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Took the dive into 1:6 this year with pic related.
The hair in the final product looks fucking ridiculous, like a Ken Doll. Nothing like the actual character or promotional pictures. The store exclusive helmet was not show accurate and way too narrow and odd looking.
The figure itself was essentially not posable and honestly looked very silly in most poses. A very very disappointing purchase, I thankfully at least made a profit reselling.

Thoughts on THREEZERO? Thoughts on 1:6? Thoughts on "real" hair vs Sculpted hair on figures?
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Transformers 3rd Party General: Spring-Loaded Edition

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How am I supposed to not want this?

Old thread >>482407
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Anyone know what this doctor figure is from

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No markings but looks familiar to me
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Toothpick Crossbows or Mini-Crossbows?

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A fun little gadget to have if you can get it. Able to shoot toothpicks, nails and needles of a certain size. Better than fidget spinners. Who has any, and what would you think is the best one? still sells them if you want to get them quickly, I bought mine on there and its the enclosed one.

Mostly pulled off the online markets cause of Chinese parents complaining 'Oh a child is gonna get hurt, government government help!' 99% of them got pulled off eBay cause of idiots like these. Well fuck:

Two more eBay listings that still might have them fortunately:
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Hexa Gear by Kotobukiya

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Anyone else anticipating these sets? I have Rayblade Impulse on preorder.
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Star Wars General: Calm Before Force Friday Edition

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SDCC came and went, we got plenty of new announcements and reveals.

SDCC exclusives were:
TFA Luke, Jedi Training/ TLJ Rey 2-pack
Grand Admiral Thrawn & Accessories/diorama
Luke's Landspeeder

And these will be available at Hascon and then later at HTS.

TRU exclusive TBS 6" Gree should be hitting stores now.
Looks like most things have leaked for Force Friday apart from the rumored 3.75" TBS figures, for some reason Hasbro/Disney want to wage a war against "spoilers" and leaks even know literally nothing will spoil the film.

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Displaying and Backdrops General

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Need tips in stuff you could use for decorating Displays or really cool backdrops for your photos?

Go for Fishtank or Terrarium Decoration.

Srsly, its cheap, it looks fantastic. Its the best you could do.

type in Fishtank deko at amazon and i'll guarantee you - you won't stop until you reached the final page. from postapocalyptic endtimes decoration to egyptian setting, jungle, fucking spongebob. Fishtanks got everything.

Brotip number 2:

Cutouts and Papercraft. if you're going for displays set indoors, like a livingroom or something. you can, based on your papercraft skills, printout pretty much everything with a normal printer. the walls are basic and should be always done this way. also Carpets, posters, paintings. whatever. level 2 would be cubic stuff, like TVs,cupboards, or obviously: tiny cardboard boxes for your Metal Gear Setting. level 3, if you're really skilled: even a couch or a sofa can be done with papercraft. just lookup tutorials on youtube. its not as hard as it seems.

And the most obvious one would be Dollhouse stuff based on the scale you're working with.
there are official Playsets for Nendoroid, but Sylvanian Families stuff works just PERFECT for Nendoroid. it's the same chibi stylized look.
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Rare & Cancelled/Scrapped Toys

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Can we get a thread discussing toys that never made it to retail? Or ones that were produced in extremely small numbers
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TMNT General: DreamEX April O'Neil Edition

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Who's getting one? How's the quality on those DreamEX figures?

I like turtles.
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/tfg/ - Transformers General

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