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1/12 1/10 higher end Iron Man general

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We have an Iron Man thread every other day, so I figured why not try making a general thread for those interested. Even though we have many Marvel threads, for a lot of people Iron Man is the character they're mainly interested in and there's been a ton of figures released, particularly of the MCU stuff. This is a thread for Figuarts, Mafex, Sentinel, Comicave, Revoltech,Figma, Sentinel, and even EZHobi and whatever other Hong Kong companies out there that have made stuff in scales smaller than 1/6

Since Endgame basically capped off the Stark era of the MCU, I've been wanting to collect more 1/12 movie armors. While I know I missed out on getting a lot of stuff at a decent price, there's a ton of options out there I'm trying to research. I just won an auction for a Mark 33 Silver Centurion, which will be my first Comicave figure and I'm anticipating trying it out. I've been considering getting a comicave Mk42 thanks tot the Figuarts prices being insane, but I'm skeptic of bootlegs. I'm also curious to how the Comicave and Mafex stuff compares to the Figuarts , as I've only owned Figuarts Iron Man stuff so far.