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Any chance we'll ever get decent figures of the Colossi? Which would you want most?

I need a Basaran and Pelagia.
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bootleg toys general

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This thread is for posting pics of your bootleg toys and for asking if any other anons bought the bootleg you were about to buy.

>whats the point of buying a bootleg when you know its shit quality?
Some toys are meant to be army builders but aren't at army building cost so a bootleg at the faction of the cost is appealing. Another reason is for customs.

>what is a popular/good bootleg?
The Metal Solid Gear Gurlukovich Solider figma is quite popular, quality isnt as good as the original obviously. Also you cant really really go wrong with Pokemon figures.
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hey /toy/ I'm cleaning out my basement and I'm having trouble determining what to sell and what to toss, here's the first thing I came across
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u knoe who needs a microman arts?
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Hexa Gear by Kotobukiya

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Anyone else anticipating these sets? I have Rayblade Impulse on preorder.
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What does /toy/ think of 3a?

I think theyre really sweetass collectibles, too bad theyre rather hard to get.
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Can we trust Aliexpress nowadays because of their "buyers protection policies"?.

>WTF is happening to Aliexpress?.
Came at the idea to buy myself an ct 100cm "Elf Doll" because:

[] They are nothing like usual sexdolls, I have no problem being able to fuck a complete fictional toy. I do that rather than a fleshlight toy which I threw away yesterday.
[] Im no virgin but I just use it for better mastrubation. Something what doesnt work with a vagina in a cheap polymere flashtoy.

> However:
Aliexpress seems to sell "sexdolls" for prices around $400,- witch is less than E360,-

>WTF is that suddenly?. (48)buyers (46)reviews by almost all those cheap dolls.

>This other site: www jmdoll com /en/ show-product-87-1256 html which seems to be linked to taobao (alibaba).
Everything (alibaba) is Asia = scam. Right?

Plenty of doll owners here so whats your advice?

About this toppic:
discord.gg / CgJ792K
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SuperDuck 2B

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Anyone pick this set up? Everything fits on a Phicen seamless body. Looks like the best 1/6 scale offering we've gotten so far.
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>Buy 2 Hot Toys for $500 on ebay from same seller
>Both are usually over $350 in my local store but on ebay they were $250 each
>This was back in January as they were a pre order
>Seller said he will ship them when he gets them
>Been in contact with seller all this time
>Suddenly month ago he doesn't respond to my emails

I tried to email Paypal but email was rejected when I selected both of these items. Because they are too old now?

I will try to contact ebay otherwise I am fucked.
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Toys are hereby declared illegal, immoral, unlawful AND anyone found with a toy in his possession will be placed under arrest and thrown in the dungeon. No kidding!