Dragon Ball General: waifu edition

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Special Force Captain (Ginyû/Demoniacal Fit)

Bulma [Web exclusive]

SS Gotenks

(DBS) Future Trunks [Web exclusive]

Kid Kuririn

Mister Satan [Web exclusive]

Angel Son Gokû
Artificial Human No. 21 (True form)
(DBS) Broly
F-Soldier (Banan/Demoniacal Fit)
F-Soldier -Theater Edition- (Unamed Freeza soldier/Demoniacal Fit)
Gotenks Absorbed Majin Buu
Great Saiyaman
GT Adult Son Gokû
Son Gohan Absorbed Majin Buu
SS4 Son Gokû
+Tons of UNCONFIRMED Demoniacal Fit partial prototypes/teasers shown (Jheese, Gurd, Thouser, Raditz, various hair styles/heads for Gokû/Vegeta/Trunks...)


SS Vegetto

Ultra Instinct Son Gokû


Clone Freeza [Gamestop exclusive]
Clone Son Gohan [Gamestop exclusive]

Gokû Black
Super Saiyan Broly
Super Saiyan Son Gohan
Ultra Instinct Son Gokû

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The Cult of Ocula

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Do you remember Small Soldiers?
Do you like that weird Gorgonite Ocula? Are you aware he never got his own articulated figure?

Well we welcome all to The Cult of Ocula. A Non Profit (semi) Religious Order devoted to the worship of Ocula feel free to join our discord.
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/3pg/ 3rd Party Transformers General: SDCC Doesn't Matter Edition

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>literally a figure of a little boy holding his dick out with an attachable piss stream.
Why is this allowed?

Imagine if they made a female equivalent with a hand spreading the labia. There'd be a fucking outrage.
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BJD/Doll Thread: Forever Broke Edition

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/toy/ - bjd.buyfags.moe
/jp/ - dollfaq.buyfags.moe

Doll news and company list:

WIP Database/Height comparison:

Doll magazine scans (patterns!):

Common sealants for faceups (there are more, but these are most frequently used):
>Mr. Super Clear Flat/Matte (UV-cut is preferred)
>Testor’s Dullcote (tends to get dirty easily)
>Citadel Purity Seal
>Zoukeimura Finishing Powder (it’s a spray by Volks)
>Liquitex Matte Medium (airbrush)

The general population of /bjd/ are anti-recast or are pretty much neutral on the subject.
Stop beating the dead horse every thread by asking.
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How to remove the mold/smell from collectible

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I got a rare Teddiursa plush I have wanted for a long time in the mail today, the first thing I noticed when I opened the box it came in was that it had a really odd smell to it.
I examined it further and saw it has little orange-ish brown spots all over the bottom lace
It still has a tag and the description says it was in "displayed only" condition so I am pretty sure it is not dirt. Even hugging it for too long made my nose act up.
This is a 20 year old toy and I really don't want to have to return it and hunt for another one, what is the best way to clean out the potential mold/mildew and not damage it? I am mostly worried about the washing machine hurting the details on it's face and I also I can't hang it out to dry to kill the mold since I don't have a backyard (I live in a city)
Thanks for any help.
Also /toy/ help general
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Did they died?

>no activity from Randy on twitter
>no new announcements for about 6 months
>bunch of releases that were due for this quarter got pushed back to next year
>"holiday miracle" tradition of exclusive 7" DC film figures broken with zero releases this year
>GoHastings dead
>Toys R Us dying

NECA isn't doing anything interesting, how fucked are they and what went wrong? Can they really survive as a company on shitty alien and predator toys alone?
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figma general 281: Bucky edition

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Who is your favorite boatgirl?

Previous Thread >>6868316

Toyline general info:

Max Factory figma list & blog

Reviews and news about GSC/MF products by Kahotan

Where to buy
>GSC Online Shop - some figmas only are available through their online shop
>Amiami - usual place for buying, to some people, shipping is a bit higher due to packaging
>Hobby Link Japan shipping is usual lower, but their prices are a bit higher, private warehaouse is available
>Hobby Search Japan - items stay in stock the longest
>Mandarake - search figma or フィグマ
>eBay/Amazon - only if you hate having too much money. Avoid bootlegs, you can spot them as 'Chinese version'
>http://jungle-scs.co.jp/ - Seems like you can fine some good deals here
>Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection for any offer/deal

Here's a link to the buyfag guide list of shops:
If you're getting into the hobby, there's plenty of other useful information to find on the wiki.

In case someone is interested in the printable backdrops/dioramas & other papercraft stuff that Max Factory have in the download section of their site:
here is a back up, Enjoy!

Short illustrated posing guide by Max Factory
>http://ameblo.jp/figma/entry-11564427757.html (in moonrunes)
The S shape is always good advice though. The basic idea is that straight lines tend to look stiff.

Do you have problems swapping part in your figures? check this little advice

Tomytec's 1 inch scale section (1/12 stuff, little armory, vehicles and others)
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can /toy/ recommend me some good furniture to display my toys. i looked on ikea and i dont find anything good. i mostly have humanoid figures from figuarts, figma, PAK and bishoujo. i have about 20 figures.
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Mandarake problems

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I recently tried purchasing an order that contains some 18+ goods from mandarake, which requires a verified by visa CC. I would get booted back to the CC payment page after the visa.com page showing my bank's logo. I spoke with my bank, visa, the store, verified by visa, and others. The bank told me they didn't know anything about VbV. Visa told me it was with my bank. The store told me it was with my bank, and so did the company that handles VbV. After I found out that my bank hasn't supported VbV since 2013, I have been in the process in moving to another bank. I initially contacted mandarake after receiving the message [WTDA0204]例外(java.lang.IllegalStateException)が発生しましたが、例外メッセージが設定されていません。which hasn't gone away no matter what I put in. I have a temporary debit card at the moment, and am unsure if it supports VbV. I'm still waiting to get the real one in the mail. I'm on the cusp of pulling my hair out and eating it, as I have spent about 4 days on this issue so far. If anyone has any advice, or has dealt with a similar situation before, please help. My order is currently on hold. I tried repeating the payment process 29 times, according to mandarake, before it generated that java error.
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