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Glyos General

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Onell Design- Pheyaos & return of Viyer
Battle Tribes- JP, Microman, AD&D, WWF Homages
KOTS- Mustard Patrol
Warlords of Wor- Green Soldiers
Spaced Out Design- Geodraxus Clear Blue & Gunmetal (Soldout)

>Mega Merge- Fallout Wave 1 @ Gamestop, Wave 2 @ Gamestop, Target, FYE, Best Buy
>Female Vault Dweller - Gamestop Exclusive

RoboForce - May 10 @ 9PM ET (Classic Maxx, Classic Nazgar, Black Zetonian, 1 more) - toyfinity.com
Onell Design- Late May or Early June
Cappy Space (Crayboth, Bio Monster, Nemesis, AV Robot, Goliath) - Contact Cappy
Callgrim (Deadpool homage) - TBA

>Ongoing Topics
Maxx Zero in Original Maxx Steele 80s Colors
Lack of Pheyaos builds
KOTS AFOTM May- Gamma Guy Vector Jump

>Want to know more?

>Current Stock of all Glyos stores