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Discuss Lego Discontinued Themes in desperate need of a reboot.
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Childhood Teddy Bear

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I know this is gonna be a long shot, but I need help /toy/. Somewhere in the period of 97' ~ 99' my father won me a teddy bear during the Halloween season from a toy grabber. This was in West NY, more specifically at a K-Mart in the Hamburg area.

This teddy bear was a black bear with a fabric pattern that had white dots and smiling jack-o-lanterns. The bottom feet of the teddy bear were a diagonal orange/black pattern.

This teddy bear was very, very special too me. It was a comfort object of sorts that got me through rough times. I sadly lost this teddy bear during my several moves around the United States, and at the moment I'm trying to find out if it'd be possible to get another teddy bear. Not as a replacement, but as a memento too my childhood.

Another reason for why I'm trying to find this teddy bear, is because eventually I want to hand down my baby-blanket and if possible, the teddy bear, to my first child.

I'm sorry if this is a tall order, but can you guys please help?
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G.I.Joe General: H.I.S.S. Edition

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Welcome to the G.I.Joe General!

Joes are coming back in 2020 with the Snake Eyes Spin Off origin film which is set to reboot the movie universe.
G.I.Joe: Ever Vigillant is also in development and a Spin Off based on Chuckles is in the works too. Chuckles will replace Duke as the lead of the franchise.

Old Thread: >>7701475
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/3pg/ - Transformers 3rd Party General - Chaos Bringers For Everyone Edition

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TCP posted that they'll be listing for pre-orders "soon."
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Monster toys....this is a thread for nondescript monster toys, aka not big names like Godzilla or Alien or things like that, but just general monsters

Monster In My Pocket is what I start with.
I also have an ulterior motive here, I remember a toy I had as a kid (circa early 90's) that I believe was part of a collection of various monsterous beasts, however the one I'm having foggy yet striking flashbacks too in particular was something of a demonic Unicorn, I faintly recall an angry horse face with one horn and an overall demonic looking visage, may have had bat wings as well.
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Whatever the hell happened with this Kenshin figure? Is this not getting made?
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So, do you guys also make your own toys from scrap materials?
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Nero edition, edition, last thread here >>7633308

Post any 1/6th toyfair news here


>Hot toys video game Spideys
>Gordon Freeman of mondo toys
>Asmus Lady and Dante
>Nero releasing soon with 4 busters and new headsculpt
>some darksouls stuff of Lothric knights, but not the good armors
>3ZERO a shit apprently
>bootlegs are soemtimes as good as the real deal
>3A is mostly dead
>more stuff I forgot

Lets keep it goin lads, there's more of us on the board than I knew about and it's good to see people talking 1/6th again.
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Digimon General

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Its dead guys
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