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Transformers general: Bathtub autism edition

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Discuss aqua/boatformers
More importantly, can it float?
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Tsum Tsum General

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Let's discuss nuggety Disney characters, /toy/. Anybody keep up with these cute collectibles?

The most recent plush releases include the Aristocats set and a limited Valentine's Day edition Mickey and Minnie. I myself got a Berlioz and Toulouse so my Marie wouldn't be lonely.
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Mattel Jurassic World Leak?

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Real or fake?

From JPtoys - allegedly a document leaked with some of the Mattel Jurassic World 2 toys.
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Funko General

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Tell me about Security Guard.
What's the backstory of this new awesome superhero?
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can't wait CANNOT WAIT
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S. A. S. General/Jojo General Happy Family Edition

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S.A.S. Official Site:
Search term for S.A.S.: 超像可動
S.A.S. List:
S.A.S. Reviews:
Jojo Pastebin:
S.A.S. Sound Plate List:
Where To Find:
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Someone has the Baoh? How is he?
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Anybody got any Metal Gear Play Arts stuff?
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Anyone know if Sideshow or Hot Toys will be doing figures from Logan? I want a set of Wolverine and Laura with Wolverine wearing the white shirt and suit like he does at beginning of movie and Laura coming with the glasses those sunglasses that she wears.

I doubt Sideshow or Hot Toys would put these 2 characters together in same box (unless it's a statue) so I would love a separate Logan with the shirt and suit, possibly interchangeable heads and then a separate Laura with the sunglasses and an interchangeable head when she has the claws out.