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War is Hell edition

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How come the old 80's and '90s Ninja Turtles toys were so much more expressive, gross-out, bad-ass looking, and better sculpted than the stuff being put out these days?
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Where buy cheap and good WWII dolls?

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OTC 2: electric boogaloo

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So somehow, after well over 3 months, we actually reach the image limit on the last Orange Transparent Chainsaw thread.
I happen to still have about a dozen more pics I’ve been saving though, so I’m making a new one.

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Welcome to the Godzilla & Kaiju General!

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Hmm... Well, do go on. Show me some of your knick-knacks and paddywacks and whatnot and let's see if there is anything clever happening among those little toys of yours. [hearty chuckle]

NECA General: Gremlingate

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Gamer Gremlin release date: 4-14! Check your stores if you didn't pre-order this fellah.

Target's TMNT 2-packs got restocked again, if you're still looking start heading out and looking!
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/lg/-LEGO® General:Hidden Side Edition

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Blizzard General- Taco Gremlin Edition

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Old thread is past bump limit. Continue here.

Hasbro's OW figures are revealed and actually look decent. What characters/skins do you want?
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Nerf General

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Phantom Corps Edition

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