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Hello /toy/, im trying to find out the names of these Transformers, but i cant seem to find them. Can you help me out? Pic related
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>received a late christmas gift
>grandmother's neighbor's daughter had some "extra money" apparently
>gave me this
What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? I have zero interest in car-related things in-general, are you just supposed to put it on a shelf for several years? What's the market look like for stuff like this?
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Selling Your Collection

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How many of you have sold most or all of your collection? What did you sell (plush, figma, nendoroids, lego, etc.)? Where did you sell it? How much did you make? Do you regret it?

For those of you who haven't, are you planning to sell in the future or will you keep your collection forever?

Talk about your experiences here.
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Bandai NXEDGE Style

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Curious if anyone else collects these. Been doing so since the start but see very little interest from others/folks who have bought them seem quick to sell them off.
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A toy laptop with a robot theme

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I am looking to find the name of a toy laptop and preferably a photo of the screen of it (like, it has some kind of generic desktop picture as a static image and then there's the actual, tiny black and white screen without backlight.


-The laptop has a robot theme, it even comes with a robot keyring, when one boots the laptop, there will be a robot animation and the robot makes weird sounds.
-The laptop is at least partly blue and partially yellow. The keyboard is blue, the "mouse" is roundish and it's really a clicking yellow thing, you can move the mouse cursor with it.
-The user interface of the laptop is in English. It can play songs. There are different national anthems preloaded.
-One can add some kind of "extension cards" to it.
-The name of the producer of the laptop has two words and it's in English (that's what I think, the rest of the traits I listed are more likely to be true, I am not sure if I remember everything correctly).

-The laptop in the photo is not the one I am looking for, but that's how tiny the actual screen is – and then the rest of the screen is just that static photo

Thank you for helping.
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What are some games where I can fully create my companion(s) from the ground up and possibly customize their personality?
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Pacific Rim

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Since Pacific rim 2 is out soon I thought I'd make a thread for discussing pacific rim toys and models. I think we'll be seeing more products this time around since the jaegers seem a lot more colorful, a bit like gundam.

I was Wondering if anyone who has the Plamax Gypsy Danger could tell me how much effort it took to make it look good, since all of the reviews I could find online are either really vague or have the kit unpainted.
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Is there any nice fully articulated Yotsuba figure that doesn't cost a stupid amount of money? I remember there was a nice model kit that costed about ~35 euros or so a few years back but now it has somehow inflated up to 100 on Ebay.
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/tfg/ Transformers General

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Old Thread: >>6721192

This is a Blotformers thread to talk about Blot and Blot's teammates, two of which are coming out soon.
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