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/toy/ of YHWH/Old Testament God

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Just finished ""that"" game with him as one of the antagonist. Pretty sick.

Is there any articulated toy, whether it's 1/12th or 1/6th that looks regal enough to be a representation of YHWH?
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Female Robots

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Saw a MoMo Original Effects thread a couple of days ago, and now I feel like getting some kind of female robot.
What's your favourite one, /toy/?
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ITT: characters who despite immense importance/popularity don't have a good figure
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Who is this?
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Question: Do people like, actually play with their toys and shit? Is it normal for people who regularly browse /toy/? Like, despite my extensive collection of 1/12s, occasionally I "play" with my favorite 1/18th Stormtrooper by moving around their joints and shit.

(pic mildly related because it's a stormtrooper toy)
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Daibadi/Polynian General: The Fiery Queen Cometh

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With WonFes in our rearview mirror now, we have seen the painted prototype for Vania (who is now up for PO), the prototype for Lucio who was shown with his own female crotch piece, as well as the working proto for the new THICC Polynian body. Also Shown off were the art cards for Rosa, Combat Armor-Kun and Reimu along with the designs for possible future pajamas for Poly's (whether these will be option sets, new characters or extra bodies is unknown).

Not much for figure news other than Vania going up for PO along with the female option set for good ol' Emil.

Last Thread: >>6172389

-Release Schedule-




>Emil Female Option Set


Polynians Released:
>Clover (Original Color)
>Shamrock (Original Color)
>Yume (Original w/Panel Lining)
>Clover (Grey Flesh)
>Shamrock (Grey Flesh)
>Mel Karon
>Yume (Re-issue/Fixed Version)
>Polynian Joint Set

Planned/Future Releases:
>Combat Armor-Kun
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Where are you guys hiding the Figuarts announcements cause there's gotta be some news by now.

I know you're holding out on us. Give us your fucking sources for rare info, I'm tired of bottom feeding on taghobby and myfigurecollection
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What would you give your kids, /toy/?
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God damn it, this would have been so much better with cut joints. Who are they making all these rubber suit figures for? Does anyone prefer it over a more classic joint setup? Even if it never becomes cracked and ruined, it never ends up looking nicer. Doomguy's arms look like bent garden hoses in all the pics in which he is holding guns or his chainsaw.
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> or scene!!