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Haul thread?

52toys General: Year 2021 Edition

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Custom Pepe action figure

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I made this mega rare Pepe
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Euro toy collectors apocalypse July 1st

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tl;dr for those living under a rock: starting July 1st, EVERY single shipment from outside Europe will be taxed.

No more "gift", no more "used goods", no more low values.

Who's ready to enjoy paying up the ass for every single toy? Anyone else excited at the idea of having to wait a whole month on top of international transit just because customs always take forever?
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Universal monsters action figures

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Does anyone else on /toy/ like universal horror monster toys? Im really excited for wave 3 of super7 reaction figures that includes ygor and the werewolf of london
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Halo General: TLC Edition

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Second wave of both Spartan Collection and World of Halo figures starting to pop up in stores. Target seems to be the most likely to turn up at for now.

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Does anyone know when in 2021 these are coming out? All I have found is that it's this year, and produced by 'playmatetoys', and searching that just brings me to sex toys.
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Dust General: Never Dust Your Toys Edition

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Post your dusty toys. Especially caked on dust with camera flash on.

That little bit of dust around lego studs you can’t get off ever? That’s the goldmine. That’s what we like here
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Bakugan thread

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What do you think of the "zooble" bakugan? I personally dislike Cubbo but I fucking love Ferascal.
Do you think Wontu will ever get a toy now that they're not afraid of doing this?
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So what would be the legal ramifications of a company making official toys based on cheap bootlegs of their IPs? Like Hasbro making a Transformer based on some dollar store original mold shape changing robot, or Mattel making Galaxy Warriors Baltard here with their MOTU Origins molds?
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