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Star Wars General: Dr Aphra Edition

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This month:

Lando Solo
Captain Phasma (hah)
Praetorian Guard

Is the Stormtrooper the best hasbro have ever made?

Dr Aphra, Betoo, triple zero, Ezra Bridger (Rebels), Chopper (Rebels), Episode 1 Obi Wan

TBS Archive
Scout Trooper
Darth Maul

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>You know, Peter, with great power comes great responsibility. Ole Kirk Christiansen called it "Lego Fig's Burden." Myself, I just call it as I see it: the responsibility of the master to discipline the servant.
>Ben looks directly at the camera.
>"The kre-o, the megablocks, the lepins...It's our responsibility to civilize them. And if we can't? Then they shall dangle from the castle towers. The Day of the Disassembling is near, Pete. We'll have every kre-o in this country dead or in chains in 10 years, and may God have me shot in a carjacking this very night if I'm wrong. God bless the American Lego Party."

Vintage TMNT

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What was the deal with all the non-core characters in the original TMNT /toy/line? They weren't/were barely in the cartoon or video games. Were they created by Eastman and Laird, or just designs Playmates employees thought were cool?

Pic related. WTF, "Ace Duck"? Was there a deeper story in '89 than just "species + occupation"?
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Do this pose.

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Do this pose.
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/Customs/ General

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Old thread 404'd.

Post your finished and WIP projects, give/ask for advice, and most of all, have fun!
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Amazon prime day deals (and other sales)

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Share the savings
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/tfg/-Transformers General: SDCC edition

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It's time time of year, friends. Previous at >>7645736

Ratbat, and another battlemaster.
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Nagoya not shipping orders?

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Hey has anybody else had any problems getting stuff from the Nagoya store on Mandarake? I ordered some stuff recently and every other shop has shipped out their orders except for Nagoya despite paying for the fastest shipping. They just kinda of took my money and haven't sent any updates for over week and it's still at the awaiting shipping status on my order history. I've never had an order take this long before.

/biog/ - Bionicle, Technic and CCBS General: Pet Crab Edition

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