/tfg/ - Transformers General: The Great Divide

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With mediocre remakes come great doubt.

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Jurassic General [JP/JW]: Anon Rivals Edition

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Discuss all things Jurassic Park and Jurassic World here!

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Thread Question: Billy's got Raptor eggs in his bag, but what about you? What's in your bag?
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Mega Construx/Bloks General: “Social Media” Edition

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Welcome and join us in discussing the greatest toyline of all! In this thread we discuss releases new and old!

Just released we have CoD transport truck and Nazis; Halo mantis, that big orange promethean ship, Kinsano and cyclops; for MOTU the 5 figure pack and Wind Rider and finally for MCX we have the probuilders rescue chopper, train heist and heroes series 5 with Hellboy, Kratos, T-800, Ezio, Man-at-Arms and Evil Lyn!

No bricklink for Mega, though.

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Toku General

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Upcoming releases:
RAH Genesis Zi-O - October
Converge Kamen Rider 14 - April

SHF Ride Striker & Zikan Girade / Zikan Zax Set - June
SHF Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99 - May

January releases:
DX Shinobi Miride Watch - 1/12
RKF Rider Armor Series Woz - 1/12
So-Do Kamen Rider Zi-O EX Zi-O Mechanics - 1/14
Super Mini-pla Galaxy Mega & Delta Mega - 1/14
DX Build Genius Form Ride Watch - 1/19
DX Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer Ride Watch - 1/19
SHF Rosso Wind - 1/19
SHF Blu Ground - 1/19
SG Ride Watch 05 (Candy toy) - 1/21
DX Quiz Miride Watch - 1/26
DX Ghost Mugen Soul Ride Watch - 1/26
DX Drive Type Tridoron Ride Watch - 1/26
RKF Legend Rider Series Rogue - 1/26
RKF Legend Rider Series Genm Zombie Action Gamer - 1/26
SHF Drive Type Speed -20 Kamen Rider Kicks Ver.- - 1/26
SHF Den-O Sword Form -20 Kamen Rider Kicks Ver.- - 1/26
Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Ver. 7.4 - 1/26
So-Do Kamen Rider Zi-O RIDE5 - 1/28
Cho-Do Ultraman 2 - 1/28
RAH GENESIS Amazon Neo Alpha
GP Ride Watch 09 (Capsule toy)
GP Ride Watch 10 (Capsule toy)

January exclusives:
SHF Cross-Z Magma - 1/18
Complete Selection Modification Dragvisor - 1/19
DX Orb Dark Calibur - 1/19
DX Last Pandora Panel White & Last Pandora Panel Black & Black Lost Full Bottle Set - 1/21
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Todoroki - 1/25

Everything else

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Busou Shinki and Friends General - Gan Gan Zudandan Edition

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Read the fucking guide:

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>FA Girls movie premieres Summer 2019
>New kit line by GSC with Apsy using Machineca announced, chitocerium
>Dark Advent color prototypes shown

>Upcoming releases:
>January: FAG Letizia, Shinki MD Edelweiss, DTA FGO 2
>February: FAG Sylphy Striker, MSG Heavy 22, HG Voltrex LA
>March: DTA Frea, MD Archer Ouki, FAG Special Edition Stylet with Radio FA Girl CD, Type 10 Gourai Kai, HG Bulkarm Alpha Jungle & Early Governor Jungle, MSG Weapon 09, 21
>April: MSG Supply 13, 14, MD Strike Raptor
>May: Ann Image Model, FAG Hresvelgr Bikini Armor, MD Launcher, HG Governor Monoceros, Load Impulse, MSG Weapon 08, 11
>June: FAG GaoGaiGar, Zelfikar

>In Development:
>FAG: Magatsuki, Kagatsuchi
>MD: Lancer, Amaterasu/Susanoo
>AGA MD: Sitara, Ayaka, Aika
>Shinki MD: Cheshire Cat Type Taonyao
>MSG: Gigantic Arms 07, 08, 09, Heavy Weapon 20, 21, 23

Where to buy second hand Shinkis:
>Mandarake, Rakuten - search 武装神姫 and don't trust listing images.
>Yahoo Japan Auctions, Suruga-ya - Tenso or proxies for non-japanese residences
>Taobao - Proxy/International Shipping.
>Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection, and Busou Shinki World too.

Fellow anons selling custom Shinki accessories:

Official Skintone & Compatibility guides:

Build your FAGs right:

Pixiv, Tinami, Twitter, etc. tags:
>武装神姫 [Busou Shinki]
>フレームアームズ・ガール or FAガール [Frame Arms Girl]
>メガミデバイス [Megami Device]
>デスクトップアーミー[Desktop Army]

Come chat!:
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-We have e-mails for a reason. USE THEM.
-Be sure to have PRICES (with photos preferably) in your SALE listings - NO "feeler" posts, just post the thing with a price.
-Ignore price-policing posts, as someone will ALWAYS complain. E-mail the seller and communicate accordingly if pricing is an issue.
-Ignore price-policing posts, as someone will ALWAYS complain. E-mail the seller and communicate accordingly if pricing is an issue.
-Ignore price-policing posts, as someone will ALWAYS complain. E-mail the seller and communicate accordingly if pricing is an issue.
-Get over yourselves and USE YOUR DAMN E-MAILS.

And remember! You can click the ▶ and hide irrelevant posts!

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Transformers 3rd party general: domestic violence edition

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/lg/-LEGO General: The Rexcelsior! Edition

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Welcome to the LEGO General!

The Lego Movie 2:The Second Part is 1 month away.

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/pbbg/: >>7248228

The Lego Movie 2 Official Trailer:

>/lg/ Flickr Group
>Archived Threads
>Third Party Information:

Thread Challenge:
>Rebuild a set into a spaceship.
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Reminder that the Centurion is a piece of shit.
Bolt gets stuck every few rounds, regularly fucks up the darts via shitty feeding.
Also Nerf thread.
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Neca General: Toy Fair 2019 Take 2

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Toy fair is almost here, what you guys want and excited for? Shredder looking sweet, possible DC line might be back on the menu again.

Not going to link that last board because of the rampant autism from everybody.
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