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Can we discuss how shit USPS is and why everyone makes fun of them for it?

>eBay package
>expected delivery on Monday
>hits Indianapolis on Sunday
>UH-OH they always delay shit!
>"leaves" there the morning of the expected delivery day
>finally arrives at the local sort facility yesterday morning
>still fucking sitting there today instead of actually leaving and getting to my local PO

Shit like this is far too common and their employees always defend & excuse it. What's likely next? I bet this, as it happens disturbingly too often-

>scanned as arrived at PO
>but it's several miles away, sent to the wrong area PO

They inevitably jam their thumbs up their asses more often than not, certain sort facilities are guaranteed to delay shit and this is why people prefer buying on Amazon Prime with guaranteed shipping. USPS is doing little to dissuade customers from using them.