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These figures are fucking amazing. The samurai are absolutely fucking glorious.

How are the knights?
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Funko Disney Afternoon

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We're getting Huey, Dewy, and Louie as a Target exclusive 3-pack possibly as soon as next week.
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Snagged this for $32 free shipping. Will be posting other purchases as well
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Bat Gremlin Stand problem

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This is a stand for Neca's Bat Gremlin.
as you see it has a crack - probably one or two attempts to attach gremlin will break it.

Can you recommend me a stand that can support Bat Gremlin in FLYING POSE?
I swear this wasn't a result of ham-handling.
Gremlin usually rests on a box inside of a dark closed with other gremlins (not to protect them from the sun - i just dont want those detailed figures be covered in dust) and stand stands next to it without supporting the figure's weight.

I didn't even use this stand that much...
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I found these boxes at a pawn shop while I was out of town.

Nabbed them for $3 a box, each of them have been opened, but the cards and foil packs are all still inside.

Does anybody recognize these, any idea what they're worth?
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ITT: The Ones That Got Away

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I just found out they made a SCUD figure and the only one on Ebay is 100$ loose.
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Look at this dude...
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What would be the best way to remove these markings from a plastic gun?
I was thinking about going at it with sandpaper but that might take awhile. I’ll probably have to respary it later but that should not be a problem.
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What is the appeal of collecting statues?

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