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Help identify some keshi?

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As title suggests, I recently got these guys in a lot at a convention, they were in a bag with some MUSCLE and Monster In My Pocket and have no clue what they're from. Was hoping you guys could help
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I need a robot girl action figure, but I don’t like the design of drossel and want something more cartoonish. Open to any and all suggestions
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DC figures question?

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So I'm looking for some DC figures and I was wondering which figures you would recommend for the following characters
>Reverse Flash(Preferably the show version)
>The Green Lantern in OP pic
>Blue Beetle, either Jaime or Ted
>Captain Marvel
>Dickbats and Damian
>Flex Mentallo, does he even have figures?
>Swamp Thing
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SH Figuarts>Hasbro shit figures

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I don't like how they put holes to put knee joints and how awkward these hands look like but the sh is miles better than some shit black series or a marvel legends line
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I was digging through some old toys I had as a kid that were in storage and I found this little dude. Does anyone know what toyline/franchise he's from? All I remember was that there were a bunch of different knights and I think this guy was supposed to be the leader or something. I distinctly remember a SpaghettiOs commercial involving them and it's driving me crazy that I can't remember.

butt detective

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Are there any good Oshiri Tantei toys?
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could one of you make these?

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Why was there never a Toy Story Collection Zurg?

Shokugan/Gashapon/Surprise Toy General

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Noob and newfag op edition

This General's encouraged topics:
Desktop Army (Megahouse)
Aqua Shooters! (Bandai)
66 Action (Bandai)
Shodo (Bandai)
Capsule Collection Robot (Epoch)
UNLIMITS PROJECT Kansou heavy machine (Bandai)

any toyline that brings elements of surprise (blindbags, capsules, etc) or include candies are allowed to discuss here

>Where to buy?
• Rakuten - recommended stores (Toysanta & Kidsroom)
• Mandarake
Some gashapon set are available there too

>News about latest releases

>Recommended viewing

Aqua Shooters Promo Vid

Flare Nabbit Sisters promo