorder

Where to buy second hand Shinkis:
>eBay, Amazon - generally overpriced, but you might get lucky.
>Mandarake, Rakuten - search 武装神姫 and don't trust listing images.
>Yahoo Japan Auctions, Suruga-ya - you'll need a proxy if you’re not in Japan.
>Taobao - some shops ship international now, so you might not need a proxy.
>Amiami, Jungle-scs - occasionally get some preowned.
>Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection, and Busou Shinki World too.

Fellow anons selling custom Shinki accessories:

Official Skintone & Compatibility guides:

1/12 clothes like Picco Neemo fit these, but they tend to be loose or baggy.
We need to collect some resources like tiny tailoring tutorials and patterns.
This has some nice examples using hemming glue and tape instead of sewing:

Build your FAGs right:

Pixiv, fg-site, Tinami, Twitter tags:
>武装神姫 [Busou Shinki]
>フレームアームズ・ガール [Frame Arms Girl]
>メガミデバイス [Megami Device]
>デスクトップアーミー[Desktop Army]
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Been getting really in to Injustice 2 and want a good Doctor Fate figure. Anyone know the best one out there that isn't the price gouged DCUC figure?

I'm open to getting the old Kenner one but I want something a little more modern. I know they did Injustice figures before, should I just hold out and see if they do one for him this time around?
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LEGO General: Giant Fan Edition

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Welcome to the LEGO General, only true fans allowed

Previous thread: >>6338836

>LEGO General Discord server
>Flickr Group (Currently accepting Icon and Banner submissions)

Thread Challenge:
>Make something spacey (copypasta'd from previous thread)
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Toy Gore Thread

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/biog/ - Bionicle/CCBS General: Edition edition

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Nerf General: Always wear protection edition

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last thread fading away at >>6198628
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S.H. Figuarts General #64: Harley Edition

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Where to Buy- (For items distributed by Bluefin. Others should be purchased elsewhere)

Web Exclusives-

Latest Tamashii Nations News -

Full List of SHF Releases -

Upcoming release schedule-

>MAY 2017
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Anakin Skywalker (AOTC)
Cure Ace

>JUNE 2017
TDK Batman
Mikumo Guynemer
Yume Nijino
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Padme Amidala
Cure Mermaid
Dr. Strange
Raimu Kawasaki

>JULY 2017
Freyja Wion
Vegeta (New Saiyan Saga)
Ashuraman (Manga ver)
Brocken Jr. (Manga ver)
Team Rocket
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Ash & Team Rocket (Limited Edition)
Rola Sakuraba

>AUGUST 2017
Yuki Mori
Tiger Mask
Tiger the Dark
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Strong the Budo
Cure Bloom
Cure Bloom & Michiru Kiryuu 2-pack
Qui-Gon Jinn
Iron Man Mk 2

Goku (New SSJ3)
TDK Joker
Kinnikuman (Manga ver)
Terryman (Manga ver)
Body-kun DX Set (Rihito Takarai Gray ver)
Body-chan DX Set (Kentarou Yabuki Gray ver)
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Aoi Kiriya & Ran Shibuki (Soleil)
Ryouga Hibiki
Rocket & Baby Groot 2-pack
Super Sailor Mars

Body-kun (Rihito Takarai Pale Orange ver)
Body-chan (Kentarou Yabuki Pale Orange ver)
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Iron Man Mk 5
Madara Uchiha*
Goku (SSJG)*
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Marvel Janerel | Homecoming! Edition

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Previous Thread: >>6326926

>Marvel Legends Mary Jane & Spider-Man Set showing up in Toy R Us.

>Invisible Woman showing up in Walgreen's.

>Toys R Us Exclusive Dark Phoenix & Cyclops rumored to appear at New York Toy Fair 2017

>You can order the new homecoming figures off of Amazon with the direct links below.





>Homemade Costume Spider-Man

>Cosmic Spider-Man

>Moon Knight

>You can use brick seek to view marvel legends in stock around your area.

>(You must supply UPC for desired wave.)
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Anyone here have medicom RAHs?
How is the quality?
Medicom RAH general i guess
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