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Hasbro to buy Mega Construx RUMOUR

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Take this with a grain of salt,but my sources from the Hasbro Company told me that Brian Goldner and the company are interested to buy the Mega Construx brand from Mattel. During the last year there were rumours circulating that Mattel will axe some Mega Construx lines like CoD and even if that didn't happen Mattel could be likely to sell if Hasbro gives them a good amount of money.Goldner is interested in Mega Construx because he still wants to compete with Lego on the building toy side,Kre-o was a failure because of their bad set design but many praised it's superior quality to Mega Bloks at the time. Now Mega has changed,remains to be seen if they'll do something.If the buyout does happen expect MCX Transformers,G.I.Joe,etc. Who knows,Lego might even stop making Star Wars sets.