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Playmobil Ghostbusters

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What... what the hell is happening?
And why nobody talking about this?
Is there only Ghostbusters line or there will be other 80-90s based Playmobil lines.

Dont get me wrong - im a Lego fan and stuff...but that ghostbusters car and some other GB-devices look amazing!
The other thing - are Ghostbusters still popular? I thought they kinda were a short-lived fad and completely died after failed fembusters movie.
May be im a total slowpoke and these Playmobil ghostbusters were around the time when that movie was out.

I just live in Europe and i see these things popping out just now.
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Anyone else obsessed with all kinds of shitty little vinyl figures that don't even have any POA? Especially anything that comes in blind bags. I feel like a crack addict.
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Toy Outlet Location?

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Does anyone remember what city anon found that toy outlet in Europe that was selling 20-30 year old toys like Mighty Max, TMNT vehicles like the Foot Cruiser, and what-not?

Is it still around?
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Shodo figures, small figures

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Why are these small figures so awesome.. does anyone know and other figures tgis scale with good articulation?
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Soul of Chogokin - Big O (GX-48K)

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Re-release includes the expansion pack and colors better matched to the anime cels.

Will you be getting this and hope they make Duo and Fau?
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What's /toy/'s favorite toys?

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I want to know what /toy/'s favorite franchises are, I'm currently into Fidget Spinners.
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Marvel General: "I Paid $80 For Wolverine" Edition

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Anyone got the updated checklist?

Also, DC Multiverse figures are allegedly getting a revamp in the future to mirror MLs.
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Articulated Icons

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Have you gotten your ninjas in yet?
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Mega Bloks

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Is anyone else disappointed at the new sets? It's mostly just remodels of previous sets, especially disappointing since there's a whole plethora of new vehicles since Halo 5 and Wars 2. No Gremlins, Goliaths, Mechs, nothing.

>inb4 not my autistic weaboo titty figurines
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Will you buy it?
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