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Daibadi/Polynian General: Silver Fists of Justice Edtion

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Welcome back all everyone! Vania (Old Uniform Version) was recently released which makes her the 5th recolor of a Polynian in the line. Soon to be followed by Grey Iana and Grey Yume. The Motoroid Eye Decals have also finally been released so now we wait for the next Poly to be released next year. So, now that the year is almost over, are you all excited for the future releases in the Polynian line? Who are you waiting for anons? Who are you skipping? Who or wha tare youo keeping an eye on?

Now for figure news, Alvin Chen was finally put up for Pre-Order! Slated for a March 2019 release. Also currently up for Pre-Order are the Polyinan Acrylic Diorama sets. Sets include Shamrock, Clover, Yume and Emil, each sold seperately. Acrylic sets are due for a December release. Aside from this, as previously mentioned, Vania (Old Uniform Version) was recently released. and now the next figure to be released in the line is Reimu, who after so much time being worked on, is finally due out in January. Once again, here is the assistance e-mail for those who need it, so if any problem should arise, feel free to contact them over at "[email protected]stone.jp".

Final note, here's the link to the Poly discord. Drop in if you want more Poly goodness or just want to meet some really rad people. It's still here.
> https://discord.gg/YfAwkdH

As always, feel free to share your photos and adventures, they add life and some fun to the thread. Also, welcome newcomers, we hope you enjoy your stay.

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-Release Schedule-


>Polynian Acrylic Diorama Collection: Shamrock
>Polynian Acrylic Diorama Collection: Clover
>Polynian Acrylic Diorama Collection: Yume
>Polynian Acrylic Diorama Collection: Emil

> Reimu


>Alvin Chen