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How screwed is the toy industry without TRU? Fewer sales will lead companies to either go out of business or jack up their prices significantly.
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>make the coolest, realistic version of Anakin/young Vader
>only available at 1 American event

Just a quick fuck you to Sideshow/ Hot Toys
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Youtube Reviewers thread

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Favorite youtube reviewers? Post them here.

Vid related obviously.
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/tfg/ Transformers General: The Future is Now Edition

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Old thread >>7006943
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Mezco General

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Did you place, /toy/?
If not I've got bad news...
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Umihara Kawase

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Studio Saizensen's twitter posted pictures of a prototype of an articulated Umihara Kawase figure. There's no other details yet, but the way the joints are cut makes me think Revoltech.
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Pokemon General: Shining Brilliance edition

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Only Wicked cool toys can save this general

also shinies when
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What's your opinion on the Lightseekers figures? They had an extremely well received Kickstarter and all, but now TOMY has dropped the property and all future figures are "on hiatus".
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ITT: Toylines nobody seems to have nostalgia for except you.

Me and my friend used to collect the shit out of the Yu-Gi-Oh miniatures from Mattel. For a brief period, it was at the same level of Star Wars figures for us. Loved them even more than the cards. When looking online though, it appears nobody else was that into it. All I can find in terms of images are stuff from ebay sellers. I'm having trouble finding a list of all the figures anywhere. Can't find any sort of database on them. Anybody else collect these?

What are some toylines you loved growing up that were more niche?
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Transformers 3rd party gen: Transformers back in the name edition

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old >>6994060
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