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Marvel General: Endgame edition

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Clearer pictures of the first wave of the avengers figures have leaked.

Endgame trailer just came out: [Open]

And Captain Marvel had a amazing opening weekend.

What a time to be a marvel fan & collector. Can’t wait to see ALL the figures this movie produces.
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Toku General

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Upcoming releases:
SHF Woz - July

SHF Lazer Chanbara Bike Gamer Level 3 - July
DX Mirai Driver Set - July
SHF Geed Magnificent - August

Everything else

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Looking for an old Toyline like Xevoz

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I've been searching for a toyline I used to collect when I was young, but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. It was an original line of action figures that had a battling game system not unlike Xevoz. The thing that I remember most about it was that it had these smaller monster-like figures that were shaped like dice that you would roll to determine attacks and stuff.

If anyone could help me out, that'd be fantastic.

Mythic Legions General - Ogre Preorder Ending on Jan 7th, 2019 at 9pm EST

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Mythic Legions: Siege at Bjorngar is being extended by about a week and a half, and it will now close out on Jan. 7th, 2019 at 9pm EST.
The pre-order is going fantastic and has already far exceeded our expectations

the pre-ordered items for the 2nd Advent of Decay Pre-order (summer 2018), the All-Stars 2.0pre-order (spring 2018), and the Soul Spiller Pre-order (fall 2018) are all expected to ship from our factory to our warehouse in February 2019.

>Four Horsemen on Instagram!

>Official Store

>BBTS has Allstars 2.0 And Soul Spiller Waves up for preorder at an increased price + Some Advent of Decay in Stock.

>Complete list of figures (needs siege update)

>Accessory list can be found here:

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Hey guys!

A fellow Anon suggested me to post this here, it's some of my scale models. First is a BM-13 Katyusha, a rocket launcher plattform used by the Soviets during WW2.

What do y'all think?
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Army Men and Toy Soldier General

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Last thread didn't die, it simply faded away.

Post little plastic men. They can be army men, cowboys and indians, space men, knights cops, etc. If they're small, plastic, and uni-color, they'll do.
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Hey, that mosque shooting sure was funny wasn't it lmao
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How many plushies do you own? How many is too many?
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/tfg/ - Transformers General: Sowing Destruction Edition

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New toys are starting to seep out, what are your constructicons doing while waiting for the rest of the team? Or is your state’s distribution absolute ass and forgot that Transformers are a thing? Also post pic of your toys damnit.

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Does anyone have a decent picture of ALL the BWII COmics Bon Bon funky color contest toys?