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In case any of you were holding out for hope Todd confirmed in his latest update there is no ab articulation
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1/12 Accessory/Diorama General

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1/12 General i guess, haven't seen one in a bit

Does anyone know where I can get a shotgun like this one but in the eponymous scale? i mostly want the forestock handle thingy
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Halo general I guess

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I don't care how nice the figures are otherwise, this shit is utterly unacceptable. Also the torso movement sucks.
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>tfw you will never find a random collection of rare vintage toys
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How do you store your toys? Do you keep them in their boxes? Display them? How do you prevent dust buildup?
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It was cool

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/tfg/: Transformers General- Show Your True Colours Edition

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Old thread (>>8579682) on autosage, continue here.
Post some figures that really benefited from deco TLC, /tfg/.
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/osg/ 1/6th General: Waiting Edition
From the last thread,
>bootleg rangers in stock and shipping, of good quality despite cheap prices
>Leon Kennedy is now for sale at an arm and a leg at your favorite retailers
>there was a mr.x unofficial figure for sale but it's sold out now
>possible 3rd party 1/6th mgs2 snake teased by LIMtoys again
>all's quiet on mondo's doomguy front
>ASMUS toys V announced
>ASMUS TOYS VERGIL DELUXE in stock at retailers
>ASMUS TOYS Vergil DMCV announced
>DMCV Dante shipping
>New special edition hot toys star wars kenner figures up
>hot toys Cody for pre order
>hot toys jedi knight anikin and obiwan available for pre order
>anon makes a sexy custom classic doomguy kit
>anon makes custom MGS1 snakes
>hot toys spider-man 2099 ships
New shit
>Hottoys Jango Fett gets final product pics, goes up for pre-order
>More pics of LIMtoys Arthur, they're "working diligently to make sure it ships in the year"
>Hottoys is doing a figure of Tom Hardy's Venom
Last Thread: >>8494333
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My neighbours lawn is too high

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My neighbours across the road is a rude cunt. He is brown dog who can't use a lawnmower. Im gonna lose it soon. Can anyone cut the lawn for him at night while he's sleeping. Sanfrancisco Bay area

Diorama Thread 2

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Post dioramas and discuss your tips and tricks for making them!
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