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Marvel General: We Are Venom Edition

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Mafex showed off some production shots of Venom and he looks fantastic. Loving the McFarland styling. We even get a properly scaled Eddie head! Mafex's comic pine is looking great. Here's hoping for no QC problems.

In other news images of Captain Marvel and her associated figures leaked. They really captured Brie Larson's thousand yard stare.

The Thing was up on Walgreens website for an hour or two on Thursday. Mine should be here on Wednesday, thanks FedEx, and I can't wait to complete the F4. Start checking stores this week and throughout October. They get their trucks in on Wednesday, at least in my area, so check then.

The final few MCU 10th Anniversary packs are finally making their way to retail. The Tony Stark/Mk 1 2 pack is in store and on Walmarts website. Amazon has sporadically been getting stock of the Mandarin 3 pack so keep an eye out.

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