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/osg/ 1/6th General: Return of Nanjin Edition
From the last thread
>Hottoys Jango Fett gets final product pics, goes up for pre-order
>More pics of LIMtoys Arthur, they're "working diligently to make sure it ships in the year"
>Hottoys is doing a figure of Tom Hardy's Venom
New Shit
>VTS releases their Arthur Morgan
>LIM shows off final packaging pics, says it'll ship after Chinese New Year
>Hottoys announces a Dark Trooper
>Hottoys soft announces a Luke Skywalker from Mando
>Hottoys puts Batman and Robin from Batman Forever up for pre-order
>Nanjin, who sculpted the QMX Kirk, Spock, and Picard puts solicitation pics for a First Contact Picard and Data from his new company EXO-6
>VTS Jin Sakai up for pre-order
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