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Shit that pisses you off about buying figures online

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1) Expecting saturday delivery, shipment has been delayed, new estimated delivery is monday

2) Figure arrives with loose joints, however all the youtube reviewers mention how tight the joints are

3) Box arrives damaged and you hear shit rattling inside the box

4) Preorder from website, order is cancelled so now at the mercy of scalpers

5) Main character from line is a japanese web exclusive

6) Search on ebay, first 20 pages are chinese bootlegs but can't filter out china without filtering out japan

7) Pay for EMS shipping, item doesn't get shipped until a week later
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Funko Nazi

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Why did Funko Pop made a literal nazi figure?
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You guys collect miniatures to go in your displays? I was wondering what you guys use for food and beds/chairs things like that. Battle poses are awesome but sometimes i wanna have my figures just chilling and eating.
What do you guys recommend?
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Anyone here find the old Gundam MSIA figures or their American name kind of charming? What do you think of these? Yeah they are soft and gummy but for some reason I still like them.
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what if i trapped a spider in a display case along with my spider man toys so he can spin webs all over them? it'll be bad for the figures but it might look interesting
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Is the first mp any good ?
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Is it just impossible to get truly great Ghostbusters figures?
What the fuck is Mezco doing? Looks like fucking Ken dolls.
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How well can these guys hadouken? I'm not seeing any pics with the arms closer together. Trying to decide between Storm Collectibles or S.H. Figuarts
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