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Hey, look! Mattel finally realized they made a mistake and put paint back on the trains instead of doing that "trendy" bare wood style.
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looking for a black cat figure

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looking for something like pic related but a black cat with blue or green eyes in the 1/12th scale or sitting an inch high can anyone help I saw a thread on here with cats in robot suits but it seems its gone
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Post your favorite childhood toy

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This mean son of a bitch right here. Passed many an hour in the backyard pool having scuba Spider-Man fight Black Sea Venom. and Venom always won
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Okay, this is Epic.
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Are you ever going to grow up and be a man?

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Does this describe you? How can you be anti degenerate when you live like a littral child?
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All things Radio/Remote controlled thread
Not sure if this belongs here
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What's ya'll opinion on Beyblades? More so specifically the new Burst toys.

I've got a friend whose pretty into it, and while I hold nostalgia for it, the quality of the toy doesn't seem worth the price (and every time I Google one of them it's about how the western version is a cheap piece of crap.)

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It's that time of year again, suddenly Christmas themed crappy plastic G scale trains operated by four C batteries everywhere!
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There are third party digimon figures now? Who else knew about this?
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