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Custom's General - OP doesnt know what he's doing edition.

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Post WIPs, finished projects cool shit you found on the web.

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Dragon Ball General: convention exclusives are shit edition

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SSB Vegeta (DBS Broly) [Web exclusive]

Android 21 (True form) [Web exclusive]

SSB Son Gokû (DBS Broly)

Zamasu -Fused- [Web exclusive]

Broly (DBS Broly)

Piccolo Daimaô

Kid Gokû with blue gi

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Kaiju General

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Things are looking derpy edition

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Mega Construx/Bloks General: “Soldiers, soldiers, soldiers!!!” Edition

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Welcome and join us in discussing the greatest toyline of all!

No news this general. Everything has been confirmed and things are slowly coming out. We thought things would get fucky with TRU closing in the US, but it seems it’s business as usual with stuff showing up at Walmart and Amazon.

Current licenses:

Call of Duty
Crystal Creatures
God of War
Assassins Creed
Probuilders (Beyonders, Wild West, Vikings)

And probably more!

No bricklink for Mega, though.

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What do you guys think made the stories you came up with as kids while playing with your toys feel unique?

I'm trying to draft a story using my toys for a pet project I have but I kind of feel that the story is feeling too anime-y, which isn't what I'm going for. I want that playing with your toys feel.
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ITT: people/characters you want figures of

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Mecha Godzilla 8" limited edition for $100 - is it worth it?

Chogokin thread

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i just want to talk about bandai's chogokin line and sublines
pic is prototype of soul of chogokin dairugger
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Recent pick-ups thread

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Because someone has to
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toy cringe thread

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Post toy related cringe.

Here we have a Severus Snape fucking someone's original character (do not steal).
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