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/adg/ Adult Doll General

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What are /toy/'s thoughts & policies towards pic related?
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Youtube reviewers thread

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>imagine liking anthonyscustoms
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>don't want a figma of new AC models because they're mecha-manlets
>only AC I want is in rare supply and is already being bid on

Sometimes it sucks being a fan of more obscure titles.
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3D Printed Toys

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How close or along are we to having big toy companies sell a figure as a 3D printer file and charging the same/less for said figure?

What's not to say Hasbro says "hey we could make a crap ton more of money without production and distribution by having the customer download a file and make the toy/figure themselves!!"
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Airsoft Value

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Hi, I'm hoping /toy/ is the right place to post this since I couldn't seem to find a living airsoft general anywhere. I recently acquired pic related that someone would like me to sell for them, and I know very little about airsoft pricing.

Assuming it's all functional, how much should this stuff resell for?
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/tfg/-Transformers General:Kingdom Park Edition

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Welcome to the Transformers General! Here we always go go go go go go!

Kingdom reveals coming at Hasbro PulseCon!

Officially revealed for now:
>BW Megatron Yeeeessss

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Previous Thread:
3rd Party/Unofficial Thread:
Diaclone Discussion:
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AFOL toy reviewer

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Thoughts on AFOL wife toy reviewer?
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Playmobil General

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Thoughts on the Playmobil toys? Could licenses like BTTF and Scooby Doo put Playmobil with the big toys like LEGO and Transformers and other?
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Newfag here, what do people think of this guy on /toy/
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Planning on getting pic related. What am I in for?
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