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I'm pretty sure I had this toy as a kid. He's a villain in the first episode of the Frogger cartoon from Saturday Supercade. I can't find anything about the toy, though. I remember he was a lot more cheaply made than my He-Man guys

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Because ....
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why is there literally no figures that can do this pose?
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Toy designer info and stories

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After watching the last few episodes of The Toys that made us, I was surprised to find that Mark Taylor, of He-man fame, had worked on the early TMNT line. I found him pretty interesting since he seemed to have so much passion for his work. It got me thinking of just how little we know or talk about the people behind a lot of this stuff. Sure, some of the larger franchises get covered like in TTTMU, but older and more niche series get overlooked. It'd be interesting to get more info on the designs behind stuff like Street Sharks/Extreme Dinosaurs or older Japanese lines. There's some sites out there, like Mel Birnkrant(Outer Space Men)'s website that chronicle the design phases of a lot of what he worked on, for example.

One story from an interview I found really interesting regarding Taylor was that Jill Barad(who you might remember as the Mattel exec with the creepy melted lady sculpture) had security forcibly remove his drawing desk when he was promoted to senior vice president. When he called to ask why she'd do that when he uses his art to visualize ideas, she just said "We don't pay you to draw". which, to me, says so much about why great ideas get killed by stupid execs.
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Show me the coolest Officially Licensed yet obscure/forgotten toys. Bonus points for Retro or Foreign toys. Pic unrelated.
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Recommend me a toy!

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Got about $120 to play with and I've been in the mood to try a new toy line, don't know what to go with yet. This image is just a quick hodgepodge of figures I've gotten over the last year that I've really enjoyed.
Main thing I'm looking for;
-Preferably non licensed
-High articulation isn't a must, more of a plus.
-Robots and skeletons are rad.
-Easily accessible/not hard to find online.
-Not over $100
-Small figures are dope, especially if they have interchangeable parts

Right now I'm thinking of trying out Diaclone, but I'm on the fence since what you get vs the asking price seems a bit steep. Also contemplating getting back into Boss Fight Studio figures but I already have all the Skeleboys.
Any help is appreciated!
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Figma General

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I fucking hate YouTube. Why are there so many threads about that shit site??
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Star Wars General: Good Ol' Days

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Last thread: >>7848424

Both Black Series 6" and Vintage have the second waves hitting stores. Pegwarming is already becoming a problem in some areas.

Recent reveals include figures like Plo Koon, Kit Fisto and Count Dooku. Gamestop has Jedi robes Darth Reven and Battlefront heavy battle droid up for pre-order.

Black Series character art has shown up, including Jar Jar Binks, Crait Luke, and Commander Bly.

Mandalorian is airing on Disney+! So far it's mediocre to poor as hell. The toys will be the only good thing coming out of it.
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Kaiju General: Absolute Unit Edition

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Previous thread: >>7800837

Anyone else preorder this big boy? He’s supposed to release sometime this month. I preordered from Hobby Search for 57k jpy.
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