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Space Marine Action Figures [Giving GeeDubs ideas here]

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Space Marines are one of the first things that come to a normie's mind when you mention Warhammer 40k. Therefore, it would be a no brainer for Games Workshop to license a 3rd party entity to produce Space Marine action figures.

However, despite the eager anticipation (including one mad bastard who made an entire resin doll from scratch), GW has missed out on this even remotely profitable business venture (despite investment into the Video Games industry). More over, GW has allowed Sideshow Collectibles to make Space Marine statues. But instead of going on a rant, I would rather imagine GeeDubs dipping their toes into the waters of the Action Figure market.

Lets say Games Workshop is looking for a toy manufacturer willing to make a line of Space Marine action figures, and GW recommends the licensee to start off with a Tactical Ultramarine packaged with a Boltgun, a Bolt Pistol, Grenades, and maybe a Chainsword. The easy part for GW is figuring out what to start a toylike with (hence why Space Marines are such a large focus of Warhammer 40k line of citadel miniatures). But the hard part is figuring out who to license. Does anyone have suggestions for Games Workshop in this hypothetical situation?
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Female Toys with Good Articulation

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Are there any that aren't Revoltech? I'm talking like a minimum of being able to sit down/bend legs at 90 degrees. Figmas and female SHFs are basically just tiny statues that can bend their elbows and knees. I want something that's actually fun to play with that isn't another robot.
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plush general cancer edition

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welcome to plush general were we post good (and bad) plush's
i don't know how to link previous threads
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What is this?

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These are very old and I haven't been able to find them on K'nexs website. I would like to get this set again.

S.H. Figuarts General #103: Big Bois Edition

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Previous thread >>7293397

Where to Buy- (For items distributed by Bluefin. Others should be purchased elsewhere)

Web Exclusives-

Latest Tamashii Nations News -

Full List of SHF Releases -

Upcoming release schedule-

>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Falcon (Infinity War) - 1/25
Hercule/Mr. Satan - 1/25
Wasp - 1/25

Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS)
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Thor (Infinity War)
Great Saiyaman

>MARCH 2019
Majin Buu (Evil)
Captain Marvel
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Iron Man Mk 50 (Nano Weapon Set)

>APRIL 2019
Spike Spiegel
Broly (DBS Movie)
Gogeta (SSB)
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Count Dooku (ROTS)
War Machine Mk 4

>MAY 2019
Severus Snape (Sorceror's Stone)
Conan Edogawa
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Vegeta (New SSB)

>JUNE 2019
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Yoko Fuchigami
Android 21
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Neko busou Bandai spirits

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Wave 2 is out and 3 is coming, show me your mechs...
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ITT we share display objects for our hobby. I'm going to be ordering one of these soon, they look pretty classy and versatile.
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Furby Thread

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FURBY THREAD! Posts your fluffy furbies here!
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What transformers should I buy ?

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Should I buy mp megatron or mp 10 b ?
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One thing I can’t wrap my head around is why Kenner canceled their Star Wars line only two years after ROTJ, when so many figures where left to make and some didn’t even reach the states/mass release. To any ancient old fags here, do you have any memories of this time and how Star Wars figures were doing then. I can’t imagine sales were that unsustainable so close after the series end.
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