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Army Men and Toy Soldier General

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So, when was the last time we had an Army Men thread?

Feel free to post any type of those little plastic figures. Army men, Cowboys & Indians, Spacemen, Police Officers, Ninja Men, Knights, Pirates, or other toys of a similar nature.

I've heard they've brought back Tim Mee as a brand recently.

Most of the Chinese Dollar Store Army Men you find these days are cheapo clones of either Tim Mee or Airfix figures from the 1970's and 1980's.
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Dinosaur General: Launch Edition

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Discuss all dinosaur toys here.

Previous thread
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Slot Cars

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My dad use to own a Slot Car place at the flea market. Sorta pissed it didn't go anywhere, I think it was due to the location in the place itself...

What's your favorite thing about them? I've not played in years. I'm thinking of getting back into it.
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I dun fucked up

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So this is my first time ordering a figure from another country, I reserved the new reaper figma from GoodSmile. I did not notice that you had to specify which currency you were going to pay in, so it says 8,800 yen instead of 89 usd. They don't accept cancellations. I put in a support ticket asking if they can convert the curency, do they? How fucked am I?
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Been a while since the last cringe thread
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What the fuck even is warhammer 40k?

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Are they mostly just figurine series? Are their videogames or comic books any good? Can someone explain to me the general story to the series and whats with the giant armor they wear?
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Cloverfield Monster Hasbro

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What's this thing worth? I see them on eBay for 500-1000$ but what's a realistic amount of money I could get for this?
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>order something and it took a month to finally get here
>shittiest packaging that made the toys box bend and break
>find out it came from iseral
Jews really do cheap out on everything dont they
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/lg/ - LEGO general

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Best Star Lord figure?

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Is this it?
I want to buy it. It's cheap - without package and baf-piece. I never seen any starlords near my town because i live in a shithole. But i still need the ultimate Articulated Star Lord Figure.

Is picrelated the one i should go with?
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