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1/12 Scale Weapon and Accessory General 4: Vehicle Edition

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Post all your 1/12 weapons, accessories, vehicles, anything that goes with 1/12 scale figures.

Old archive is here:
Also there's a 1/12 scale food thread here: >>6845646
Previous thread here: >>6700098

What vehicles do you use/shop for to enhance your figures?
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Survey time:
>what toys do you collect?
>how many/much do you have of the stuff you collect?
>favorite toy you own
>your personal grail
>pets? What is it? How many?
>what will happen to your toys when you die?
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DC General

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Incoming new Multiverse figures
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Holy fuck im going to buy a whole bunch of these tiny raptors and put them around my place!
I can't wait to get them!

UNTAMED GENRAL - which one is your favorite? What are you going to do with them?
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Ironic Dasin General

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This looks promising and I didn't know where to post so here
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why isn't there enough metal slug toys?
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Is Monster High already dead?
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*blocks your shelf
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Japanese Exclusive Merch

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I find the exclusivity of the Beast wars II transformers infuriating. Not only was the anime dubbed 5/43eps but some of the figures I genuinely wish I had a place for in my collection such as some of the AutoRoller redecos or, God Neptune. If Anyone here on the board knows where I can get transformers relatively cheap in comparison to ebay and/or BWII , Galaxy force (JP) and parts of the unicron trilogy (US) please do tell (also that galvatron makes me think of Mecha-Godzilla
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