Star Wars General: It's All Ogre

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Mando Monday came and went. Lots of product revealed, most of it all too similar to what's been out.

Several pre-orders went up and went down. Does the future of Star Wars rest on a green muppet with cutesy eyes? All signs point to yes.
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NECA General: Bump in the Night

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In stores & online:
The Creep
Ultimate Armored Lost Predator
"Back to School" Gremlin (Target exclusive)
Die-Cast BTTF DeLorean
Bloody Pennywise (Walmarts, now has face printing)
TMNT Toon 2-pack Traag & Granitor (Target)
TMNT Toon 2-pack Triceraton infantryman & Roadkill Rodney (Target)
Terminator 2 Ult. Sarah Connor & John Connor 2-pack (Target)
King Kong
Back to the Future "Toony Classics" wave 1
Back to the Future wave 1 (Marty part 1, Marty part 2, Biff)
Back to the Future Tales from Space Marty (Target exclusive)
Gremlins Ult. Flasher
Aliens 40th Anniversary wave 2 (Specialty and online exclusive, Brett, Parker, bloody Big Chap)
Toony Classics Bob Ross & Pepod the Pocket Squirrel
Ghost Face retro cloth figure
Michael Myers retro cloth figure (H2)
Dr. Loomis & Laurie Strode retro cloth figure (H2)

Ult. Motorcycle Cop T-1000
Ult. Ahab Predator

Pre-orders went up for Turtles in Time deluxe Baxter Stockman & Pirate Rocksteady and Bebop 2-pack.

There's a glow in the dark Toony Terrors Nun out there! It's a secret variant that only just got discovered.
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/mcx/—Mega Construx General: Masked Men edition

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Marvel general: I am robot edition

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Last issue >>>8518029

Lastest news
Mafex ben reilly
ML cyborg spiderman
Rogue and gambit
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/tfg/: Transformers General- Make Autobots Great Again Edition

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Old thread (>>8525388) is on autosage. Carry on here.
Jazz has been leaked and is looking pretty decent. Will you be getting him?
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Tranformers 3rd party General /3pg/: Rise from your grave edition

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old >>8518920
TFC has come and gone. FT was absent while MT makes a surprise return.
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/lg/-LEGO GENERAL: Castle Revival edition

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Welcome to the LEGO General!

>Future CMFs beginning from 2021 will be in boxes not bags like pic related and 12 figures per series. Speed Champions is also canceled.

>Previously: >>8518199
>BIONICLE: >>8505808
>/pbbg/: >>8449276


>/lg/ Flickr Group:

>Archived Threads:

>Third Party Information:

>Sister Board:
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Another Thread About Toys:

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Last thread was fun so let's have another toy posting thread.

This isn't about composition, or art or honing your craft. This is about coming home and playing with your toys, snapping a quick cell phone snap, digital camera picture, mimeograph, anything.

Show us how you play with your toys, how you have them set up, the little stories you make with them, anything you think is cool. and talk about toys in general.
This is for the love of toys and all who play with them.
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Does anyone collect the Diamond Select Nightmare Before Christmas line? The amount of character's they've made so far is truly impressive.
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1:18th General: Haslab Edition

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Welcome to the 1:18th General. Here we discuss anything related to this awesome scale. Post figures, customs, dioramas, playsets, and vehicles.

All lines welcome.

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