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Star Wars General: Disabled Retard Diaper Bounty Hunter edition

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Wave 19:
Imperial Patrol Trooper (Solo)
L3-37 (Solo)
Val (Solo)

Wave 20:
Skiff Guard Lando
Princess Leia Hoth

General Veers
Gamorrean Guard
Admiral Piett
Bespin Escape Leia

Zuckuss (December)

(Hitting Now)
Wave 2
Han Solo
Enfy's Nest
Death Trooper
Combat Tank Driver

(Hitting Now)
Wave 3:
Luke Skywalker (TFA)
Dr. Aphra
Range Trooper
Cassian Andor

Next TVC is February.

TVC Vehicles:
Imperial Combat Tank
Tie Fighter Large Wing

Tie Fighter Solo packaging, Small Wings.

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Where can I buy Pepe's plushie for a reasonable price? Everywhere I look he's over 50 buckaroos.
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Diaclone Reboot My ReButt

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>inb4 ¥35640
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Donald Trump

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This 12-inch action figure includes clothing and accessories and features 17 Trump phrases in high-quality sound.
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Fun Times Thread

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Star Wars Hot Toys

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So, I'm an idiot thinking about getting into Star Wars Hot Toys, but wanted to get a lay of the land first.

Are there any figures that should be essential to any collection that've slid out of print without any hope for a reissue? Have they really not made an Empire Han yet? What's the difference between these and Sideshow's 1/6th-scale figures?
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Storm Collectibles

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Let's have a Storm collectibles thread!
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Does a nutcracker action figure exist? because i totally want one
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Good Night Sweet Prince

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ITT post toys of Apu
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Anyone else getting the new Spike Lee figure?