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/toy/ related comics

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are we allowed to have /toy/ related comics threads? that's right comics of and relating to toys
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Daibadi/Polynian General: The Fiery Queen Cometh

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With WonFes in our rearview mirror now, we have seen the painted prototype for Vania (who is now up for PO), the prototype for Lucio who was shown with his own female crotch piece, as well as the working proto for the new THICC Polynian body. Also Shown off were the art cards for Rosa, Combat Armor-Kun and Reimu along with the designs for possible future pajamas for Poly's (whether these will be option sets, new characters or extra bodies is unknown).

Not much for figure news other than Vania going up for PO along with the female option set for good ol' Emil.

Last Thread: >>6172389

-Release Schedule-




>Emil Female Option Set


Polynians Released:
>Clover (Original Color)
>Shamrock (Original Color)
>Yume (Original w/Panel Lining)
>Clover (Grey Flesh)
>Shamrock (Grey Flesh)
>Mel Karon
>Yume (Re-issue/Fixed Version)
>Polynian Joint Set

Planned/Future Releases:
>Combat Armor-Kun
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If you could send a toy back in time to your younger self which would you choose and why?
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Epic Bald Man

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Probably NSFW:
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Post your Collection

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>post pic of toy/figure collection
>how long have you been taking to accumulate it
>how much did you spend on it
>how much is it worth for resale value
>whats your favorite piece
>what do you want to add the to collection the most
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What's the best Wolverine figure?

Anything with retractable claws?
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Has anybody here ever worked with a 3D printer to build custom figures or figurines? Share your experiences!
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So how does your girlfriend feel about your toy-loving ways?

Is she a fan too, or does she give you shit for it?
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anyone have this yet? can a 1/18th scale figure fit inside?
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Disappointing lines that got you hyped

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>Lines that you were really looking forward to but ended up as total shit

I only ended up picking up the red heavy
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