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Yoyo's are toys, does /toy/ yoyo?
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/BIOG/ Bionicle and CCBS General: [Embed] edition

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/BIOG/Bionicle and CCBS General:Wasted Potential Edition

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Mezco 1:12 collective general

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Seeing as the other thread is almost at bump limit, let's have another!
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Has this board birthed any memes?
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Toku General

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DX Doctor Mighty XX Gashat - December
SHF Skullboilder [New version] - March
Sodo Kamen Rider Ex-Aid FINAL STAGE - December
DX Memorial Finish Gashat Set - December
DX Dark Seiza Blaster - January

August releases:
DX Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat 2 songs ver. Wish in the dark / People Game - 8/16
DX Gorilla Mond Full Bottle Set - 8/19
Sodo Kamen Rider Ex-Aid STAGE10 - 8/21
SHODO Ultraman VS3 - 8/21
SG Kyutama 4 (Candy toy) - 8/22
DX Ultra Capsule New Generation Heroes Set - 8/26
DX Ultra Zero Eye NEO - 8/26
DX Geed Riser & Ultra Zero Eye NEO - 8/26
Kyutama 08 (Capsule toy)
Okkyu! Kyuranger Garu/Balance/Champ/Raptor 283/Shou Ronpo
Full Action Figure SAGA 2
RAH GENESIS Amazon Omega
RAH DX Kuuga Mighty Form Ver. 1.5
RAH DX Agito Ground Form Renewal Ver.

August exclusives:
SHF Orb Origin the First - 8/11
Sodo Kamen Rider Brave - 8/18
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Kick Hopper - 8/25
Makai Kadou Hayate - 8/25
SHF Lazer Bike Gamer Level 2 - 8/25
SHF Dark Drive Type Next - 8/25
SHMA Mothra (Adult) & Mothra (Larva) Special Color Ver. - 8/25

Everything else

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Buzzbee, BoomCo, K'nex, and so on welcome as always.
Have you picked up your clearance Reapers yet?
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Transformers General

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Groove-y Edition!

CW Groove is supposedly getting a wider release online on May 24th if you haven't gotten yours yet.

Old thread:

So I got CW Deluxe Groove in the mail from Amazon last evening. Just opened him. Current thoughts:
>like the paint apps and light piping for once
>two guns!
>kickstand hides in his forearm, like this a lot for some reason
>the way the wheels swivel to the insides of his legs is neat
>hfg port looks thick enough, as opposed to blades's
>chest ratchet feels a lot smoother when moving it, but has a little give in each position
>legs wouldn't initially close up right (you know the weird way most CW legs collapse), there was some mold flash on one of the peg slots in the shin, had to exacto a little out
>legs feel like they tab together wayy too tight, but also easy to separate for some reason?
>front wheel assembly feels really dangerous to rotate (not backpack, but the front wheel and pistons attached to it), feels like something's gonna twist off like sprues on a plamo kit
>don't even know the purpose of that part being able to rotate
>bike mode looks kinda odd, like it's a bit too long or stretched out- but I'm not a bike expert
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BST: Buy, Sell, Trade

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Read the rules, ignore the trolls.

Remember! POST YOUR E-MAILS so it's easier for everyone to contact each other! You can also click the ▶ and hide irrelevant posts!

Previous thread: >>6406619
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Mythic Legions General

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