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/3pg/ - Transformers 3rd Party General: Slice of Life Edition

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Keep on keeping on /3pg/
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Gacha Gachapon / Gashapon Thread

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Pokemon General

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News from Wicked Cool Toys:

>"Wicked Cool Toys can't wait to share our comprehensive new range of Pokémon toys with the industry at Toy Fairs around the world," said Jeremy Padawer, co-president of Wicked Cool Toys. "From a new interactive Pikachu Plush featuring sensor technology, to a scaled figure line that offers an extensive range of Pokémon, as well as an entirely new packaging design that will pop at retail and excite Pokémon fans, Wicked Cool Toys is excited to bring new toys to the brand's millions of 'Trainers' around the world."

Mite b wicked cool.
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Why did the 90s objectively have the greatest toys ever?
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Transformers General - /tfg/

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Previous thread at >>6700311
How do we convince Sakamoto to draw sling bikini Megaempress? Which is the single worst PotP figure? Why couldn't Takara bother to make a new Fracas or Nightstick?
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/tfg/ - Transformers General

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>Grimlock and Blackout will look a lot like their on screen apparances but have very easy transformations
>this was hinted at with the bigger panels present on leader Blackout in the leaked images with his feet resembling Leader Ironihide's - the transformation might be on par with that release in terms of complexity
>Blackout will come with a small Scorponok
>the fan comments on the great deco and paint on Grimlock but says that the weapon (hammer) can not be removed due to transformation
>Grimlock's T-Rex mode is said to be about 40 cm long but hollowed out at the bottom
>Voyager Optimus Prime has a similar Transformation and design to MPM-4 (and thus Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime) with good poseability.
>Starscream will come with his rotor blade (also pictured below) and the design of the toy is similar to the Dark of the Moon deluxe.

So, apparently we're getting good paintjobs and aesthetically cohesive robots, but also even more simplified engineering and hollow parts. Should we shout? Should we scream? What happened to the post-RotF dream? Oh Warden, Warden what have we done?!

Old thread: >>6634556
3P thread: >>6636327

>On the last episode of TRANSFORMERS....

First images of MP Barry's box:

New images for the upcoming Legends, including some neat box art:

And some Chinese reports on how the new movie Leaders look and feel like:
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SH Figuarts Body-chan/kun or Figma Archetypes?
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>lewd posable figures that aren't revoltechs
What an age we live in.
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Yoyo's are toys, does /toy/ yoyo?
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What in the hell is this awesome thing

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