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The misinformation being spread is staggering. The FTC vs. YouTube COPPA violation settlement is SERIOUS business and creators & viewers need to understand the FACTS.
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Non-Pop Funko Products

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Funko has made a good amount of lines over the years. Not the best out there (since they are still cheap), but almost all are better then Pop. Let's discuss some
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4 inch sentinel bonne fam?

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if they are dong MML, will there be the bonnes?
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What's the thrift store situation like for you, toy wise?

>tfw I spent the day at thrift stores searching for treasure, but came up empty handed
>tfw I ended up just buying a pink Power Ranger from Walmart
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Poorfag Thread

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Post cool toys you can get for cheap.

This is Max Steel the action doll. A used one is around 10 dollars on ebay and he's a perfect boyfriend for Barbie's friend Midge.
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Storm Collectibles

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BBTS have revealed an exclusive version of UMK3 Scorpion with a skull face instead of a human face.
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[email protected] [email protected]

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Let's all love Idolmaster.
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Mega Construx General:GoT Edition

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Welcome to the Mega Construx General!

MCX sets based on Game of Thrones are coming. Are you excited?

Previously: >>7776917
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What's /toy/'s opinion on WorldClassBullshitters? I feel like they're a bit too critical. Still riding the Rose Tico meme after 2 years
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/pbbg/: TV Party

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Bazoopers, fellow nerds! Welcome to Plastic Building Blocks General. Talk about what weird brands and sets you've found (both foreign and domestic).

Previously on The Big Explosion Theory: >>7553976
Breaking Bad: >>7721228
The Walking Dead: >>7705778
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