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storm collectables general

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Toyphotography: i feel..cold edition.

Posts toys in the elements.
Or ignore the threadtheme completely. Your toys, your choice.

Old bread
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/pbbg/-Plastic Building Block General

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Welcome to the Plastic Building Block General! Here we discuss other building blocks lines other than Lego and Mega Construx.

A neat database for chinese lego brands:

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Mezco General: Redemption arc edition

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Where do you draw the line?

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>get into series
>it's relatively obscure
>little to no merch of it was made
>feel need to buy any merch of it I can, no matter how shitty
Every fucking time, I was just seriously debating buying an acrylic stand of a character for $50.

To people who avoid this feeling, how do you do it? I'm sure we've all had a moment where a character we loved was found only to have a shitty figure or a character who we buy any figure made for them. I know logically that spending that much money is absolutely ridiculous but the way I obsess over things makes me want any merch I can get.
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Toku General

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Upcoming releases:
DX Primitive Dragon Wonder Ride Book - 3/13
SG Zenkai Gear 03 (Candy toy) - June
CONVERGE Kamen Rider 21 - June
SHODO-O Kamen Rider 6 - July
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Tiga Multi Type - July

Upcoming exclusives:
SHF Saber Dragonic Knight - July
SHF Geed Galaxy Rising - July
SO-DO CHRONICLE Kamen Rider Kuuga Beat Chaser 2000 & Armored Gouram Set - June
SO-DO CHRONICLE So-Do Kamen Rider OOO Seishirogin Combo & Shigazeshi Combo Set - July
SO-DO CHRONICLE So-Do Kamen Rider OOO Mukachiri Combo & Bikaso Combo Set - July

February releases:
RKF Saikou Best Perfect Set - 2/13
SHF Saber Brave Dragon - 2/13
DX Ultra Access Card & Ultra Medal SP Ultraman Zero & 6 Brothers Set - 2/13
DX Ultra Medal SP New Generation Heroes Set - 2/13
DX GUTS Vehicle Guts Wing 1 - 2/13
DX GUTS Vehicle Guts Wing 2 - 2/13
Super Mini-pla Particle Combining Bio Robo - 2/15
SO-DO Kamen Rider Saber Book 5 - 2/22
RAH GENESIS Zero-One Rising Hopper - 2/24
Collectable Wonder Ride Book 14 (Capsule toy)
Collectable Wonder Ride Book 15 (Capsule toy)

February exclusives:
Evil Releasing Brace DX Yodon Changer - 2/09
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Kuuga Dragon Form - 2/15
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Kuuga Pegasus Form - 2/15
Cho-do Ultraman Gaia -Angel Descends- - 2/17
Mini-pla Special Airborne Armor No. 1 Sevenger - 2/19
Super Mini-pla Big Scale Bio Dragon - 2/19
Ultra Replica Ultimate Bracelet - 2/20
SHF Cross-Z Evol - 2/22
CSM Core Medal EXTRA - 2/22
CSM Cell Medal - 2/22
SHF Fuma - 2/22
DX Eden Zetsumerise Key & Eden Driver Unit - 2/22
DX Hell Rise Progrise Key - 2/22
DX Slashabaddo Riser & Shotabaddo Riser - 2/22
DX Memorial Progrise Key Set SIDE - 2/26

Everything else:

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Revoltech General: WebWonFes Edition

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The only new Revoltech shown was AY Iron Spider. Revo Geo seem to have a bright future but what happened to the other sublines?

Joker (DC)

Bakugo Katsuki (My Hero Academia)
Revo Geo Tagame - Giant Water Bug -

Judy Hopps (Reissue)

Nick Wilde (Reissue)

Iron Spider (Marvel)
Skylark (Super Mecha Chanpions)
Evangelion EUROII Heurtebize
Revo Geo Giraffa Nokogirikuwagata - Giraffe Stag-Beetle-
Revo Geo Zarigani? - Crayfish -
Revo Geo Tyrannosaurus Skeleton?
Revo Geo Praying Mantis?
Revo Geo Mantis Shrimp?
AB Nexus (Color Variation)
AB Nexus 1.5 (by Yasuhiro Nightow)
AB Nexus Pixy Armor (by Yutaka Minowa)
AB Nexus Dragon Knight (by Noriyuki Jinguji)
AB Nexus Revo Inu/Dog
AB Nexus Giant Armoroid
AB Nexus Giant Nexus
AB Nexus Massive Driver (by Yasuhiro Nightow)

Underwater Knee Socks
Fraulein Zwei series
G3 Gamera (Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris)
Iris (Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris)

For old Revoltechs listing, check

Why not know more about who made what?

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Marvel General: Remember Xemnu? Edition

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Xemnu Wave announced
>God Emperor Doom
>Classic Red Skull
>Lady Deathstrike
>Red Hood
>AIM Scientist Supreme
Marvel Legends announced
>Civil Warrior
>A.I. Tony Stark in Iron Man Armor
Excalibur sword tease
Mezco Fantastic Four, Wolverine & Spider-Gwen
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/toy/ e-celebs you hate

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I fucking hate that junkman, his accent just makes me cringe whenever i hear him speak
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