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Marvel General | SDCC Happening Edition

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New News:
>Classic Vision is on the Bullseye buck
>Classic Hawkeye has non metal arm
>Hercules (modern) is happening in next year's Avengers wave
>Classic Magneto, Mystique, Quicksilver, and Hydra Cap teased
>Solo reveals: Magik with a fuck ton of accessories is a Walgreens exclusive, Archangel getting a rerelease with a ton of stuff, AIM 2 pack, Sentinel and Wolverine set is Amazon, 10th anniversary MCU Ultron BAF repaint is up on Gamestop and EE, and Gennis-Vel is probably in the Captain Marvel Wave
>Spider-Man 2019 Wave reveals: Silver Sable, modern Black Cat, Red Goblin, modern Black Suit Spider-Man, with Kingpin BAF (multiple heads)
>X-Men 2019 reveals: Charles Xavier standing, Reavers, Blink
>Storm teased
>Gambit solo reveal, may or may not be in the 2019 wave 1 for X-Men
>Charles Xavier is ALSO getting a version with his chair in the Ultimate Vehicles line

>Deadpool with Vespa and other various accessories.
>Black Panther Cinematic Vibranium Version.
>New Erik Killmonger with Alternative Head.
>M’Baku Build-A-Figure.

Addditional News:
>Black Panther Wave 2 teased for release in December.
>Silver Surfer/The Thing showing up in Walgreens.

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