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Toy Anxiety Thread

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Do you ever feel like your collecting is out of control? Like there's just too many things you like and even when you narrow down what you really want it still feels like it's too much. Or that certain collections clash with the other so you either find a way to keep them separate or store it and rotate so they don't clash? I honestly feel better about my figures when I have them stored because I don't have to worry about dust or disturbing them if I like how they're displayed. But it feels wrong like I'm ashamed of them or something.
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wrestling figure general

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started a jakks titan tron live collection last month, was lucky enough to get the smackdown style (but not branded) entrance stage mint and had to let it breathe. awesome hearing those entrance theme samples again.

racked up a surprising number of wrestlers from the ttl line in such a short time.
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Transformers 3rd party general: All smiles edtion

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old >>7535221
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ITT: Dated figures that stood the test of time

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tech decks

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does anybody else collect and trade/sell tech decks and play with them as a hobby? I've found it difficult to find anyone out of a specific friend group who collect and use tech decks.


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at what age is not acceptable to play with toys? i felt dumb playing with toys when i reached 12 and have since, but i miss playing with toys
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Telephone Thread

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Game time! I'll start:
Find a similarity with the toy before you, and post yours with what's similar.

It works just like the childhood Telephone game

I post SH Goku, and you reply with Marvel Legends Bishop and say "Black hair", I then follow up with a random figure posed the same.
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Mega Man General

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/lg/ Lego General: Batlord Edition

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Welcome to the Lego General! The best place on /toy/ for OC and creativity!

Previously: >>7537834
Containment for heresy bricks: >>7464728

>/lg/ Flickr Group
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>Thread Challenge:
Build something to add to Basil's army, whether it be a vehicle, castle, or some knights.
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I do not know alot about spawn but i would like to buy an action figure of him. I think he looks neat and owning a figure has always inspired me toget into the source material they come from. So what i am intressted in and something you wonderful toy soldiers could help me with is, what is the spawn figure to get? im intressted in articulation and less a statue, i would really like the figure to be as basic/vanilla as posible. i have seen that one that came witha big cross and it looks neat but i dont even know what line it comes from. I am ok with paying a bit of money for it so price is not a detractor
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