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Dinosaur General: 4 Days in

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Discuss all forms of dinosaur and dinosaur related toys here.
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/lg/ - LEGO general

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Play well.

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>/lg/ Discord server
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>Third Party Information

Thread Challenge: Build something using a maximum of seven pieces.
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See first reply for links to images of upcoming releases and other helpful info!

Upcoming regular retail releases:
-Awakened Gundam Unicorn, Real Marking ver. (Apr. 21st)
-Patlabor Ingram Unit 1 & 2, Movie ver. (Apr. 21st)
-RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex", A.N.I.M.E. ver. (Apr. 28th)
-Metal魂 Lancelot Albion (May 2018)
-Zaku II Kai, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (May 2018)
-Char's Gelgoog, A.N.I.M.E. ver. (Jul. 2018)
-Metal魂 Zeta Plus, Ka Signature (Jul. 2018)
-Type-J9 Griffon (Jul. 2018)

Current open Tamashii Web exclusive preorders:
►Order Deadline Apr. 23rd
-Neo Zeong (Jul. 2018)
►Order Deadline TBA
-Heavy Metal Gayrahm (Aug. 2018)
-Metal魂 Huckebein, Ka Signature (Aug. 2018)
-Metal魂 Infinite Justice Gundam (Sept. 2018)

Other mecha toy discussion is also more than welcome!
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Busou Shinki and Friends General - Miko Edition

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Read the fucking guide:

Prev. thread: >>6873121

>Season 2 of FA girls anime announced
>Pretty Armor V02 announced
>Hunter Type Shinki Edelweiss announced as fully parts compatible Megami Device collab kit, Strarf and Arnval pulled from display.
>Kadokawa, Konami and Kotobukiya announce relaunch of the Busou Shinki line
>ASRA Swimsuit editions up for preorder
>ASRA Kotoshop exclusive recolors up for preorder
>Alice Gear collab MD Sitara announced, Kaede colored prototype shown
>FAGirl Manga Volume 2 out 2/20
>FAG Greifen, Sylphie, GGG prototype; Magatsuki, Kagutsuchi concept art shown
>New kit line by GSC with Apsy using Machineca announced, chitoseria
>Desktop Army Fate GO colored prototypes shown
>MD C&P Magical Girl and Witch up for preorder, releases in June and July
>Frame Arms Girl & Rapid Raider Set Hresvelgr Ver. up for preorder, releases in August

Where to buy second hand Shinkis:
>eBay, Amazon - generally overpriced, but you might get lucky.
>Mandarake, Rakuten - search 武装神姫 and don't trust listing images.
>Yahoo Japan Auctions, Suruga-ya - you'll need a proxy if youre not in Japan.
>Taobao - some shops ship international now, so you might not need a proxy.
>Amiami, Jungle-scs - occasionally get some preowned.
>Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection, and Busou Shinki World too.

Fellow anons selling custom Shinki accessories:

Official Skintone & Compatibility guides:

Build your FAGs right:

Pixiv, Tinami, Twitter, etc. tags:
>武装神姫 [Busou Shinki]
>フレームアームズ・ガール or FAガール [Frame Arms Girl]
>メガミデバイス [Megami Device]
>デスクトップアーミー[Desktop Army]

Come chat!:
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/tfg/ - Transformers General: How Far We’ve Come Edition

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Can you believe people thought the AoE was ever acceptable? Can you believe people were sad that they couldn’t find the Hot Rod retooled from him? Are you surprised that half of the TLK deluxes shelfwarmed when they were the same price as the SS stuff?

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3p Thread >>6906235
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Read the rules, ignore the trolls.

Remember! You can click the ▶ and hide irrelevant posts!

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>Plenty of Metal Gear figures
>Don't like how any of them look

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Toku General

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Upcoming releases:
DX R/B Gyro
R/B Slugger
R/B Crystal Holder
DX R/B Crystal Collection Case - Late August (6/30)
DX R/B Crystal Set 01
DX R/B Crystal Set 02
DX R/B Crystal Set 03
DX R/B Crystal Set 04
Orb Ring NEO
Ultra Action Figure(?) Rosso Flame
Ultra Action Figure(?) Blu Aqua
Ultra Action Figure(?) Orb Dark

SHF Antlar - September
SHF Kamen Rider Rogue

April releases:
Sodo Kamen Rider Build BUILD8 - 4/16
Transform Dragon Fist DX Cross-Z Magma Knuckle - 4/21
DX Rhino Dryer Full Bottle Set - 4/21
VS Vehicle DX Scissor Dial Fighter & Blade Dial Fighter - 4/21
SG Full Bottle 08 (Candy toy) - 4/23
Lupinranger VS Patranger Yudo - 4/23
SHF Jack - 4/27
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Double Fang Joker - 4/28
SHMA Godzilla (2002) - 4/28
Sodo Kamen Rider Build Action Guardians - 4/30
GP Full Bottle 13 (Capsule toy)

April exclusives:
SIC Shocker Leader OOOOOO - 4/13
SHF Ambassador Hell - 4/13
Makai Kado Dragon Formation Garo - 4/25
Makai Kado Dragon Formation Garo Parts - 4/25
SHF Zarab - 4/25

Everything else

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/lg/ - LEGO general

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Transformers 3rd party Gen: pocket sized fun edition

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old >>6892905
Is it me or their haven't been any major announcements in a while?
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