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Toy identification thread

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Hello there!
I got some toys in a thrift store lately and for a life of me can't say what they exacly are.
First one is this crocodile-man in power armor throwing smiling head-bomb-thing.
It's made of really hard rubber and looks pretty solid. It has no markings.
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Transformers 3rd party Gen: RC Edition

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old >>6717592
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i'm looking for figures that can be used as some kind of "NPC" or "Background Actor" in toyphotography.

it shouldn't resemble a certain anime or vidya character in particular.

it would be great to have all kinds of settings to choose from on this too. like, some fantasy styled stand-ins or some that fit into modern day settings, and then some sci-fi looking ones.

im mostly interested in fantasy though.

can you help?
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Monster/Kaiju General

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Lanard Toys, who produced toys for "Kong: Skull Island", are now making toys based off "Rampage: The Movie" exclusively for Wal-Mart.
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Nerf General

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Any good deals found over the Christmas season? New purchases that you're happy/unhappy with?
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Does /toy/ fidget?

I never thought id like these neat things so much. What are your preferred materials for spinners? Bar or 3 arm?

I think I prefer bar spinners, and brass is easily my favorite metal, followed by copper.
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Glyos General

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Roboforce - Zobor, Bronze Maxx, Knight of Darkness (Sold out), Mordles (Green, Gray Galaxy)
OSM - GitD Metamorpho
Galaxxor - Zartep the Despoiler/Scarabite Automaton (New head)
KotS - Bumblebee Knight (Sold out), Purple Sparkle Vector Jump
Zullen - Gendrone Union, Blood Metal, new Resin heads

>Onell Drop - Jan 25
>Glyaxia Rangers
>Villser Standard MKII (more paint details) & Villser controlled characters
>OSM crossover
>AP Mystery figure
>Real Type Glyaxia
>Clear Yellow

>The Gendrones are on another adventure this time, but will return next month. (Feb drop)

Nothing announced yet
>(prob TGB/Wor/BT/Biomasters next)

>Ongoing Topics
KoD sell out, make more in classic color or new colors like Glyaxia?
Nemesis deluxe paint editions when?
Matt says "some connective themes" for 2018
Show off builds
Colors you want to see again

>Want to know more?

>Current Stock of all Glyos stores
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>when you watch a clueless reviewer fumble his way around a toy
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Gachapon/capsule toy thread?
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Redpill me on Hexa Gear. They look cool, but aren't they model kits? How much experience does one need to build them (well)? What tools? Will they look like shit without extensive paint apps?
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