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Busou Shinki and Friends General - Asura Rabbit Edition

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Read The Guide:

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>Upcoming releases:
>July: DTA SAO, MSG Heavy 20, 21
>August: FAG Stylet XF-3, Stylet PVC, DTA Stylet, DA Sophia, HG Bulkarm Glanz, Governors v1.5, MSG Supply 15
>September: FAG Hand Size Gourai, DTA FGO 3, HG Booster Pack 003, Early Governor 2, MSG Weapon 43
>October: AGA MD Sitara, MSG Crash Mantle, Side Mantle, HG Booster Pack 004
>November: FA Jinrai, FAG Gourai Kai V2 White, DTA Sylphy II, MSG Round Hands A/B
>December: FAG Zelfikar ST

>In Development:
>FAG: Ludens, Magatsuki, Kagatsuchi
>MD: Amaterasu/Susanoo, new design by Ebikawa
>AGA MD: Ayaka, Aika, Kaede Light Armor
>Shinki MD: Cheshire Cat Type Taonyao
>DTA: Sitara
>MSG: Gigantic Arms 08, 09, Weapon 10
>DA: Krakendress

Where to buy second hand Shinkis:
>Mandarake, Rakuten - search 武装神姫 and don't trust listing images.
>Yahoo Japan Auctions, Suruga-ya - Tenso or proxies for non-japanese residences
>Taobao - Proxy/International Shipping.
>Check the BST threads, My Figure Collection, and Busou Shinki World too.

Fellow anons selling custom Shinki accessories:

Official Skintone & Compatibility guides:

Build your FAGs right:

Pixiv, Tinami, Twitter, etc. tags:
>武装神姫 [Busou Shinki]
>フレームアームズ・ガール or FAガール [Frame Arms Girl]
>メガミデバイス [Megami Device]
>デスクトップアーミー[Desktop Army]

Come chat!:
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Nerf icon series

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So what other classic nerd guns you guys hoping to comeback in the new icon series

Daibadi/Polynian General: Babydoll Edition

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Whew. Welcome back all! Seems like we’re getting closer to the Babydoll dresses for our cute little robots! Who’s excited? Anyone skipping the nighties?

As most of us know, next WonFes will bring a completed Officer Kelly and a few new accessories. We will most likely also see the new Polynian Face Packs on display as well. Hopefully we can see some other figures teased or see some updates on long awaited Polys. What are your hopes for WonFes anons?

Now onto figure news! We have the new Polynian Eye Decals Set 01 and 02 up for Pre-Order as well as the new Polynian Face Packs Sets 01 and 02. Also. As mentioned before, the Babydoll dresses should be releasing this month too so we can all look forward to that.

As always, here is the assistance e-mail for those who need it, so if any problem should arise, feel free to contact them over at "[email protected]".

Final note, here's the link to the Poly discord. Drop in if you want more Poly goodness or just want to meet some really rad people. It's still here.

As always, feel free to share your photos and adventures, they add life and some fun to the thread. Also, welcome newcomers, we hope you enjoy your stay.

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MAFEX General: GOAT edition

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Previous thread >>7616537

Out Right Now: John Wick, Iron Spider, Alien

July releases: Evil Gwenpool, TDK Joker, Venom, Aquaman, Robocop

August releases: Pennywise, Black Panther, adult Miles Morales,

Preorders open now: Thor:IW, Michael Jordan (now with extra shoes), Batman Hush
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Dragon Ball General: proper OP edition

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SSB Son Gokû

Zamasu -Fused- [Web exclusive]

Broly (DBS Broly)

Piccolo Daimaô [Web exclusive]

Bulma -Beginning of a Great Adventure-

Jiren [Web exclusive]

Kid Son Gokû (blue gi)
Gokû Black (shiny hair)
Golden Freeza (less yellow)
Ultimate Son Gohan (with regular and SS hair/faces)

Bulma (manga colors)
Dragon Ball themed Tamashii Stages

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Model Railroad Thread

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Continuing on from >>7440328
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SDCC disapointment bunker

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Come here and bitch about it if you think SDCC has been a let-down so far.

I'm not hyped for anything, 3A chief got monkey-paw'd
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/motu/-Masters of the Universe General:Origins Edition

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Welcome to the Masters of the Universe General!

Previously: >>7633288
She-Ra General: >>7650967

>A New MOTU toyline is in the works called, Masters of the Universe: Origins, the first figures of which are being released as an exclusive two-pack at SDCC which contains Prince Adam and He-Man done in the style of the mini-comics.The rest of Origins will be done based on the old toys.Figures will release in Fall 2020.
>All the She-Ra doll/action figure discussions will go to the She-Ra General.In this thread we only discuss Masters of the Universe because She-Ra even that is part of the MotU franchise Mattel still considers it it's own franchise.
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/tfg/-Transformers General:All Hail Warden

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How can this man be so fucking BASED? This my friend is literally a Chad...he made Unicron possible. Bless Warden. 20 years of Warden Transformers from now on please!

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Star Wars General: Golden Disappointment

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Last thread:

SDCC is happening. Will we see anything interesting? Probably not!
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