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Hey, is buying toys from the Philippines on eBay as sketchy as buying from China? A brief Goggling didn't yield any Philippines-based horror stories, so I figured I'd ask.
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Fidget Spinner General

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Post spinners
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Mega Construx / Bloks General: We Wuz Exclusive Edition

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So, this is the exclusive for this year's SDCC. Pretty neat.
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/SSG/ Spooky Skeleton General#12: Spooked Hotline edition

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Welcome to all the spookybros who likes to collect skeletons
Any skeleton figure is welcome here, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Main toy lines that we disscuss here:
Pose Skeleton (Re-ment)
Revoltech Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Dokuroman Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Boss Fight Studios Skeleton
October Toys skeleton
Imaginext skeleton
Lego Skeletons (LEGO)

For anyone wondering the differences or pros and cons between the different lines we discuss here, check this site:

Previous thread: >>6290952

Music theme of the thread:
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What do you guys think of the Friday the 13th NECA figures?

I just got this one as a gift from a friend and apparently it was fifteen dollars.
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So there's this new line of SJW-approved dolls that are about a group of different girls whose bios are full of oppression and bummers who become magical girls for this place called Woke World.

>They are ordinary American girls trying to get by in an unfair world. They have typical concerns like making friends, earning good grades, winning soccer games and figuring out who they are. But because of what they look like and where their families come from, they have to worry about other things too. Things like how other people will treat them because of their skin color, if their families will be separated or even what bathroom they will be allowed to use. At times, they feel powerless in changing their situations.

I shit you not, every doll in the line has the same blank deer-in-headlights expression as seen in pic related. They aren't "woke" for nothin'!
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Customs General

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Post your custom projects here; mods, fixes, repaints, dios, effects parts, accessories, 3D printed stuff, or whatever else you're working on.

Offer tips and advice, ask for help, post tutorials/guides, and have fun!
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Female Robots

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Saw a MoMo Original Effects thread a couple of days ago, and now I feel like getting some kind of female robot.
What's your favourite one, /toy/?
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toys of cartoons

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just saw a review of some playmates ben 10 aliens. is this the first time all 10 designs got a toy

also: what are some good toys of cartoons from recent years? is it just me or do they not make action figures from tv shows these days?