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What's the worst toy you've ever owned? This Space Ghost was a huge let down for me. I was so excited for a decent looking figure, but it didn't take long for it to start falling apart. The pins slipped right out of the joints and the hips, despite my best efforts of heating them, would not rotate forward. Eventually I just threw it out.
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Pokemon Thread: Zygarde Edition

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Post your pokemon toys, talk about pokemon toys, watch figurefags and plushfags fight, etc
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recent haul thread?

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old one died

aside from this, i have a few items on preorder (Mezco Punisher, SHF SS Vegeta, SAC Major reissue, Kat/Raven figmas, that fat old pervert figure and a lewd image) and ordered some old jap movies
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Transformers General: Memecons Edition

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Besides Erector, Randy, and Powerhug, what are some of the most memerable names for Transformers?

Last thread >>6294754
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V-Pet General: Frustration edition

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I went to Tokyo Disneyland yesterday and was really hoping to get one of their Usatama v-pets, but they sold out of them already. It's only about 10 days into the three month event, too. Looked online and there are tons of scalpers already. It's so frustrating! I don't want one THAT badly, I just thought it'd be fun to have. Does anyone know if the park restocks things like that? I have a feeling the answer is no since it was marked as being limited.

Anyway, feel free to discuss other v-pets.
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Transformers are the /toy/ of choice for intellectuals.

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Prove me wrong faggots.
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/lg/ - Lego General: Product Placement edition

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Welcome to the Lego General; I'm Lovin' It™.

Previous Thread: >>6291087
Bonkle/CCBS Thread: >>6281172
Off-Brand/Bootleg Bricks: >>6290143


LEGO General Discord server:

Thread Challenge:
>Build something with golden arches in it.
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Digimon Toys

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Does anyone own any of the constraction Appmon toys? How are they?

Also General Digimon thread I guess.
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Overwatch Toys

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So there used to be an OW general thread but I guess it ran its course.

Shall we start another?

I just received that bootleg D.Va figure if anyone wants in hand photos
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I want to buy a Tamiya car model kit (pic related). I have never built a model car before and I'm wondering what I need to buy before I buy the kit.

Do I need to buy things like paint? Spray paint or brush? Glue? Any help and knowledge would be appreciated.