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/tfg/ - Transformers General: WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY Edition

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So how are you enjoying the first wave of Transformers figures that were widely available for preorder at major retailers? How do you enjoy actually getting them? Are you ready to totally get your Bluestreak at your local Walgreens, who will unironically get it in stock? HOW THE FUCK ARE WE CAUGHT UP ON STUDIO SERIES, MASTERPIECE, AND CYBERVERSE BEFORE GENERATIONS!?!

Nonburgers shut up. And send us your extra stock.

Upcoming figures:
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3D Printing

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Let's have a 3D Printer thread! My roommate just set his printer back up and we got the software working on my computer. Currently test printing a Buster Sword to see how well it turns out. Will Post pics when done.

Does anyone else on /toy/ have a 3D Printer? What model do you guys have? What do you print? Any good places for models?
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Toy hobby and Aspergers Syndrome

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I feel like this is the only place where i can ask this question because as usual when you are at absolutely worst time 4chan is the only one who will hear you out.
Also the amount of words probably will make this story difficult to go through.

has anybody on /toy/ faced predjuice from "normal people" based on your hobby? And how bad did the situation was?

Im very active on /toy/ and i was here for many years. I also lived in a very small town for many years so i made a choice to be away from society, enjoy freelance job and toy collectiong without that much interraction with society.

But later i became friends with a person older than me (an absolute normie, his normie level is so high he don't even know how to use internet properly because "i prefer voice conversations"). He connected to me not only by friendship but also by our job.
And the problems started to appear when i entered his social circle.
I instantly understood that the judgement that other /toy/ anons face is real and not some inflated bullshit (remember - before his social circle i lived in my perfect world with my toys and basically never faced the fact that this hobby considered weird)
My friend was shocked that i collect toys and first couldn't even believe it. He even got angry at some point after he saw how much money i can spend on toys.
He talked few times mentioning that after things get better i might wont need those toys anymore and start a "normal life"

It all ended up that his friend (a person i really liked and wanted to be friends with) outright sent me a link to the site about Aspergers Syndrome and started conversation trying to assume that i might have it. And he told me that he has this assumption based of stuff that my friend told him about me.
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Insects and other bugs

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What are some good, realistic figures of insects, spiders, worms, etc. I know the new Revoltech arthropod line, the gasha pillbug, and Fujimi Living Thing Arc beetle model kits.
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/tfg/ - Transformers General: As Seen from Outer Space Edition

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So with the upcoming Devastator Boxset and Prime Arms Micron reissues, plus the unknown Headmaster listings, Hasbro really seems to be trying to make more older figures more easily available. What reissues are you hoping for? Unite Warriors? Legends? Action Master Elites?

Last Thread: >>8480880
3rd Party: >>8475378
Diaclone and Friends: >>8441787

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Investing in toys

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Are toys a good investment? Do you invest in toys?

I have an action figure that I bought for $30 in box, still have it in box, and the cheapest I can find that same action figure today is $50. Presumably, its value will keep going up with time.
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Sewing/making outfits for your figures

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THAT'S IT! I give up... i have on 8inch doll i wanted to get clothes for but its been a pain in the ass - most of clothes are super expensive and they are vintage clothes from 70s.

One person recommended me to try to make clothes myself.
My first project will be to make a
1) hawaian shirt
2) brown shorts
Im going to sew it myself and im going to buy a sewing machine to make clothes.

My friend told me that i need a sewing machine with a single stitch plate.

also...sewing thread i guess? im just curious ow many anons actually had to sew stuff themselves for their figures.
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Rick Grimes 1/6

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Why there is no good 1/6 Rick head with beard?
I want older cool Rick to kitbash him and put near Joel 1/6.

Transformers General Unicron Trilogy Edition

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Old thread on autosage, continue here.

last thread >>8452585
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/tfg/: Transformers General- Original Sin Edition

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Old thread (>>8448228) is on autosage. Continue here.
Why do we want toys accurate to this shit again?
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