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Hot Toys

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I have pre-ordered 9 Hot Toys. How fucked is my wallet?
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Chicago toy store recommendations

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Headed up in a couple weeks for the first time in years. What are the must-see toy spots? I like old Toku stuff and robots the most.
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How do you live with the pain? There’s too many toys I will never have... they’re too expensive and getting more expensive everyday and are only available for a brief period of time. I’ve missed out on too many... it’s not fair! Nothing can stop the pain!
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/BIOG/ Bionicle and CCBS General: [Embed] edition

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Cats and toys

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Digimon General: Moshi Moshi Edition

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Has anyone else pre-ordered Wargreymon or Metalgarurumon yet?
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3rd Party TF General: "Honey I Shrunk the Masterpieces" Edition

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old >>6574446
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Midnight Trash

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Post whatever toys are in your immediate vicinity
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Any good fully posable tortoise action figures?
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