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"We don't got no idea where the fuck your package is, SOWWY!"

Is anyone else getting sick of their shit-tier service? Their tracking is pretty bad- maybe not as bad as 10 years ago when the service was called "delivery confirmation" and did only that but those "in transit to destination" updates actually mean the package has not been scanned and they are putting up automated filler info for that day.

The online tracking info is also crap and nowhere near as detailed as what USPS employees see on their network. Half the time an arrival scan may be inaccurate- if a package was scanned for a container then it scans as arrived at destination, but it may not have actually been in that container so it never really got there. Employees can see that, the public can't see it because we get crap.

USPS knows they can get away with this poor level of service too, because you will not file an insurance claim, they know everyone who has a package lost will file a claim with Paypal instead and get the money back from the seller, and eBay encourages this by making buyers think it's the seller's fault, allowing USPS to screw up with no repercussions.

My favorite is when it hits your local sort facility but still takes 2-3 days to get to you even when other packages get to you fast, it's like a selective choice of what they can and will send on that day.

That's ignoring local PO horror stories, I've read plenty, mainly mail carriers not even attempting to leave a package and instead putting a slip in the box.

Right now their service has been even worse because of the increase in holiday mailing, I have not received a Priority package in 2 days for 3 weeks now.