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Marvel General: Mysterio soon? edition

Old thread: >>6271939

Next rumored Spidey wave:
- Demogoblin
- Spider-Man Noir
- Mysterio
- Spider Woman
- Spider-Punk
- Prowler
- Gwenpool
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Shin Megami Tensei

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Aside from the Jack Frost Nendo and the upcoming Pixie and Mara Figmas, are there any other SMT figures? Not counting the Persona Figmas, D-Arts, Nendoroids, etc.
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How can I impress hot women with my action figure collection?
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Hasbro does not make "polished, precise and heavy QC" toys. They make crappy toys and Star Wars fans still snatch them up. And for all of 3A's faults, I would never say that their toys are "crappy in the technical sense," save for the odd misfire here and there (Judge Dredd, for instance). So yeah, 3A should definitely being doing the Star Wars Black series instead of Hasbro.
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Where can I find high quality, historically accurate knight figures

>please no statues
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anyone on here actually yo yo? I have been for about a year and it is super fun!
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LEGO General: Food Edition

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Welcome to the Lego General!

Previous thread: >>6285225
Bonkle thread: >>6281172
Off-brand Legoes: >>6290143


LEGO General Discord server:

Thread challenge: Build something food-related
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Cringe thread?
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Rare action-figures thread

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This thread is dadicated to rare action figures
•post photo when talking about a new one
•tell us where you found it
•action figure doesn't need to belong to a certain subject

>Found on a market in Brussel
>it has a ressort in the right arm so it can punch
>~20 years old