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do TTTE threads go here, /lit/ or /tv/?

This series has a tv show, books,and a toy line so can we post about it here?
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fashion/other doll thread

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>He's Fucking Beautiful Edition

A thread for Barbie dolls, Disney dolls, and any dolls that aren't Monster High/Ever After High or BJD.

previous thread >>6238738
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Alright /toy/, I'm trying to identify a figure I had as a kid in the 80's. You guys are the pros at this kind of stuff, and I also no longer own the toy itself, so I can't provide a picture. I believe the figure was some kind of Japanese toy, maybe a property that got brought over to the US since thats where I live.

The figure was molded wearing some kind of space pilot-ey semi-armored looking suit, with absolutely MASSIVE boots. It was mostly light grey, maybe blue-ish grey colored from what I remember, and it had a translucent yellow face shield that could raise up. The head had some grey(?) hair you could see under his helmet, but the helmet wasn't removeable. It reminded me of some kind of mecha pilot's suit. It had blue(?) round things on these giant boots that for some reason were springy, I suspect possibly because it was meant to clip into something.

Pic is unrelated, I just needed an image to start the thread.
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Between this and The Great Wall, what is up with big budget flops getting these detailed collector's figures?
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NECA Valerian film

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Looks like, dare I say it, space opera's back on the menu, boys!
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Funko General

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Old thread: >>6186992
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/pbbg/Enlighten Brick Week

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Well,Enlighten won me.
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Toy hunting in South Korea?

Im going to SK for a month to visit some relatives and trying to see if i can pick up some figures.
Im looking for either for some MG gunpla to avoid the expensive import fees and some anime figures and maybe some other stuff if its cool

Where are some good places to visit?
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/ttl/- Toys to Life General

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Wow we made it for two months!
Come here to talk about all your favorite Toys to Life stuff; Skylanders, Amiibo, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions and whatever third party stuff from companies jumping on the money train.

Please remember to take actual game discussion to >>>/v/ where you'll likely get trolled and not find anything of interest. Please take your trolling to >>>/b/ where I'm sure no one will care about your shit opinion.

>Pastebinned Info
Upcoming Releases Calendar:

>Actvision will NOT release a new Skylanders game in 2017. However they will continue to roll out some new updates for Imaginators including a some new Adventure Sets and maybe new characters? Currently, the Easter variants are rolling out to stores.

>Breath of the Wild amiibos launched in March; Link w/Crossbow, Link on Epona, Zelda, Bokoblin, and Guardian
>Fire Emblem Echos will get a amiibo double pack featuring Alm and Celica
>Corrin Amiibo is said to work in Fire Emblem Echos; apparently there's data for two which indicate there will be both a Male and Female Corrin released.

>May 9th will see the release of Sloth (The Goonies) Level Pack, Chase McCain (Lego City Undercover) and Hermione (Harry Potter) Fun Packs.
>TBA: Beast Boy + Raven/Starfire (Teen Titans GO!) and Blossom + Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls) Team Pack; Lord Vortech, Starfire/Raven, Rowan North/Kevin Beckham (Ghostbusters 2016) and Buttercup Fun Packs
>Also TBA: A Beetlejuice something and some sort of polybag set.
>Past these releases its not clear what Lego plans to do with the franchise.

>RIP in Piss
We could have been great.
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