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ITT- Soul of chogokin wishlist

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>haven't bought a single toy all year
>sudden urge to spend $1200 on several toys

Is this what drug addicts feel like?
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Toy Storage General

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What type of storage goods do you all have to store stuff when they're not on display? Boxes, containers, plastic tubs, etc...even storage units. Sadly, due to lack of space for any storage, I have a lot of stuff in cardboard boxes...even the loose figs (which has cause some paint rub/transfer, and bent plastic). Really trying to get better at organizing, so I can cause less damage to my collection as well.

The main thing I wanna know about is if anyone have experience buying zip-locked acid-free polyethylene/polypropylene bags for loose figures? I know they're usually available in bulk, but I'm still unsure on which single size to get. I rather not get multiple sizes so I end up getting stuck with a lot of plastic bags I can do dick all with (outside maybe using them for accessories). What's the main size you've dealt with? 8x10 looks like it'll big enough for most of the 1/12 scale figs I collect AND the random BAF/CNC figs I have as well...but on the other hand, it'd be a plastic bag as big as a sheet of paper, which might cause even more space concerns.
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Korean figure mania's wife

All his figures are abandoned and go to 'attempted murder'

The situation happened. What do you think ...?


I am in the 30 's early. I have been married for two years and my wife

I really hate it. It was like an otaku, but it grew angry,

I was patient. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no other hobbies, and no marriage after the marriage. I just gathered

It was nothing but pampering while sweeping and brushing things. And the Satan

I was in town for a while. I have thrown away the figures. At first I thought it was a joke ...

He said that they were all cool, and they were sending a picture of the empty showcase. Here,

I lost it. I had to collect pocket money without school days,

There were things that I saved and memories I had, but I really did kill my wife who gave up without my permission.

I wanted to. When I went home, I really threw it away. I wonder if it is fumbling and anger coming out of it.

I was a person who had been distracted and angry when my wife was annoyed or angry. The first time

I did. I cried with a shout, but I am willing to give up the urge to kill it

It was hard. Jorda gave me a ride until my wipes were wide open. Because of the toy

I was crying and trying to kill. I waited silently for the wipes to calm down.

I told him to divorce, and he said he would not understand me. Because of the bare toys

It's called a toy ... I do not have the confidence to live with this guy anymore.

Do you look strange to me? Do you think I'm a freak as the real wipe says?
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Mega Construx / Bloks General: "Colonial Manlets" Edition

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Come join us to discuss one of the greates toylines of our times! We got soldier and aliens and future soldiers and pirates and asassins and marines and masters of the universe and all impossible to find!!!

Old thread here >>6468429
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my SoC GaoGaiGar took a shelf dive.

i think i'm going to drown myself now
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Figures You're Surprised DIDNT Shelfwarm

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I thought she would fursure still be on pegs
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Girls with robotic armor.

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I need a figure that is like the following images... I would greatly appreciate help finding one, preferably between 5-10 inches tall, and not terribly fragile.
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