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What are some weird, disturbing, or even scary toys?
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/tfg/-Transformers General:Meg Edition

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Welcome to the Transformers General! Here we always go go go go go go!

Kingdom reveals coming at Hasbro PulseCon!

Officially revealed for now:
>BW Megatron Yeeeessss

Archived Threads:

Previous Thread:
3rd Party/Unofficial Thread:
Diaclone Discussion:

Dinosaur General:Beasts of the Mesozoic

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Welcome to Dinosaur General!
>>8368042 old thread
Please feel free to talk of all kinds of Dinosaurs related lines here,
BoTM is the most popular it seems outside of Jurassic.

Well wave one is almost here come. Tyrannosaurs seem to be progressing nicely.
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Dragon Ball General - Special Forces

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Bulma's Motorcycle - Capsule No.9 - Out Now!
Final Battle Jiren [Web Exclusive] - Out Now!

Vegito Blue [Web Exclusive]
Zamasu [USA Web Exclusive]
Imagination Works Goku

Piccolo - The Proud Namekian
Son Gohan - Kid Era [Web Exclusive]

Jiece [Web Exclusive] - (Pre-Order Ends September 22nd!)


Recoome [Web Exclusive] - (Pre-order Open!)

Burter & Guldo

Prototypes revealed:
Freeza First Form

SSJ4 (Verbal Confirmation)
Videl (Visible Page)
Bulma Namek (Silhouette)
King Kai (Silhouette)
1st Form Cell (Silhouette)
Unknown DBS character
Unknown Namek character

Shonen Jump Calendar

Old thread >>8441908
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Customs General

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Previous thread >>8245892

Post your custom works!
Mods, scratchbuilds, repaints, 3D printed stuff, etc. Whatever you're working on, show it off here!
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Littlest pet shop General

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Thoughts on Littlest Pet Shop toys from HASBRO???
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/tfg/: Transformers General- Fossilizer Edition

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Old thread (>>8450915) on autosage, carry on here.
Fossilizers have been leaked and they look amazing. Are you ready to take a trip to the Bone Zone?
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what's a toy you have that you plan to pass down to your kids someday?
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Transformers General Unicron Trilogy Edition

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Old thread on autosage, continue here.

last thread >>8452585
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How would I reasonably get a job at Hasbro? Specifically in the position of managing a toyline.
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