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these things were super cool when i was a kid, is there a name for these other than bubble water toys? I kind of want to get a few intricate ones for my desk.

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Someone knows where i Can get this Guys with delivery on latam?
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Best 6 inch Spider-Man?

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I’m looking to get a Spider-Man figure that is well articulated, sturdy, and at a decent price

I have the amazing spider man 2 spidey pictured but the bicep swivel broke

How good is the homecoming marvel legends?
Also how good are the KO revotechs? I don’t want another broken figure (The real deal is hard to find and probably way too much)
I also prefer sculpted webbing so the pizza spidey isn’t the most ideal for me
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Bionicle thread: What Could Have Been edition

Post bonkles and concept art

Enough bitching about wahhh, muh dead thread. Either post or git out. Where else you gonna go, huh? Fuckin BZPower? Get in here.
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Lego space theme future

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We have not had a lego space theme since 2013 galaxy squad, when is it coming back
I assume the five year gap(since last space theme) and counting since 2013 is so they can sell the star wars stuff from the new movies , I note there is another big gap around 2000-2005 when star wars stuff prequel and org was big. Not enough room in market for lego space and lego star wars someone was made a call ( i assume)
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Maxx Fx

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Any One Remember him? Anyone? (also there was only One maxx fx)

Marvel General: Hasbro Gets Cucked Edition

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Precious thread >>7232204
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Only 90 bucks. Whatcha waiting for?
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Will we ever get more “Legends” Black Series figures?

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Cyberpunk general?

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Hey /toy/, how about a cyberpunk type of thread?
Any scale, any property, stuff that just has that kind of feel. Retail, custom, whatever you got.
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