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We are never gonna get a figure on Captain Salazar are?

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> Probably Never.
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Hey /toy/ Mr. Potato Head collector reporting in. I received this potato head as a gift from my gf and I can't find any info on why he has the Richs logo on his body, it's not a sticker either it's just printed onto the plastic. Anyone else here know about this?

Also Potato Head thread, post yours and cool stuff you've made with your parts
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Any decent Plague Doctor figures out there? I've honestly never seen one.
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Does anyone have this?

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Really want this figure but i cant find any in-hand pictures of it, only stock photos. If you have it please post pics
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what are some nice "fidget toys" ?
I'm exploring fidget concepts. not fidget spinners, but not excluding them either.
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Kaiju general. Smol dogger edition

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Currently out:
>NECA Shin godzilla
>SHMA Destroyah (Special color)
>SHMA Super Mechagodzilla with Garuda
>SHMA shin Godzilla form a and b

>SHMA Mothra (special colors)
>SHMA Battra (special colors
>SHMA Shin godzilla (awakening)
>SHMA Poster Art godzilla
>SHMA Poster Art Mechagodzilla

Revealed but not officially announced
>SHMA Mechagodzilla (1974)
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What do you guys do when you've run out of space or need somewhere to put stuff?

I tried out an ExtraSpace Storage near my house but pulled stuff out after feeling how muggy it got in there. Does anyone else have a suggestion on storage?
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Not sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes.

Anybody here happen to own this plush? Trying to find one to buy but no luck so far.
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