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Why are pins a thing? What do you even do with them? Some of these fucking things are 10-20 a piece, and little poor kid can just snatch one off your backpack. Which is another question why you have a backpack as an adult and why you're putting pins on it.
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Diecast General

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Post your most recent hauls. I got lucky and scored four Skyline supers!
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Which Jaegar should i buy?

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Hey /toy/ i want to buy a NECA jaeger but i dont know which one should i choose. My choices are Horizon Brave and Romeo Blue.
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Mega Construx / Bloks General: "No topic is still a topic" edition

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Welcome and join us in discussing the greatest toyline of all!!!

We got hellboys and terminators and kratoses and hemans and call of duties and halos and destinies and comboys and chinese copies and many more!

No bricklink for mega, though.a

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/bootleg/ poorfag general

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Too poor to actually buy the figure you want? Too poor to pay for the latecomer tax? Feeling adventurous and want to roll the dice of luck with some fuming carcinogen chinese plastic? Found some interesting recolor/variant/chinese product (pic related).

Welcome to bootleg general. This is /toy/'s equivalent of /g/'s /csg/chink shit general where brave anons look for hidden gems among chinese junks. We share our experience regarding buying bootlegs. Bootleg toys can be obtained from ebay, aliexpress, or taobao
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Who do you call when you want some pepperoni?

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I started a semi-successful Samurai Pizza Cats thread on /co/ the other day, so I'll make one here, too, since I haven't thought about this show in a while. Apparently, ES Gokin's Polly figure finally got revealed as a painted prototype last Summer. Does anyone have Speedy or the Supreme Catatonic? They look really cool, but seem expensive for what they are. I really wish there were a smaller line of more-articulated and affordable figures of these guys, but I guess they are pretty obscure nowadays and I should be happy they have anything.
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how is it possible that the collector community reaches these levels of theft, winning 300% of something is totally disgusting, what the hell was Square Enix in the head by throwing 2b only to preorder and not to free sale, if that was his idea simply they put "EXCLUSIVE, WE DO NOT HAVE DESIRE TO LAUNCH IT TO THE PUBLIC", or their intention was that the thieves pieces of shit would pre-order 20 and then make more money than the mafia? Will this happen with all the NieR figures? I hope that the bootlegs manufacture a million of these to 20 dollars, disgusting speculators fomented by the same company and its way of sale
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>Friend has bought tens of thousands of action figures over the years
>Never realized it was a problem because he has a good engineering job and I figured he could afford it
>Didn't think anything of it that he had two entire storage units full of toys
>He called me up crying
>Turns out he's got $50k in credit card debt, a maxed out home equity line of credit
>He has no money in the bank and isn't going to be able to cover his next mortgage payment
>He still doesn't want to sell any goddamn toys

Have you ever dealt with someone with a serious toy buying problem like this? How did you help them /toy/? Do you guys have any advice? I honestly don't think there's any way he can get out of this huge mess without selling a lot of toys.

Pic kind of related: He's got a bunch of starting lineup and sports card crap too, he doesn't want to sell the sports cards either
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What's your favorite era of action figures? SW, specifically, but any property would work. HeMan, GI Joe, Barbie etc. I really wish Hasbro would find a way to produce current characters with the charm of the original Kenner figures. -And not like Reaction, those are, in fact, crap.
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130 dollars top kek
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