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Fashion Doll General

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A thread for discussion of fashion dolls including Barbie, Disney, Wild Hearts Crew, LOL OMG, DC Super Hero Girls, Licca-chan etc but not BJD.

Old thread: >>7625021
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Pokemon General: Saved edition

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Pokemon general, WCT tried to save us but bandai will
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Not bad for $5

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Are there ever any threads for Street Fighter stuff? Feels like its the most toy worthy video game franchise in existence. I have some Chun stuff but im more of statue guy than figure guy. Im mad jelly of anyone who has anything Pop Culture Shock of her.
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S.H. Figuarts General #116

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Previous thread >>7611116

Where to Buy- (For items distributed by Bluefin. Others should be purchased elsewhere)

Web Exclusives-

Latest Tamashii Nations News -

Full List of SHF Releases -

Upcoming release schedule-

>JULY 2019
Goku (New SSB)
Ran Mori
Spider-Man (FFH)
Kamen Rider Woz
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Cure Yell
Vega/JP Balrog
Kamen Rider Amazons Movie 2-pack
Black King
Kamen Rider Lazer (Chanbara Bike)
Ultimate Aegis/Ultraman Zero Armor Set
>DB Tour Exclusive
Goku (Kid Recolor)
Frieza (Golden Recolor)
Gohan (Ultimate Recolor)
Goku Black (Recolor)
Bulma (Manga Color)

>AUGUST 2019
Spider-Man (FFH Upgrade Suit)
Kamen Rider OOO (SS Tatoba)
Ultraman (the Animation)
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Yoda (ROTS)
Iron Man Mk 20 Python
Zamasu (Fused)
Kamen Rider Decade (SS Neo Decadriver)
Kamen Rider Zi-O (Decade)
Ultraman Geed (Magnificent)

Broly (DBS Movie Base)
Boba Fett (ROTJ)
Spider-Man (PS4 Advanced Suit)
Ultraman Suit ver7 (the Animation)
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Nebula (Infinity War)
Cure Macherie
Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O
Machine Kivaa Parts Set
Kamen Rider Build (Rabbit Rabbit)

Stormtrooper (ANH)
Darth Vader (ROTJ Renewal)
Toru Amuro
Blastoise (Arts Remix)
Kamen Rider Kuuga (SS Decade)
Ultraman Ginga
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Hawkeye (Endgame)
Piccolo Daimao
Hulk (Endgame)
Kamen Rider Zi-O II
Gamedeus Cronus
Garo (SS Raiga)

Bulma (Adventure Begins)
Ultraman Taro
>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Kamen Rider Evol (Phase 1.2.3 Set)
Kamen Rider Beast (SS)
Kamen Rider Beast Mantle Set (SS)

>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Kamen Rider Zangetsu (Kachidoki)
Cure Amour & Hug-tan

>Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive
Kamen Rider Brain
Spider-Man (FFH Stealth Suit)
Scarlet Witch
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Here I go, off to page 10!
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Toy Condition

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do you keep your toys mint in box?
Why or Why not?
Would you be ok with paying less for a damaged toy?
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Will we ever get good MHA toys? Both options aren't the best but I guess the figma atleast won't have lumpy paint.
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/mrg/ Modular Robots General: Part 4 - diorama edition

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Any scale, any series. If it's a modular robot toy, post it here.

>Rihio MultiAbyss
>Assemble Borg
>30 Minute Mission
and the list goes on!

old thread >>7579272
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What is your SDCC wishlist?

What are you most excited for?
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