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How the fuck do I buy a toy assault rifle without looking like a manchild to the cashier?
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Wave 2 of Bossfight Studio's Bucky O'hare line (Stealth Bucky O'Hare, Astral Projection Jenny and Deadeye Duck (standard version) are now up for preorder! Release date is "Q2", so June.
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Marker pens

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/toy/ I rencently purchased the RG 1/144 #20 Wing Gundam Ver EW and a tool set for it as this was my first gundam, the tool kit had your regular stuff a cutter, extacto knife and over things, it also came with a marker pen for panel lining but the ink was dried up so I’m asking what kinda pen do I need /toy/
Pic related it the gundam
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So I found this figurine of Vader at Goodwill for 97 cents. The stand is missing and it looks like his lightsaber got ripped off, but other than that, I cleaned it up and it looks nice. All that the bottom of the boot says is “2005 LFL Hasbro China”, and I haven’t been able to find anything else on it. Much appreciated if anyone could help with identifying
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So why did so many figures back in the 90s that originally had a color changing feature have later versions come without it?
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Got a story about how I got ptsd literally out of hating someone
>be me
>in 2nd or 3rd grade
>decided to bring my lego darth vader
>assfucker comes up to me
>"Hey that's a cool toy anon, wanna trade?"
>pulls out the coolest hotwheel toy I've ever seen
>I didn't want to give away my lego darth but I still wanted to play around with the hotwheel
>"yeah man but only for a day"
>he gives me his shit, I give him mine
>the day finally comes
>I want to give the toy back so I can have mine
>I tell him about it and he's like wait and stuff
>the day is coming to an end
>he stops me before he goes into the bus
>he opens his backpack, clearly wanting the toy back
>lo and behold, there was no lego darth vader to be found
>starts begging for the toy back because the bus has to go
>starts telling me it's his little brother and stuff
>finally give in, thinking he'll give it back tomorrow
I'm a happy man anon but whenever I think of hotwheels, brimming rage spews within me
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*blocks your review*
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What are some toy companies that make a vast range of figures for a series for years, then suddenly stop making any altogether and sit on the license while refusing to make any more merch or to let any other company make toys from said series?
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Nintendo BS

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>get cereal
>taste it
>generic sugar taste
>get Amiibo
Oh boy! IT'S A ONE UP! -.-
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