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You ever buy an expensive toy just for it to arrive broken?
I just got this in the mail; MetalMyth Mashin Hero Wataru Dragon King; a 3P Gundam figure. Head came snapped at the neck joint, which is tiny as hell. Contacted the seller but no idea how they can replace the part.

LotR Toys

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Are some of the Toy-Biz figures rarer than others?
I see a lot of 2nd hand figures for sale online but they don't seem to have carried any value, save for maybe the Ringwraith with Fell Beast.

Anyone here still collect the figures?
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So since Hasbro now owns Power Rangers, do you think they'll bother continuing their revival processes for their forgotten shit?
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What's the most you've spent on a figure? I'm a newb so my biggest purchase was 80 euros. Don't think I could ever go above 200, but we'll see
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/3pg/ - Transformers 3rd Party General - Big Red

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Old thread >>7843969

What's the likelihood that I get this before Star Saber at this point?
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Will we ever get official Joaquin Phoenix Joker toys?
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Look who's back, nugga

from 11/7 to 11/11
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Transformers general:Funni adventure edition:

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Post cool stuff be it MtMtE, porn, memes or whatever have you
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Transformers General : overrated edition

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Post transformers that are all hype but lacking in substance
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