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Skilltoy General

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From Yo-yos to Kendama, Belgeri to Devil Sticks, Monkey Knuckles to Knucklebones, this is the thread for toys you play with the old fashioned way - you mostly stick a thing through a hoop or in a cup or something. And it's hard. Which is fun.

What skilltoy is your current obsession?

Any you've been looking into?

Any you kinda think are dumb, or even "not actually a skilltoy", which seems to be a popular complaint these days? What's your reasoning?

Post all your skill toy stuff here!
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Power Rangers General: Fighting Spirit Edition

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>Newly Released
-NYCC Exclusive Legacy Fighting Spirit Figure Set
-Ninja Steel 5 inch (Gold Ranger, Gold Ranger Ninja Master Mode, Skullgator, Ninja Training Mode Red, Yellow, Pink)
-Super Mini-Pla Megazord (US Release)
-Super Mini-Pla Dragonzord (US Release)

-Legacy 6.5 inch Wave 4 (Zeo Gold, Zeo Green, Zeo Yellow, DT Red, DT Blue)
-Ninja Steel 5 inch (Ninja Training Mode Blue, White, Gold, Madame Odious, Spinferno)
-Super Sentai Artisan SP License

-Super Sentai Artisan Master License

-Legacy 6.5 inch Wave 5 (Zeo Red, Zeo Pink, Zeo Blue, DT Black, DT Yellow)
-Legacy 6.5 inch Wave 6 (IS Silver, DT White, Psycho Red, Psycho Blue, Psycho Pink)
-Legacy 6.5 inch Wave 7 (Psycho Yellow, Psycho Black, ?, ?, ?)
-Legacy Zeonizer
-Legacy Golden Power Staff
-Legacy Green Ranger Helmet
-Legacy Zords (Tyrannosaurus, Sabertooth Tiger)
-Legacy 1/4 Scale Helmets
-Legacy Automorphin Power Rangers (94 Re-Release)
-Legacy Good vs. Evil 5 inch 2-Packs
-Super Ninja Steel Ninja Blaze Megazord
-Super Ninja Steel Super Ninja Master Mode
-Super Sentai Artisan DX Dairen'oh
-Super Sentai Artisan DX Won Tiger
-Super Mini-Pla King Brachion
-Super Mini-Pla Titanus

-EFX Green Ranger Helmet
-Movie Then & Now 5 inch 2-Packs (Rita, Putty, Alpha)

Previous Thread: >>6488045
Complete Villain Figure Guide: http://pastebin.com/hRHAAst3
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ITT: we cry about toys that will never happen.

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Hotaru figma never =(
Zenbu figma never. =(
Hibike Euphonium nendos and figma never =(
Maid Dragon nendos never =(
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Here's my humble star wars display. Let's see your cool star wars shit.

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Glyos General

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Bio Masters- Brain, Pink, Stealth
Onell- Gendrone Alliance v Villser
OSM- Alpha7
Banimon- Pink Army
Kabuto Mushi- Gold, Villser Green

>Onell Drop - Late Oct
>Halloween/AD&D theme

>BitFigs Animals Series 3
>Last week of Sept

>Battle Tribes

>Ongoing Topics
OSM turns 49
Which Adventure People in Space do you want next?
Show off builds
Colors you want to see again

>Want to know more?

>Current Stock of all Glyos stores
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Kaiju general: someone had to make one edition

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Poster version MechaG and G are out.

And pic related I guess.
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/toy/ Cringe

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How's about a Friday Night Cringe Thread?
Dumping my cringe stuff. Most of mine is bad custom work from Instagram, the place is a gold mine.
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Tin toy made in US-zone GERMANY

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Hi, anons.
I was looking into my grandparents's things (both died several decades ago), and I found a piece from an old tin toy with the "made in US-zone Germany", so I was wondering if anyone could know from which type of toy this is.
The piece is a shoe, see pic related.
If someone knows for a better place to ask, I would appreciate it.
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STAR WARS GENERAL: Thrawn's Throne Edition

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Previous Thread: >>6543823

Black Series:
TLJ Wave 2 and 3 starting to pop up, as is the Walgreens Exclusive Force Ghost Obi-Wan

Ackbar and FO Officer 2-pack starting to ship

Hascon Rex sold out, retail version due out next Spring

SH Figuarts:
Phasma and Stormtrooper - Sept

Executioner and Elite Praetorian (Double Blade) - Oct

Kylo Ren and Elite Praetorian (Heavy Blade) - Nov

Rey and Elite Praetorian (Whip Staff) - Dec

Shoretrooper and Death Trooper are out, and looking good.

No word on future Mafex figures yet, but expect TLJ stuff to release this time next year.

Just Shown off

Black Series:
Skiff Guard Lando
Resistance Rey (Island Journey)
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/tfg/ - Transformers General

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"yet another underrated figures edition" edition

Old thread: >>6584517
3P thread: >>6583363

>>Recently revealed:

Encore God Fire Convoy (RID 2001 Omega Prime)
??? Class Star Wars 01 Tie Advanced X1 Darth Vader
Legion/Legends class LG64 Seaspray & Lione (Sawback)
Deluxe class LG65 Targetmaster Twintwist
Deluxe class LG66 Targetmaster Topspin
Voyager class LGEX Greatshot
Titan class LGEX Grand Maximus

Grotusque with Fengul and Scorponok

Voyager class Hun-Gurrr
Deluxe class Terrorcon Rippersnapper
Deluxe class Terrorcon Cutthroat
Deluxe class Terrorcon Blot
Deluxe class Sinnertwin
Legends class Windcharger
Legends class Skrapnel
Prime Master Alpha Trion with Landmine
Prime Master Alchemist Prime with Submarauder
Prime Master Vector Prime with Metalhawk
Leader class Rodimus Unicronus

>>leaks for 2018 figures:
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