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Star Wars General Vintage Collection Returns Edition

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What is it they've sent us?

The Vintage Collection is returning in Spring 2018!
It's a mainline, not store exclusive and the figures will be SA (Super articulated).
One confirmed so far: Rey (Previously released in the Walmart TBS Line).

Who do you want to see?
TBS 6" reveals at Celebration include:

Clone Commander Gree
Tarkin and an included Interrogator Droid.
Jaina Solo

A SDCC Thrawn was shown with many accessories, including a Jedi Temple Guard Helmet.

TBS 6" Vehicles:
Rey's Speeder with a new Rey with softgoods.
Luke's Landspeeder.

It's unclear if the regular release of Luke's Landspeeder comes with the partially new Farmer Luke including his helmet and cloak.

No TLJ TBS 6" were shown.
5poa will continue for TLJ but after that TVC will be back in Full force.
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