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im still mad theres no season 3

Digimon Toys General

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Mugendramon Edition

Some upcoming new releases:
-Metal Garurumon, Holy Angemon & Atlur Kabuterimon SHODO figures - December 2020
-Imperialdramon Figure-rise Model Kit - January 2021
-(Electronic Pet) Digivice Ver. Complete - January 2021
-Mugendramon Figure-rise Model Kit - March 2021
-(Electronic Pet) Digimon Pendulum Z II - March 2021
-Ultimate Image Agumon Kizuna & Gabumon Kizuna March 2021
-Omegamon, Lilimon & Zudomon SHODO figures - April 2021
-Omegamon vs Diablomon V.S. Series Statue - July 2021
-(Electronic Pet) Digital Monster X Ver.1 western release sometime in Q1 of 2021
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Is everybody else that didn't switch to DHL still waiting on their amiami orders?

I have 3 orders that shipped out over two months ago and i've yet to receive any of them.
Another one shipped last month and again, haven't seen it and because of the method they're using there's no tracking?

I just wanna make sure i'm not losing over $1k here. I've been using them for years, Should I contact them now or wait longer?
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Cup And Ball General:

Really digging the latest cup and ball innovations with the spike, giving us the added option of actually landing the ball on top of the spike through the newly added hole feature, rather than just trying to land the ball inside the cup for the millionth time lol

/mcx/—Mega Construx General: Spooky Edition

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Previous thread:
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What exactly are these things? They keep showing up in ads for some reason.
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Secret Santa 2020!

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Hey folks, it's once again that time of year. /toy/ Secret santa will be a bit different this year but we will press on regardless.
And by different, I mean shipping delays. Although things looks clear at the writing of this post, USPS is still predicting this year's holiday shipping season is going to be more chaotic than years past for obvious reasons.

So get your shopping done early, and ship early. That's going to be the best advice I can give.

Sign up ends on November 8th.
Assignments go out on the 9th.
Here is the sign up form:
The FAQ:
And my email: [email protected]

The form is the same and the deadline for signing up is a bit shorter because I want everyone to be able to start shopping at the start of next week, besides most everyone knows by now this is when Secret Santa starts so it should be sufficient time.

In regards to shipping delays here are some helpful links:




Have fun guys and let's spread some holiday cheer!
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Look what i found today in target lads
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