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>"This is not the tried and true method of Pop & Swap."
>"I don't want to have to assemble a toy and be charged extra for that! I expect it to be done already, outta the box!"

Well /toy/, is he right?
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Post your grails.
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ass thread

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it's ass time post ass
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3d Printing General

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This was taken down from thingverse.
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ITT: Toys you had as a kid, but had no idea anything about them...

Like I saw it was Superman, or something, but I didn't even know his name was Steel. I didn't even know he was black! Honestly I was like 7, if I had known he was black I probably wouldn't have bought it.
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you thnk jar jar binks got a big ol jamaican meat that can satisfy all the ladies?

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Im gonna be selling this shit this weekend, whats the chance of all of it selling? How much should i expect for all of it? (garage sale)
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Mattel Pixar toyline

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Done in the fashion of their recent Toy Story 4 figures, Mattel recently put out a new line encompassing all the big Pixar properties. The line has only just shown up in walmarts across the country, but I have to say I appreciate this line. What are your thoughts /toy/ ? Anyone else remember when Jakks Pacific did something similar a few years ago?
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