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Vinyl toys are for normies

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Is vinyl toys...they not even toys. They "artistic figures" or something like that.
Is vinyl toys are the peak of normie-level of /toy/s?

1) you can't do anything with them other than have that feel when getting a cool statuette from your grandma as a kid. The statue looked kind of cool but you would put it somewhere and forgtet about it.

2) All of them are expensive and i understand why - the process of making is really complicated. Also they are "art" (by that i mean 1 person made a design and decided to create them - such products will always be expensive).
Normies would buy Vinyl statues out of boredom or other feelings like that.
Because no regular geek would have free spare cash in his/her hands in such amount - ALL of us have "buy" projects listed for months (will it be "collecting Marvel Legends BAF" or "buy that old LEGO set" or "get last 2 figures from that line" and etc.etc.)

3) Most if not all vinyl stuff made by some artists showing off their character designer skills. They show it on convention or to fancy stores for normies to get.

I see vinyl stuff is an absolute sign of a normie.
May be...just may be some giant monster-dorks or just monster dorks will be interested in Sofubi monsters to add them to their regular figures collection but that's a rare situation.