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Bayfag who keeps making shitty threads with OP images that have nothing to do with toys OUT edition

Kira Kira poster I'll even put up with you than that retard.

How are you liking siege for those who have it?

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Lewd General

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Lewd General

Pennywise is a naughty slut edition
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Army Men and Toy Soldier General

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Last thread didn't die, it simply faded away.

Post little plastic men. They can be army men, cowboys and indians, space men, knights cops, etc. If they're small, plastic, and uni-color, they'll do.
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Who here remembers these? Fuck, I stole these little shits from my classmates back in early elementary.

We had this game where we'd set all our GoGos upright on these big stone slabs in the courtyard during recess and take turns flicking them at each other, they'd always go flying and like the trouser snek I am I'd go shuffling through the tall grass to snatch them up before the other kids could find them
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Bootleg Thread

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So /toy/, anyone have this bootleg Bloodborne figure? Can anyone attest to the quality? Also, bootleg general
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McFaralen Kaneda's Bike - should I go for it?

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What can you say about it?
Any QC issues?
How does it scale with 1/12 figures?
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About two weeks ago I tried emailing Funko for information regarding a like mystery mini plushies, and when the normal assortment will be released and just the exclusive version. Suffice it to say they’ve ignored any comment, is their a way I can contact them where they can’t ignore me?

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Does anyone know where I can find these teddy bears? My family got them from Mervyns for my cousin 20 years ago, and he really wants to find them. His mom just died so im trying to do something nice

Doll houses and dioramas

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Previous thread: >>7063428

ITT dollhouses,dioramas, playsets, and any other accessories that could work with the figures in our collection
>1/12 scale is default, but other scales are welcomed too
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An Ollies just opened on the edge of my A.O. and there's a new one opening closer hopefully before Christmas. Their name was mentioned when TRU went B-U-S-T, so hopefully there's something to score there. I took a look at their online sale paper and they had me at "Marvel graphic novel deal." Bootlegs? Not salvage stuff like Dirt Cheap? Better or worse than Big Lots?
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