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What are some good figures wearing skull masks?
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gobots thread

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thread for all gobot related things
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What went wrong?
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Monster and Kaiju Toys General ... Ohhh My!!!

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Remember Back When Monsterarts Actually Rocked Edition?
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Hasbro Toy Recycling Program

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"Hasbro, Inc. announced today that it is launching a new, industry-leading, toy and game recycling pilot program with TerraCycle, a global leader in product recycling. During the pilot program, consumers can collect and send their well-loved Hasbro toys and games to TerraCycle, who will recycle them into materials that can be used in the construction of play spaces, flower pots, park benches, and other innovative uses. In 2018, Hasbro is piloting the program in the contiguous U.S."

The whole idea of recycling toys thing is really sketchy to me. I mean, it's fine to give away toys to thrift shops or sell them in a garage sale or eBay, but destroying toys to turn them into flower pots for Earth Day? Yeah right. What's the real reason Hasbro is doing this? And why ONLY Hasbro toys? Why not other toys from other manufacturers? Plastic is plastic, amirite?

What are your thoughts?
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SAS / Jojo

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Wtf happened to the thread?
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Nintendo General: Here They Come Edition

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Recently Released:
Nendoroid Ice Kirby
Nendoroid Ash
Gigantic Series Rayquaza
Detective Pikachu amiibo


Figma Selene
World of Nintendo 4" wave 2-7 (Iggy Koopa, Raccoon Mario, Hammer Bros., Metal Mario)
World of Nintendo 2.5" wave 2-8 (Star Power Mario, Jumping Luigi, 8-bit Goomba, 8-bit Bowser)

Nendoroid Sakura

Nendoroid More: Robobot Armor
Nendoroid Lana

Pearl and Marina two-pack amiibo
Corocoroid Kirby

Figma Solid Snake (Re-Release)
Nendoroid Isabelle (Winter Version) (Re-Release)
Nendoroid Mario (Re-Release)
Nendoroid Giovanni
Nendoroid Guardian

Figma Inkling Girl
Figma Lillie (Z-Mode)
Nendoroid Lillie (Z-Mode)
Nendoroid Blue (Green) Oak
Kotobukiya Siren
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What went wrong?

Star Wars was the reason Movies came out with Toy Lines...
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I was just digging through my old stuff and found pic related. I'm wondering if it's part of a series of toys or just a standalone item, because if there are similar items I would like to have a little collection of them.

Does anyone have any information on it? Manufacturer, toy line/series etc.
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Black toys

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Is it true that black toys especially black dolls don’t sell well ? Why don’t they sell well ?
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