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Stolen Transformers?

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Without hopefully this unravelling to another trash talking about Youtube Review “Celebrities” I wanted to ask you guys what you think of Optibotimus' recent Reviews for not yet released Transformers Toys. Some not coming for several Months, from the little I follow his videos, I’ll admit I still watch some mostly Transformers it seems like he’s buying these from a Vietnam Seller, atleast that’s what he said in a livestream. Gotta wonder if these are Stolen from the Factory isn’t he not thinking that Hasbro’s eventually going to find out? Gotta believe what crazy kind of shit he’d get into for knowingly buying stolen toys, reviewing them and then selling them for profit, you’re buying stolen and then selling stolen toys, not sure how many charges that would amount to

Anyway just curious what you guys thought about the matter, if you have that is?