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Who is the best toy reviewer?

Who is the worst?
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I haven't seen a thread for gashipon in a while, wanted to see peoples displays and collections
or whatever
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90's-ass super-hero toylines we missed out on.

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I was just hit by the oddest thought: I'm a little bit sad that super-hero movies are such big business now, but only because if they were happening in the 90's, we'd have hilarious, janky toys that had fuck-all with the movies.

It's almost a shame that what toys that come out are more or less accurate to the actors and their costumes, with the only exception I can think of being some of the Mattel JL figures. But even then, they aren't the kind of goofy I'm looking for.

I want, like, Laser Cannon Wonder Woman and Scuba Mission Thor and Tornado Blade Ant-Man, shit like that.
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Toku General

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Upcoming releases:
Weapon Mashin Series 01 DX Mashin Roland & Mashin Lifton - Early March
DX Kirama Base & Weapon Mashin Series 02 Mashin Carrier - Early March
Ultra Action Figure Luna Miracle Zero - Early March
Ultra Action Figure Strong Corona Zero - Early March
Henshin Loading Gun ver. 20th DX Diendriver - April
RKF Double Cyclone Joker Xtreme - May
RKF Kamen Rider Joker - April
Mini-pla Kiramazin - March
Kiramager Yudo X - April
Figure-rise Standard Den-O Sword Form & Plat Form - June
Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Zero Suit -Action- - June
SHF Build Rabbit Tank Form [BEST SELECTION] - June
SHF Ultraman [BEST SELECTION] - June

Upcoming exclusives:
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou OOO Latorartar Combo - June
SO-DO CHRONICLE So-do Kamen Rider W RETURNS / W is Forever - June
SHF Valkyrie Rushing Cheetah - July
SHF Zi-O Trinity

Everything else:

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/biog/ - Bionicle and CCBS General: Leaf Edition

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Anyone else been following Danoby2 vs Retroblasting over the Haslab Sail Barge debacle?

>intial video

>Micheal cries about it:

>danoby makes a response cutting back on his accussations and offering a giveaway in exchange for proof:

>latest vid, apparently Micheal doxed him

What do you guys think? Micheal is a onions-soaked fuckboi imo, and Brent isn't real.
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Ebay hate thread

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what do you hate about buying and selling toy's on that shit hole

>retards who bundle figures together that have no business being in the same lot
>retards only offering shipping from an overpriced inferior service
>retards who think put lot titles in all caps will sell more
>retards who think because an figure is OOP it triples in value even if it is a shelf warmer still available in abundance
>retards who use the word transformer, for things that are blatantly not transformers
>retards who are trying to pass off K.O'S originals

>retards who refuse provide evidence of damage when asking for a refund (only happened to me once but really pissed me off)
>retards who think i'm a professional business
>retards who think they can low ball me with a sob story
>the same retards who get mad when i tell them if the cared about their kids they wouldn't buy them pre-owned toys for Christmas
>retards who complain about missing accessories and damage even though it was explicitly stated in the listing
>one retard who demanded a refund because he didn't like a figure, nothing wrong with it, just didn't like it
>retards who send an offer that's just the listed price with delivery cost taken off
you got any more, horror story's welcome, as well as advice on how to deal with bullshit and alternate sites and sale methods
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*sips wassail*
Post your bootleg christmas yeeds.
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1000toys General: Dante And Nero Released Edition!

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Dinosaur General: /toy/ Customs Edition

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Discuss all forms of dinosaur and dinosaur related toys here.

Feel free to post your own shitty repaints and customs here.

Previous Thread: >>6930789
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