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Anybody here building custom bases or dioramas for their figures?

Recently I started to replace the plain plastic discs with diy bases what adds a lot to the overall appearance.
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/toy/ wishlists thread

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Here's my most wanted wishlist for the sh monster arts line:
1. King Kong 1962
2. Mechani Kong
3. Zilla 1998
4. [spoiler:lit]King Kong 1933[spoiler:lit]
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Action figure Store

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Here is your Action Figure Store, bro
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Square-Enix actually giving their properties out to other figure companies? Well I'll be damned
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Its almost halloween season again, which spooky toys are your favorites and do you have any that youre looking forward too coming out?
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They're doing his bike too
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/toy/ movienight

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If we had /toy/ movienights, what should we watch?

Here's some toy media I can think of off the top of my head:

-Toy Story (duh)
-Super Doll Licca Chan
-The Barbie movies and cartoons
-The Bratz movies and cartoons
-GI Joe
-American Girl movies
-LEGO movies
-Maxie's World
-Hot Wheels
-Littlest Pet Shop
-Mighty Max
-Skeleton Warriors
-Compilations of old toy commercials
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>1/6 is crossing $300
>1/12 is pushing $100 or more
>even 1/18 is pushing $50.
I'm not a poorfag but paying this much just seems irrational.
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Transformers General : comparison edition

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Fuck aesthetics.
Which springer is better in terms of playability and engineering?
Which is the better toy?

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Bug Toys

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So is this dude my best bet for a poseable praying mantis?

I remember there was something shown during wonfes, but I'm not sure if this was it. The antennae look abit too thick, but he's cheap and currently available.