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Help Identifying

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it has Playmates toys on the foot, he has an egg thing and a blaster
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weird new rope toy

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so, I found this weird new rope toy. (picture related)

Some weird friend of mine mailed it to me, saying he had no use for it anymore.

I have no idea what it does, so I'd like some guidance here.
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This figure mostly looks nice but the cape is disgusting. Any replacement cape from a cheaper figure I can use?
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Will, in the future, appear any persona (3,4,5 whatever) plushies?

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Transformers General

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The Last Knight is upon us.
Wave One still swarms the shelves
Optimus Prime has returned in his Peterbilt form, more accurate than ever.

We are here, Waves 2 and 3, we are waiting.

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fashion/other doll thread

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A thread for Barbie dolls, Disney dolls, and any dolls that aren't Monster High/Ever After High or BJD.

Previous thread >>6299076
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What are your memories of the original Cheeky Dog webkinz? It came out in 2005 and was retired at the same time as the Cheeky Cat I believe around the time the Tree Frog came out
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Good camera for photos?

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Honest question, and i'm sure many of you have varrying answers. What is a good quality camera for taking clear, concise pictures when it comes to dioramas and white boxes?

I'm a bit behind on the times, and my last phone is a 2009 model, and last time I used a real camera was back in high school around 2006-ish, And i'm really tired of Kindlefire/Device tier cameras with their 240p fuzziness. I want a good quality picture for once, not jsut for toys but anything really.

So my question is this, Whats a good, high quality camera, thats relatively inexpensive, but good for taking clear shots? I'm not looking top of the line studio quality here, but just enough to get by.

Thaniks in advance.
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