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ok /toy/, you get magically transported to a Toy Store like Kay-Bee, Toys R Us, FAO Scwartz, etc... at any point int time in the last 30-40 years with $100 in your pocket. You cant leave the store until you've spent your $100 and then you are mystically returned again to the present day.

With all dem mint in box toys what do you buy?
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What's the most you've ever paid for a single figure and what was it?

I've honestly never broke the $50 mark, though I wouldn't be against it for the right figure.
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Shut the fuck up Jin Saotome. All you do is wipe your feces on an action figure and call it a custom. Stop crying like a cunt because you're an unlikeable shithead who has to whine over muh advice for 3 years straight. Have fun with that Trump impeachment and treason charge, Sergalicious!
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Does anyone know if there are any plans for Hot Toys, Sideshow or any other 1/6 scale manufacturer to release a figure of Sofia Boutella as the Mummy?
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Funko General

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Old thread: >>6286820
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Where can I buy Tomica/Tomy cars?
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What is the greatest action figure ever made and why is it Buzzsaw from SilverHawks?
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Play Arts Kai

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Nyx was released today, still waiting for in-hand pics before I pay for my pre-order.
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Fuck exclusives.
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