Yes, a lot of images and thumbnails have been lost. They are not recoverable. More notices likely in coming weeks.

/kaiju/ Kaiju General:

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>S.H. MonsterArts
BioGoji finally shipping through most retailers
FW Gigan is suffering from delays in the US
Ultima and re-issues of Godzilla '21 and Kong '21 in December (US release)
Mechagodzilla '21 coming in January (US Release)
SCV Ghidorah '19 in February (US Release)
S.P. Jet Jaguar up for preorder
FinalGoji up for preorder
Showa Hedorah set up for preorder

Godzilla, The Ride (12-inch/30cm series) and RIC-exclusive version up for preorder
Gamera 1999, V2 (12-inch/30cm Series) up for preorder

Gorosaurus and Rodan are out in the wild but hard to find(Target Exclusive)
Arctic Kong and Battle Mechagodzilla with Proton Scream appearing on shelves

HG +D 06 GVK Gashapon figures available now
Mezco Ultimate 18' BioGoji releases in October 2022
Mezco DAM sets 1&2 delayed until March 2022
Mezco Exclusive Mothra and Shobijin Twins Boxed Set in May 2022
Super7 sometime in 2022
Youtooz Godzilla vs. Kong Vinyl Figure available February 2022
PBandai exclusive Kaiju Bangasichi MUTO set release date FEBRUARY 2022
Bandai MMS vinyl figures leaked, with new announcements and releases (Gamera '99, Iryis, Gorosaurus, '91 Goji, new Showa Hedorah, Hamtaro Goji, etc.)
PLEX Trading Figures of Singular Point and MechaGodzilla figures sets up for pre-order
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/MOTU/ Masters of the Universe General: Revelation is over, Rejoice!

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Welcome to /motu/ General -- the most powerful thread in the universe!

Previous Thread: >>9464553

Recent News:
GoodSmile Co announces He-Man and Skeletor nendoroids.... based on Revelation
Powercon is finally sending out shipping quotes for their exclusives, but at truly truly truly outrageous prices as if the were holding them ransom or something
Revelation is now finished (hopefully forever!)
Eternian Soldier pack showing up randomly at collectible stores and Big Lots
Wave 8 preview pics of Horde Trooper out
Netflix cg Pee-Man, Evil-Lynn, Orko, and Sorceress Teela out
Stridor randomly showing up at Mattel Store
Trap-Jaw with wheel bike, and preview pics of Netflix CG Beast Man and King He-man out
listings for Stratos, Man-E Faces, Mosquitor, and Sorceress &vehicle
Masterverse wave 3 at Wal*Mart
Masterverse preview of “Savage” He-Man and Orko set up
wave 7 out at Target in mass at various parts of the US
>Origins Terror Claws Skeletor, Flying Fists He-Man, Clawful
>Origins Stridor
>Sun-Man coming as both convention exclusive as retail version, latter yet to be seen
>MCX Monstroid w/ minicomic Adam, She-Ra and Hordak: this November
>MCX Land Shark w/ toy colors Roboto, Battle Damaged Armor Skeletor: this November
>MCX Snake Mountain in 2022
>Wave 3 Scare Glow official pic up, only the head glows still
>Non-Revelations Masterverse figures: Viking He-Man and Barbarian Skeletor of "New Eternia"
>Formo Toys and Mark Taylor revealed their “Lords of Power” toyline with figures heavily based off vintage MO

Coming In Spring/Late Winter:
Wun-dar and Kol-Darr (He-Man's old friend from that one filmation ep)

Questions for Thread:
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/lg/ - LEGO General: Monke Edition

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Welcome to the LEGO General!



>/lg/ Flickr Group:

>Archived Threads:

>Third Party Information:

>Sister Board:

Build a piece of bizarre Martian Technology that would fit into Life On Mars!
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/3pg/ - Transformers 3rd Party General - Spend-Your-Money Friday

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Previous tread >>9443429
Pay no real attention to the FansToys items, they're just putting them there as restock announcement.

(picture poached, I have enough of this guy already)
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I'm finally gonna open this bad boy

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My wife got me this for Christmas like 4 years ago, and I'm finally gon a open it. We've moved a few times over the past few years, so I didn't really have a solid place to display it. I don't have a display at the moment, but I bought this house last year, and I'm here for at least 10 years. Time to open it. Any other similar stories?
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/mfx/ - Mafex General "MafeX-Force" Edition

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Upcoming releases, according to revised dates on AmiAmi. No changes since the last thread, other than the new announcements. Everything subject to delays:

>Available now
-137 - BATMAN (New Batman Adventures Version) - --------- STILL AVAILABLE AS OF THIS POSTING
-141 - PSYLOCKE (Comic Version) - --------- STILL AVAILABLE AS OF THIS POSTING
-142 - JOKER (Hush Version) - --------- STILL AVAILABLE AS OF THIS POSTING

