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Acid Rain Thread

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Let's show some love to Acid Rain World. Personally it's one of my favorite lines, love the work that goes into them, share your pics, your wishes, your Dioramas.
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Mythic Legions General - 2nd 2.0 Preorder Ending Soon/Store Sale May 9th

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>Advent of Decay 2.0 Preorders OPEN Sale Ending soon
The Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay wave is up for preorder at, and will end on April 25th at 3pm EST US.

>Mythic Legions Colosseum
Pre Orders have been shipped and the remainder of the in-stock Mythic Legions: Coliseum figures will be going up for sale on Store Horsemen beginning on Wednesday, May 9th.

>Convention exclusives
A little less than two weeks from now - April 21st & 22nd, Four Horsemen Toy Design is going to be making their second appearance at ToyConNJ.
ToyConNJ is where you're going to be able to get your first in-person look at all of the upcoming 2018 Mythic Legions convention/Store Horsemen shared exclusives.

At the 2018 Power-Con (Aug. 25th & 26th in Los Angeles, CA) Cowarros and Malynna the Malevolent on hand and up for sale to Power-Con attendees months before they ship from Store Horsemen!

>Mythic Legions Allstars 2.0
Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2.0 wave would be shipping to us in late Summer 2018, but it's possible that it may be as late as Fall/Winter 2018.

>Four Horsemen has increased there activity on instagram, lots of new pictures being posted

>Last thread
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Post the biggest shill in the action figure reviewer community /toy/
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/biog/ - Bionicle, Technic and CCBS General: Nuva Edition

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Customs General

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Post your custom projects here; mods, fixes, repaints, dios, effects parts, accessories, 3D printed stuff, or whatever else you're working on.

Offer tips and advice, ask for help, post tutorials/guides, and have fun!
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The plague of John Boyega toys

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Show me pics of your toys r us, Wal-Mart, target, over flowing with black series Finn figures
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Star Wars General: You Underestimate My Exclusivity Edition

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Last thread: >>6895665

Episode III Anakin confirmed a Web Exclusive. Rev up those middleman sites.
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Mega Man Toys General

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I'm now convinced most of the hate Reddit gets is deserved but their toy communities are the worst. I mean aside from the general snob factor most subreddits have and the mass influx of deranged SJWs(I had one scream at me for using the term SJW, even though they themselves came up with it to describe their activities).

r/transformers is just "I bought some shit, give me asspats so I can feel justified buying it."

r/lego is elite snobbery and fanatic hatred of nay other brand

r/toyexchange is mainly Marvel Legends with a mix of WWE, Star Wars and Figuarts, and some bullshit rules. They have literally no other tastes over there.

r/transformerstrading is 3 new sales ads a week and it's mostly TFW2005 crossposts, and most of the buyers are eBay dealers trying to lowball.

The rest of the toy subreddits are more of the same- shit taste, "make me feel good for showing off because that's the only reason I buy toys" and BST boards so shit they're useless.

They now require an email when signing up for reddit, no more just making a damn account.
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