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Bring Arts Kaine is near!

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Dang it, looks better than 2Bm but still, this is kinda sad.
No perfect 1/12 Nier characters so far...
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I know this is bordering off-topic, but I am basically trying to find a person I used to talk to in 2014 (15?). He really liked Drossel von Flügel from the CGI anime 'Fireball', so to make this not completely off topic, I will post some images of her.
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Toy Reviewer Thread

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Alright boys its time

What makes a good reviewer? Who are some of the best? What makes a bad reviewer? etc
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continue discussions here
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Transformers General

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Is the new WFC line the Kino toyline we've all been waiting for?
How will Hasbro monkeypaw all of us?
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Why does he complain about miney

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When he gets 99% of his shit for free?
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Marvel General

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Marvel General: thigh-gaps and imports edition
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We talk shit about toy reviewers because that's always fun.

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Dump your unheard toy review youtube channels rants and gripes here.
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Youtube Reviewers thread

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Favorite youtube reviewers? Post them here.

Vid related obviously.
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Who are your favorite reviewers, /toy/?
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