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Marvel General: SDCC

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May as well get this going, SDCC is here, and the photos of product will start pouring in!

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary is slowly hitting Targets around the country, as well as Gamestop.

Mafex Evil Gwenpool came out.

X-Men Vintage wave is out as well, hitting Gamestops (unless someone pre-ordered them already).
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Glyos General

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Warlords of Wor- Toxic Avenger, AD&D, GI Joe, Battle Beast homages
Battle Tribes- Golden Ax, Tron homages
Kabuto Mushi- Butterfly Wingz, Saturnia White Mushi/Nemesis
Toy Pizza- Chakan the Forever Man (AFOTM July), Mikros, Pizza Con

>Onell Drop - Late July
>Anniversary Drop

>CappySpace (7/17) - Ecopod & Scarabite figs from DCON 2018
>Spaced Out (August) - New Geodraxus colors
>Mega Merge - Dark Souls

>Ongoing Topics
Melting PVC
Toy Pizza Con and thread reunification
Chopping up figures to add more movable parts

>Want to know more?

>Current Stock of all Glyos stores
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Star Wars General: Golden Disappointment

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Last thread:

SDCC is happening. Will we see anything interesting? Probably not!
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How were these, /toy/?Was thinking of picking up some
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I classify as a toy too, y'know

NECA General

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Last thread: Poofed

Tons of new product in stores. Most Targets are getting restocks of the TMNT 2-packs, Laurie Strode, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and more.

SDCC is looming. What are you excited for?

NECA's fan event happened and seemed like a fun time for those that could go. Toy Ark has a couple decent vids up of the Q&A session that went on here:
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Square Enix Products

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Remake Play Arts Kai revealed at SDCC
Tifa, Aerith and Sephiroth.
New KH3 Bring Arts of Roxas and Xion.
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Dragonball General: Ultra Instinct

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SSB Son Gokû (confirmed will be available at SDCC)

Zamasu -Fused- [Web exclusive]

Broly (DBS Broly)

Piccolo Daimaô [Web exclusive]

Bulma -Beginning of a Great Adventure-

Jiren [Web exclusive]

Kid Son Gokû (blue gi, no nimbus)
Gokû Black (translucent hair)
Golden Freeza (less yellow)
Ultimate Son Gohan (with regular and SS hair/faces)

Bulma (manga colors)
Dragon Ball themed Tamashii Stages

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You did order yours, right? After 2016 it's pretty damn nice all this actual merchandise is coming out for the GB people liked.
>The RGB statues are like 150 a piece.
120 for the spectrals, terror dog, and a stay puft is fine but damn I can't afford 150 per figure even if they look fantastic. I may consider the RGB Ecto-1 coming out though.