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Anyone seen this series? Watching the first episode: star wars. I like that they talk about the dealings behind the scenes of kenner vs lucasfilm, and the different variations between the figures.
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Jurassic General: The One That Got Away-edition

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Will we see a Mattel therizinosaurus ever?

SDCC has just passed. Over 17 new SPECIES announced for 2020, not counting repaints.

In other news, Hammond has just been offered up on Entertainment Earth. eBay buyers cry.

P.S. don't scalp

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Cleaning and bug control around figures?

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What would be safe to spray around baseboards for a carpet beetle problem? Should I be worried about my plushes now that i know i have them or will cleaning and keeping them off the floor be good enough?

Also do you guys think it would be safe to spray an insecticide at the bottom of the shelving my figures were on? I was considering spraying it onto a towel then wiping around the bottom edges.

/3pg/Transformers 3rd party general: DJD Edition

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old >>7850883
Black Friday is next week. What deals are you hoping for?
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FROZEN II Toy line

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Is it just me or they made the toy line more unisex? Like, it's not pink or shit like that. It has gender neutral colors, I actually have no idea what to say, I watch these films but I don't know if it's okay for boys to want these toys....
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Mythic Legions General - ARETHYRE Preorder Edition

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The Mythic Legions: Arethyr pre-order will run for at least two months! End date TBA.
One question we’ve gotten is about Arethyr’s wings which are missing in the promotional images. YES, Arethyr will come with his wings when you purchase him individually and as part of the Arethyr & Aethon set.

August 17th & 18th, 2019 Four Horsemen Toy Design will be making an appearance, and they’re bringing Mythic Legions with them! Kronnaw & Purrrplor These figures will be available on both Saturday and Sunday, but in VERY limited quantities. They’re only being sold as a Kronnaw/Purrplor pair

Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar wave should be ready to ship from there to the Megalopolis warehouse in late August. Overseas shipments normally take anywhere from three to six weeks, so we expect those to arrive at the US docks in mid to late September.

Mythic Legions: Wasteland wave to ship from our factories to the Megalopolis warehouse in mid to late October. So we’re expecting a mid to late November US arrival for those. Just in time for Christmas!

We’ll be immediately jumping back into taking care of all of the outstanding quality control and shipping issues, please email [email protected] and we’ll address your issue ASAP in the order that your email was received.

>Four Horsemen on Social Media
www facebook com /FourHorsemenToyDesign/

>Official Store

>Big Bad Toy Store has Mythic Legions in stock

>Accessory list can be found here:

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Kickstarter(ish) General

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Are you supporting a toy project and/or preordered a toy from Kickstarter or a similar site? Are you confident that you'll get your stuff? Are you exited about it? What will you get?

For me, it's one talking Lucas the Spider plushie. Just preordered one and I find it incredibly cheap. Even with the shipping.
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YouTube General

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So we've established in the previous thread:>>7815181 that Jobby is the best YouTuber, let's discuss the worst: Optibotimus

What are your favorite Optibotimus videos? What are your favorite stories of his? Exactly why is he so terrible? What are his thoughts on Toy Insanity?
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Who is the best toy reviewer and why is it Jobby?

Who is the worst?
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Kaiju General: Destoroyah Edition

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