-130 - CAPTAIN AMERICA (Endgame Version)
-138 - WOLVERINE (Brown Comic Version)
-139 - BATMAN (Dark Knight Returns Blue Version) & ROBIN (Dark Knight Returns)
-145 - ASTRO BOY
-146 - ARMORED BATMAN (Dark Knight Returns Version)
-150 - SUPERMAN (Return of Superman)
-153 - HARLEY QUINN (Birds of Prey Overalls Version)

>Jan 2022
-136 - IRON MAN MARK 85 (Endgame Version)
-149 - THOR (Endgame Version)
-152 - DOCTOR STRANGE (Infinity War Version)
-156 - Evangelion Unit-01
-157 - Evangelion Unit-13
-158 - IG-11
-159 - HARLEY QUINN (Birds of Prey Caution Tape Jacket Version)

>Mar 2022
-160 - JEAN GREY (Comic Version)
-161 - SUPERMAN (Dark Knight Returns Version)

>Apr 2022
-162 - HARLEY QUINN (Hush Version)
-163 - CAPTAIN MARVEL (Endgame Version)

>May 2022
-148 - WONDER WOMAN (Wonder Woman '84 Golden Armor Version)
-164 - CYBORG SUPERMAN (Return of Superman Version)

>Jun 2022
-165 - IRON MAN (Comic Version)
-166 - STEALTH JUMPER BATMAN (Hush Version)

>Jul 2022
-167 - THE JOKER (New Batman Adventures Version)
-168 - SPIDER-MAN BLACK COSTUME (Comic Version)

>Aug 2022
169 - LOKI - (Infinity War Version)
170 - HUNTRESS (Hush Version)

>Sep 2022
171 - WOLVERINE - (X-Force Version)
172 - DEADPOOL - (X-Force Version)
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Power Rangers General: Soulless Fish Eyes Edition

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/tfg/: Transformers General- Euro G1.5 Edition

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Welcome to Transformers General
(previous thread:>>9469675)

>Upcoming figures
>Online Stores for TFs
>Where to watch TF shows
>WHEN list

>alt mode:

>pack in figure/s:

Threadly suggested prompt:
>Cybertronian Empire

If a TF had to be genderswapped which one should it be? Favorite human cahracter? Favorite repaint? Which characters do you like the toy versions more? Find out, in TFG!
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/mvg/ Marvel General: Cyber Monday Edition

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Last issue: >>9467128

EARLY Rumor Reports For The Marvel Legends Thor Love and Thunder Wave:

More Rumors, Confirmations and Clarifications From Pulsecon:

Decent Database For Marvel Legends:

Mostly Current List Categorizing ML Body Types(>fwoosh):

>Walgreens Nova Available Online:'s-nova/ID=300414881-product

>Marvel Legends Retro Preorders:

Lady Loki (Single Card Rerelease):

Scarlet Witch (Lighter Repaint Of The 3-Pack): (And Other Online Retailers)

>Marvel Legends X-Men The Animated Series Cel Shaded Figure In A VHS Box Preorders:

Mister Sinister:



>Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Preorders:

Iron Man (And Other Online Retailers)

Captain America: (And Other Online Retailers, Sold Out On Pulse)
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TMNT General

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Previous sewer shitstorm thread:

>NECA toon Newsroom 4-pack packaging revealed and shipping soon
>Super7 revealed Party Wagon for their Ultimates line with a payment plan.
>Chinese 3rd Party cartoon based Turtle Van (Turtle Shell 01) is in the works.
>Super7 also revealed a BBTS Exclusive Undercover Raphael figure.
>Neca revealed a new movie April and Casey Jones 2-pack
>Fury Toys revealed a new line of 1:12 "Samurai" turtles
>BST revealed badguy figures for their Turtle line
>Playmates Turtle Blimp reissue(kinda) for Walmart
>Possible delay on Loot Crate Armaggon to December
>Prototype images of NECA Tokka and Razar!
>TMNT x Punkdrunkers announced!
>Super7 TMNT wave 6 up for preorder!
>NECA Chrome Dome is shipping from the NECA store, as well as being found on shelves with Mondo Gecko and Muckman

>Vintage TMNT commercials to give you shell shock!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toy Commercial Compilation Retro Toys and Cartoons

>Totally radical tunes!
Pizza Power
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Opening Music
TMNT 4 (SNES) Music: Big Apple, 3 A.M. Extended HD
TMNT 4 (SNES) Music: Sewer Surfin' Extended HD
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (OST) Turtles Arrive, Main Titles

Useful Links:
TMNTToys, a useful resource for TMNT toy history -
Necastore -
Super7's Website -
For foreign anons buying outside of the US, here's a list of places to buy the Party Wagon.
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