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ITT: Legendarily awful faces on toys.
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They finally fucking got me.

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They did it. They got me. I bought fucking Pops. Even worse, I pre-ordered them. I'm such a piece of shit.
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/lg/-LEGO General: .... Edition

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Vintage slot car racing

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TFW I will never have this
Why live?

Power Rangers General: Lord OC Edition

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>Newly Released
-Lightning Collection (MMPR Red, Dino Charge Gold, Beast Morphers Blue, Lord Drakkon)
-Lightning Collection MMPR White Ranger Helmet

Beast Morphers 6" Beastbot Packs (Red Ranger & Morphin Cruise, Yellow Ranger & Morphin Jax)
Beast Morphers Beast-X King Morpher

-Playskool Heroes Feature Zords (DT Black Ranger & Dimetro Zord)
-Playskool Heroes Mega Mighties (MMPR Pink)

-Beast Morphers Basic Figures (Beast X Red, Beast X Blue, Beast X Yellow, Robo Blaze, Vargoyle)
-Beast Morphers 12” Figures (Beast X Red, Beast X Blue, Robo-Blaze)
-Lightning Collection Wave 4 (MMPR Yellow, Zeo Blue, SPD Red, Blaze)
-Lightning Collection Wave 5 (MMPR Blue, Zeo Gold, Time Force Red, Ranger Slayer)

-Playskool Heroes Two-Packs (Triassic Ranger & Raptor Cycle)
-Playskool Heroes Mega Mighties (MMPR Green, MMPR Megazord)
-Super Minipla Victory Robo (Lightspeed Megazord)
-Super Minipla Grand Liner (Supertrain Megazord)

Previous Thread: >>7867964
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Mego returns

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So, anybody collectiong the new mego lines that have cropped up at target and now Wal'Mart?

General Mego discussion thread!

>favorite new and old

>what you wanna see

>opinions on the quality/what's available

I'm quite fond of the Trek reissues, and the Bewitched sets are quite nice.

BJD + Asian Doll General - Xmas Edition

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/toy/ - (link is dead, /toy has currently no FAQ)
/jp/ -

Doll news and company list:

WIP Database/Height comparison:

Doll magazine scans (Died with Google Plus):

Common sealants for faceups (there are more, but these are most frequently used):
>Mr. Super Clear Flat/Matte (UV-cut is preferred)
>Testor’s Dullcote (tends to get dirty easily)
>Citadel Purity Seal
>Zoukeimura Finishing Powder (it’s a spray by Volks)
>Liquitex Matte Medium (airbrush)

The general population of /bjd/ are anti-recast or are pretty much neutral on the subject.
Stop beating the dead horse every thread by asking.

Our threads are mostly dedicated to ball-jointed dolls and other dolls in the Asian market.

Thunderbolt Fantasy is puppets. Not BJDs.
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1000toys General: Dante And Nero Released Edition!

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Mafex General

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Exploding biceps edition
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/tfg/ - Transformers General: Squad Edition.

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Post your squads.

old: >>7954628
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