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Kaiju/Godzilla General: Mothra Tease Edition

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As King of the Monsters slowly approaches, lets discuss some Kaiju toys!
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Sofubi/Sofvi/Designer Toys General: More Brains Edition

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Can we have a designer toys thread?
Where do you get your sofubi figures from? Which are your favorites?
Kaiju, horror, movie monsters, or something else?
Keshi/M.U.S.C.L.E. also welcome.
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Just got my second figma

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It's genji
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post hairy pooper toys
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Actual Secret Santa 2018 thread

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Time for Secret Santa 2018:

Sign up:

FAQ (look at this after looking over the form and before signing up):

[email protected]


November 12th:
Sign up period ends

November 13th-14th:
Assignments go out

November 23rd:
Proof of purchase deadline. Email me a picture of the gift or a receipt of your purchase. If you don't meet this deadline you'll be removed from the event.

November 25th:
International shipping deadline. Email me your tracking number by this date.

December 15th:
Domestic shipping deadline. Email me your tracking number by this date.

I'm most active around 8pm - 2am US est. If you ask me a question then I'll be able to reply right away. Feel free to email me questions or ask in this thread. Otherwise, feel free to discuss and enjoy this annual event. Have fun everyone!
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Marvel General: RIP Stan Lee Edition

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Sadly enough, as most of you have heard, Stan Lee passed away yesterday. He was an old pervert who maybe banged out Jack Kirby's wife one too many times, but he was our old pervert. And he sure did create and co-create some amazing characters. So instead of whining and bitching like we usually do, let's take the time to remember Stan by posting toys of the characters he created, that have helped shape modern day pop culture as we know it today.

Previous thread: >>7237788
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Overwatch/Blizzard: Hasblow Edition

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I'm stoked. The head looks a tad small but otherwise, the sculpt and articulation look good.

As Uncle Jesse used to say, "Have Mercy".

Also, Hasbro's Nerfing Overwatch.
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Are these supposed to look like Masters of the Universe toys?

Or is Savage World something that existed before Funko started pumping these out?
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Toku General

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Upcoming releases:
SG Ride Watch 06 (Candy toy) - February
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Kiva Kiva Form - April
SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman DX Assist Weapon Set - April
Actibuilder SSSS.GRIDMAN Gridman - March
Actibuilder SSSS.GRIDMAN DX Assist Weapon Set - March
SHF Belial - April
Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Ver. 7.4 - January
SO-DO CHRONICLE So-Do Kamen Rider W - February

SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Zanki - May
Ultra Replica Mebius Brace & Knight Brace - March
DX R/B Gyro Mitsurugi Saki Ver - March
DX Another Watch Set - March
Cho-Do Ultraman Orb Orb Origin & Galactron Set - February
SODO CHRONICLE So-Do Kamen Rider W W's Impact / Now in a New Light - April
SHF Zi-O Build Armor
Figuarts ZERO Three Crows

Everything else

Last thread
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Bakugan:Battle Planet

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Here's the first look at the new bakugans. Expect toy reveals around december. Also,Bakugan thread. Expect bakugan action figures too.
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