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On the hunt

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I am trying to find something I remember buying from quite a few years ago, I remember these things being quite fun to have and use with the website it had. Let me describe it for you guys so I can hopefully find out what these were. I don't have any of the figures in my possession currently so I can't include any pictures all I can do is describe them.

They were these plastic figures with usually a round head and a full on body but no hands or anything like that. Sort of like gumbi in a way but not flat in the slightest. They had many different kinds with different designs and I remember them being a little bit expensive for what they were. They were used on an online website like club penguin, but with more minigames and more places to go. The different figures you got would unlock different areas to explore and more minigames to play. I remember there being a race track, some sort of secret underworld place, a beach area with different sort of tropical bullet shaped figures, and some japanese place. If anybody can help me find these that would help a lot, and if you need more info just ask.