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/tfg/ Transformers General: Something Evil's Watching Over You edition

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Unicron is coming. Will your bank account survive? Previously at >>7642106
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Figures of these exist, right? I know meltman is actually a molten GI Joe or some shit
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Extreme Dinosaurs/Street Sharks Thread

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What does /toy/ think of both Extreme Dinosaurs and Street Sharks toylines? I think they are the most jawsome toys ever to exist.
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So, Hasbro is bringing Zoids back worldwide. The first Zoids wave called Zoids:Build them to life will release in fall 2019 in Europe and in 2020 in America. Do you guys love Zoids? I love the original Hasbro releases.
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Do this pose
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I've been buying bootleg pokeballs with a little pokemon toy in the for a while now.

One of my orphans is a walking pokedex and cannot identify this one. He thinks it may be a Digimon. I have no idea.

Anyone know?
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Masters of the Universe General

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Old thread:

This is a place to discuss all things He-Man/She-Ra.

>A New MOTU toyline is in the works called, Masters of the Universe: Origins, the first figures of which are being released as an exclusive two-pack at SDCC which contains Prince Adam and He-Man done in the style of the mini-comics
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RC conversion on 1/35 tank models

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I'm a scale model builder since some time now now, and wanted to turn some of my favourite tanks into moving RC units, how does one do that? Tamiya stopped publishing rc kits since the 70's, and the ones they produce and sell now are crazy expensive for what they are, is there a cheap way to make make the models run? (no turret rotation, only dual motor forward and backward motion)
There's a hobby shop that focuses on dynamic models, should i try and ask them?

Scooby Doo General

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It's finally happening bros...the resurgence has begun! Bring on your favorite Scooby Doo toys!
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Not sure if this is the right board but I have been collecting snow globes while travelling and on my way home one of them broke. I am an Australian and I was wondering if there are any websites that sell snowglobes from other countries (not at fucked prices as the one that broke I bought for $5).
Pic related is the snowglobe, picture it very tiny and the bear doesn’t have a star on it though
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