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/toy/ I'm experiencing a serious issue here.

So I ordered like 4 Transformers off ebay from different sellers. All due to arrive at different dates. But they are being delivered to the wrong address a few houses down. Two of them arrived already.

The first time there wasn't an issue. I got an E-mail saying it was delivered I told them I had not received it and asked what address it was shipped to. Turned out it was a few houses down. So I go by there I knock on the door an old lady answers I ask her if she got a package for me, and she gives it me.

The second time an old man answers I'm guessing her husband... I ask about if a package arrived he said it had... but apparently, he thinks I'm trying to ship drugs or something. I assured him I collect Transformers & it was just shipping error. I told him if didn't believe me I'd would open the package in front of him if wanted.

He tells me: I think you're trying to ship drugs to my house & I'm not doing this for you anymore, I won't be some drug mule. I'm like DUDE. They are JUST TOYS I PROMISE YOU. He's all... well you need to tell them to send them to the correct address, because I'm not doing this anymore. I'm like yeah but they've already been shipped there's nothing I can do & there's two more coming!

He thinks something illegal is going on... There isn't it was just a shipping error but he may or may not give me the other two when they arrive What do I do?