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Surprise Eggs Toys

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Anyone have Kinder Surprise toys? Does /toy/ like them?
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What do you guys do with your toys?
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Scooby Doo toys

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Playmobil is making Scooby Doo toys. We also get a new toy line based on Scoob! for next year. Thoughts?
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I want a matsumoto doll so bad bros....!!!!
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Am I the only one who really wants the miniatures from Death Stranding?
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So what is the best Darkseid figure?
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Bootleg Thread: Minase Shizue Edition

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So my bootleg Minase from AliExpress came in. I AM SHOCKED AT HOW GOOD THIS THING LOOKS. So there was a dude who got a bootleg from here that had jagged hair and some slight molding issues. Mine hasnt had any of that. Maybe it's because his image was so up close but for $20, this is the way to go. The tits were a little tough to get off. Soaked it in soapy warm water for 3 mins, fiddled with it a bit, and got them to pop off. I thought I had broke it at first but the interboob connector is molded differently than the rest of the boobs. Hands are a bitch. Lotta warm water and some force gotem off. If you havent gotten one, do it soon!
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How would I get a job at Hasbro? Like, in a marketing or directing position?
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