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Stealing general

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Have you ever stolen a toy, whether from a shop or from a friend/family member?

share your stories
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Hey /toy/, I need some help identifying an old rc battle robot kinda thing I remember having when I was a kid. It just popped into my head today and I can't for the life of me remember what the thing was called or what it exactly looked like, but i'd 100% know it if I saw it.

The toy itself was this kind of flying pod thing that you could fly around with a remote, or use your hand to let it hover back and forth, I remember it having some kind of infra-red system in place to battle with others and it came in a clear carrying case. It was a decently big toy, roughly about the size of a 1.25 liter bottle.

Pic related, it's shitty but that's roughly what I remember it looking like
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Yo-Kai Watch

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These are hitting the clearance shelves around here. Any cool toys to pick up while cheap?
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ITT: Flawless Toys
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Not worth the $25 bucks. Maybe if I fix the head?

Bootleg thread everyone!
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Which is the best of these 3?
Mainly for a bit of photography and just shelf sitting
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GIGANTIC remote control helicopter from uncle's estate

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I just got this from an uncle's estate. Nobody else in the falimy wanted it so I took it rather than let it be hauled off to the dump. I have never seen a remote control toy helicopter this big before, it's gotta be at least 5 feet long and it's powered by what looks like a lawenmower engine. I've looked around the intarweb and I'm pretty sure that it is a "Vibe 90" made by some japanese company called JR Propo. It also has a remote control and what looks like an electric drill with a hexagonal shaft on the end which I think may be used to start it (it doesn't have a pull start or anything but I'm just guessing). Should I try to fly this thing or just sell it on ebay or something to someone who knows what they are doing? Are these things easy to fly?
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If there's going to be just one scale size for toys, what should it be?
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Does anyone here recognize the base model for toy 4 and 6?

I recognize them like crazy but I can't remember from where.
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New line of Waifu figures

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Who’s excited?
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