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I wanna go back to 2005 bros.

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>be me, elementary.
>get home from school after talking with my friends about Episode III all day and reenacting the scenes at recess.
>sit on the couch, grab my gameboy sp.
>watch some cartoon network, specifically Fosters after doing my homework, eating fruit gushers and playing Pokemon Emerald.
>Pokemon is up next, and 11 year old me gets a chubby from May. Had a crush on her but didn't dare tell anyone.
>Bionicle Hordika commercial on the commercial break, I nut at the edge.
>gets the urge to play Shadow the Hedgehog when suddenly the doorbell rings.
>its the three neighborhood friends who go to different schools.
>they all wanna hang out, they have those plastic lightsabers that you got at walgreens for dirt cheap, not the light-up expensive ones.
>also have nerf guns, and we were gonna razor scooter our way to one of THEIR friend's house to get their friend and his little brother to play with us.
>I'm down.
>Scooter out into the cool sunset.

Call me a consoomer for naming so much stuff, but I miss it bros. I miss these times. I miss all the stuff that made life great back then.
If you liked all three of these brands, you were, and still are, homie.