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LC ranger retrospective:


Tommy is the worst ranger. Straight up he sucks. All the tommys i've seen online and IRL have had attrocious paint. Also the proportions feel too scrawny. Perhaps this is what he looked like irl in the suit, but i don't feel like he was that skinny.

>Dino charge red

Great fig. The sculpting is incredible. He's a few mm taller than white ranger, but in person it makes all the difference. The only cons this figure has are the weapons. They are yellow with a few bits of paint. Definitely not as good as the few legacy weapons bandai gave us.

8.5/10 overall i'd like them to keep this quality as an average for the rest of the line

>Shadow ranger spd deka master

Best figure. He stand the tallest in the line, and his legs are THICC. The thicker arms and legs really give a sense of power. On top of that the blue shiny paint is incredible. I love the line going down his body and legs and my favorite part is all the extra armor he has.

10/10 if you only had one fig, get this one

Overall I love 2/3 figures in this line. Hopefully white is just an anomaly due to such a rushed development. Also yes, thats my kishryu minipla in the background.