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What’s the appeal of Ninjago?

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>Bionicle G2 got canceled
>Hero Factory got canceled
>Mixels got canceled
>Nexo Knights got Canceled
>Ninjago is STILL going strong
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B-Daman Bottleman

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Looking for prodigy epics

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Anybody got any epics they'd be willing to sell? Something like pic related (which isn't mine, I saw it on ebay)?

Toy Box Art

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Whatever happened to effort in the boxes of figures?
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Name me a webcomic that would make a better toyline.
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Post some cool playsets from any era. No customs!
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Face sculpt general

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NECA edition
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Hey guys. I recently purchased a small lot of Power Rangers toys and these two figures came in it. Any idea what they are?
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recent acquisitions or things that finally come in after a lengthy wait ,
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/plush/-Plush General:Second Edition

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Welcome to the Second Edition of the Plush General!

>Post and discuss plush frens & stuffed animals, also post custom made plushies!

>Archived Threads:

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