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Can someone kind help me, I am trying to remember the name of a specific type of Toy.
I think it was made by Lego, but it was like some kind of Action Figure type thing except you could basically Take them apart and then if you wanted to mix and match them with other dudes parts and shit?
I don't have any pics of them so have a snake
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Beast Box thread

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New pics for a Neon Blue Jojo have appeared
He looks neat

Little folding dinosaur boxbots from 52toys

On amiami:
On amazon:

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LWA figma or Diana Nendo.

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Does the fact that nendoroid Akko sold out already on pre-order help in any way for us to have nendoroid Diana or even a LWA figma?
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Plush General

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You know the drill. Post your plush and call each other manchildren.

All brands welcome.
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Whose your main?

The two Saurornitholistes look coolest to me, because of their mohawks. The velociraptors look generic and boring.
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Figures with this sort of aesthetic? So far I only know of the upcoming Creatureplica Wendigo (which I love) but I'm sure there's got to be more than that out there.
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Gashapon/Capsule Toys

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Let's have a gashapon/capsule toys thread, shall we?
What have you got lately or want to get?
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Hello /toy/ thought about applying for Toys R Us. Has anyone worked here? Care to share some tips or stories?
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/pbbg/ - naked apron edition

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This is bootlego thread, enjoy your stay. Also post best brands.
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Took the dive into 1:6 this year with pic related.
The hair in the final product looks fucking ridiculous, like a Ken Doll. Nothing like the actual character or promotional pictures. The store exclusive helmet was not show accurate and way too narrow and odd looking.
The figure itself was essentially not posable and honestly looked very silly in most poses. A very very disappointing purchase, I thankfully at least made a profit reselling.

Thoughts on THREEZERO? Thoughts on 1:6? Thoughts on "real" hair vs Sculpted hair on figures?
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