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/stg/ Statue General Thread

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What's some of your favorite collectible statues? Here's one I think more people should definitely see--F.O.C Studio Naaza.
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What does /toy/ think of the new Sonic Screwdriver?
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LEGO General General

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Welcome to the Lego General General!

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Amazon business

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So a while ago we had a cool datamining thread on amazon mexico. Today by accident I was logged in as my us business account and they had Reaper figma for $30. He is $50 on regular amazon. I think there are some potential finds in there.

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Tamagotchi/Virtual Pet thread.
Tamagotchi On/Meets owners, what was the best genetic mix you ever got? I’m curious as to who I should try and marry.
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/lg/-LEGO General:THE DEAD SPEAK! Edition

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Welcome to the LEGO General!

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>Thread Challenge:
>Recreate the iconic scene of Rey Palpatine beating her grandfather with two lightsabers(his only weakness).
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I am going to be moving at the end of this month. Have any of you dealt with having to move your collection?

For context I have about 60ish toys, mostly with larger Nendoroid sized boxes. Takes up a crapload of space. Do any of you flatten out boxes for this process or what? Moving from one walk up to another in NYC if that helps, will be hiring movers

Thank you
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Are there any Counter Strike action figures? Do they exist?

>inb4 just buy/customize G-I Joes.

I do collect gi joes but its not like they make realistic ctus and CS looking terrorists like the sas, gs9s, seals, phoniex, leet crew, etc.
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Packing unopened figures for shipping

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Just wondering if anyone have any good suggestions on how to ship figures that you want to keep pristine in shipping.

I sold a huge amount to various /toy/ bros and I want to make sure you guys receive them in good condition.