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TeccaToys Age of Mecha

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So this popped up on my radar. Line of pretty sick looking mecha figures.

>1:35 scale
>Fully articulated
>Removeable armor pieces for battle customization
>arms can be swapped out for weapon pods

No word on price yet, but the kickstarter will launch later this year.
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Fuck Play Arts Kai for not doing a better job of differentiating their packaging from bootleg copies of their products.

I literally have no idea if what I received is a bootleg or not. It's my first PAK, but holy shit does he smell like a chinese paint factory when I take him out of the package.
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1/6 Scale Marvel/DC Figures

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sup /toy/ I'm in need of advice when it comes to 1/6 scale figures. Are there any good ones for Marvel and/or DC? I always thought Mezco figures were 1/6 but I recently found out they were 1/12 scale..
Are Hot Toys my only option?
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Lewd General

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Lewd General
Beachside paradise edition
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Star Trek toys

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Just got pic related for about €60 shipped.

Also Trek general I guess
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What's their best toy line and why is it Wooden Railway?
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Is there anything sticky thats figure-safe I can use to get some my figures to stand up straight?

I have a couple nendoroids and figmas that I can't get to mcfucking sit still for the life of me
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hey guys check out me and my daughter build stephinies house! we have tons of fun and hope to see you part of the community cheers!