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Skeleton General | 1:12 Skele Edition

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Didn't see a skeleton / spooky general so I decided to make one.

>1:12 Skeleton Kickstarter Backerkit is live until the 1st of June.
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Star Wars General: New Tie Fighter Edition

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New thread
New Tie Fighter
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Does anyone know where I can get a figure like this, even if bootlegs only exist?
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i was watching the people's court today, the one with the red head judge.

and the case was about how this deaf dude bought $5000 worth of G1 transformers from this other deaf dude and about 2/3 of them were bootlegs or reproductions.

the dude who sold them claims that the buyers
kept the real ones and brought in fake ones to
win the case.

anyways, thought my boys over at /toy/ would dig that.
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Marvel General: Mistakes Into Miracles edition

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The Sauron BAF wave has official pics out now, and the cull obsidian wave is coming in stock at amazon. Figuarts thanos is out, and reviews/preorders are popping up for the SP//DR wave.

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Glyos General

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Onell- Britains Space
KOTS- Slime Knight, Vice Vector Jump, Rift Killer
Toyfinity- Zerak Maxx, Zerak Zeroid (soldout), Blue Darkness Soldier, Knight of Illumination

>Mega Merge- Fallout @ Gamestop
Wave 2- Nuka Cola T-51, Vault Tec T-51, Hot Rod T-45, Vault Dwellers, Nick Valentine

>Onell Drop - Early July
>11th Year Anniversary

TGB- Scarabite Squad- June 8
Zullen- Late June

>Ongoing Topics
Show off builds
Colors you want to see again

>Want to know more?

>Current Stock of all Glyos stores
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I'm going to Legoland California. Anything I should buy that might raise in value as time goes by?
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hey yall, anyone interested in buying 30 of these guys? They're in new condition and are individually bagged for safekeeping

They are around $7.60 CAD each on Bricklink under "NEW" condition, so I will offer $220 CAD including shipping.
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Should Marvel make an entire Gwenpool line?

I can totally see them trying to make a different Gwenpool figure for each one of Gwenpool's versions with different outfits, accesories and probably have the figure say some of her popular lines from her comic book!

Would you buy it? Which version of Gwenpool do you want to see?
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Who here remembers these? Fuck, I stole these little shits from my classmates back in early elementary.

We had this game where we'd set all our GoGos upright on these big stone slabs in the courtyard during recess and take turns flicking them at each other, they'd always go flying and like the trouser snek I am I'd go shuffling through the tall grass to snatch them up before the other kids could find them
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