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why is he famous and have a toy line? there the worst toyline iv ever seen
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Cu-poche thread

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WHat did happen with this line? Is it dead or something?
We haven't got any new announcement in a while
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Hi /toy/ I was wondering if someone could help me. I am looking for an action figure I had when I was a child. It could have been made anytime between say 1990-1998. It was a gold and black action figure that sort of looked like an Iron Man. I believe it was from a sentai-like show we had in NA but I could be wrong. It sort of looked like this image except it was action figure sized and had almost like a "plume" at the head with a crystal in it?
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Dales & Deals

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With the shopping holidays coming up, let's get this shit started ahead of time
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Overwatch Gen

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Buncha new stuff out

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This puppy is actually a toy. :p


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>Infect your company with shitty BDSM fetish garbage and vinyl statueshit
>Run it to the ground and blame your fanbase, treat them like shit, starve customers and piss on them with trash for years and years
>Interview comes out about how you have no inspiration and are out of ideas
>Don't offer your membership for the first time in a decade, basically broadcast the company is on life support and change the website with a long statement saying you're doing a soft reboot of the brand
>Company dies anyway because you don't actually change anything
>Shut down, do a hard reboot of the company and do some shitty cryptic marketing to change the brand to try to start from scratch and replicate your success
>Finally try to get the hype moving with a teaser
>It's the same exact fucking garbage that for you into this mess in the first place

Is there anyone more incompetent, more fucking asinine and stupid than Ash? My god. I'm amazed nobody has called him out to his face at conventions or his dumbass art gallery shows. I honestly wish I could see him address his criticisms without being able to hide.

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>you need to be +18 to post on 4chan
>yet it has a toy board

You guys dont seriously play with plastic toy planes and figurines like fucking diapered toddlers and are just shitposting, right?
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Display Case Thread

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Is it just me or does everyone seem to have the IKEA Detolf display case? Pic related. After having my figures on a bookshelf for years I'd like to move up to a display case, but I checked this one out in the store and it seems flimsy, not to mention that I'd like something wider. Does anyone have any recommendations for a better display case? Is the Detolf really my best (or only) option? Built in shelves are my ultimate goal, but that's not possible while I'm renting. Feel free to post your display cases or shelves.
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Naruto General

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Any Naruto toy collectors here? I want to start a collection, which figures should I buy?
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