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Is this figure worth getting if I'm a big Guyver fan and I missed out on Guyver I? I really like Guyver II-F's design but I don't know if the figure is very good or not.
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Effects general? Tamashi stage general?

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So I bought a couple Impact Effects on the BST without realizing they need stands to be properly effective. Do I need a special stand? Will any Tamashi stand do the trick? I know there's like ten kinds. Other options welcome as well.


Other than that, effects general I suppose?
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NO TIME FOR QUESTIONS! The big ship departing our board is going on a trip to an abandoned island (Don't worry, no Battle Royale will happen) for one year and everyone here - and I mean everyone - should go. Let's just say that the ship's captain is a very coercive man and has a shit ton of guards ready to blast your ass off if you don't sail with him.

But he is a generous man. And you are allowed to take whatever toy you want with you. Lego sets count as one toy. BAFs count as one toy as well. Which one would you take and why?

- we will camp everyday with a steady supply of food, medicine and other things
- no dangerous animals in the island
- it's pretty great, composed of a small desert, mountains, deep jungles and beaches
- local flora and fauna are pretty harmless
- everyone of us is supplied with the latest technology in photography. Our objective here is to take shots of our favorite toy in the various terrains
- at the end of the one year trip, we will present our best photos to judges
- and finally, but not least important: one year in the island is one second in real life. So don't worry. The island is magical.

Hard mode: one toy that you own. No sex dolls.

Me: Daredevil from Urban Legends pack

- few acessories (actually only the nunchakus) so I won't lose in this one year trip. I could have picked better figures, like the eastern ones, but there are so many acessories and I'm afraid to lose one. And I'm also a 1/12 (6") scalefag.
- will make great compositions for artistic photos, mostly on the night.
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Playmobil Questions

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Hey there, looking for some info on playmobil products. I recently bought the new ghost busters sets. And it has reignited a desire for my wife to own the original playmobil Victorian mansion. Now the only problem is this thing is a pretty penny, and seems to have been retired. would any of you fine folks have some info if there are any alternatives to the original, possibly a remold of the set? Or even If there are better avenues then Fleabay?
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Heavy smoker here, I smoke cigarettes (around 5~6 per night) in my room, filled with my favorite action figures. Are there any harm to them other than the smell? Does the smell come off easily, if I decide to sell them?
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Mythic Legions General

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Important dates

>7/19/2017 - SAN DIEGO COMIC CON
>9/9/2017 - MYTHIC LEGIONS DEBUT AT POWER CON 2017 - Power Con + 2 Exclusive figures


>ToyFair Pictures

>BBTS still has got Covenant of Shadow in stock:

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Good bootlegs, bad bootlegs thread

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Is there any ""good""/acceptable bootleg connoisseur here at /toy/?

/g/ has similar chinese shit general where people would buy crazy phone & electronic products from aliexpress/taobao just to check if there's any hidden gems

Have you ever knowingly buy a bootleg because the original is too expensive?

Pic related is the bootleg Figma MGS2 soldier. While obviously not up to par, it is good enough at $15 each on ebay if you want to army build generic masked military men. Share your experience
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Not sure if they count, but does anyone collect these erasers?