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BAKUGAN General #2:webam edition

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what new bakugan are you exited for ?
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Designer toys

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Hasbro actually did it.
The fucking madmen.
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Mega Construx/Bloks General: “Mega Brands is a big place” Edition

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Welcome and join us in discussing the greatest toyline of all!

We have terrible distribution, which means you may never see things in store! We also have newer CoD leaks, Halo anniversary sets, Aliens previews, tons of He-Man stuff, Crystal Creatures, Hellboys without trench-coats (use the tmnt Raphael canister or cod jeep for that!) and many more!!!

No bricklink for Mega, though.

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>figure includes a pack in figure
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Looking for a figure

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Want a female character in a t-shirt and pants/shorts or like a business suit. Its hard to fine these tojo figures that are not in skirts so need advice.

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Show me a figure that can pull off a GOOD-LOOKING crouching pose like pic related
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Nintendo General: Mr. President Edition

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Recently Released:
World of Nintendo Mushroom Kingdom Pack (4" Mario, Peach, Luigi)
Octoling three-pack amiibo
Inkling Girl (Smash) amiibo
Ridley amiibo
Wolf amiibo
World of Nintendo 4" wave 14 (Fire Luigi, Mario, Fire Bros, Piranha Plant, Dry Bones)
Piranha Plant amiibo
Ice Climbers amiibo
King K. Rool amiibo


Nendoroid Blue (Green) Oak
World of Nintendo 4" wave 15 (Odyssey Mario, Lakitu, Cappy Hammer Bro, Explorer Mario, Cappy Captain Mario)
World of Nintendo 2.50" Deluxe Dungeon Playset
World of Nintendo 2.50" Acorn Plains Playset

Shovel Knight amiibo 3-pack
World of Nintendo 2.5" wave 17 (Yoshi, Paratroopa, Bowser Jr, Bullet Bill)
Daisy (Smash) amiibo
Ken amiibo
Young Link amiibo

Figma Inkling Girl

SHF Mewtwo

Nendoroid Beam Kirby

World of Nintendo 4" wave 16 (Fire Mario, Paragoomba, OoT Young Link, Roy Koopa, Small Mario)
World of Nintendo 2.5" wave 18 (Running Mario, Fire Mario, Piranha Plant, Spiny, Original Form Cappy)
Iasbelle (Smash) amiibo
Solid Snake amiibo
Simon amiibo
Pokemon Trainer amiibo
Squirtle amiibo
Ivysaur amiibo
Pichu amiibo
MegaHouse Kirby
Mario Kart Hot Wheels (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, Wario, Roaslina)
Figma Inkling Boy
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Anyone know what the hell is going on SHF Spike? Dunno whether to just get the regular one or not, while I still can.
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if I may be so bold

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what’s your favorite movie about toys
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