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Predict the future for /toy/s

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what do you see in the future for toys, /toy/?

Me? I'd have crab le... wait wrong sub...
I'm coming from the 1/18 world so its gonna be a bit biased towards that.
Short term:
-breakthrough in fabrics will allow more realistic softgoods in 1/18 (1/12 figures are already using incredible realistic soft goods, see damtoys)
-better articulation in the arms. Finally non intrusive double elbow joint for those tacticool poses. (Marvel universe she-hulk of all figures already has this and doesn't look half bad)
-better tech integration. Something like force link but better and less gay.
-augmented reality. Continuing from above, maybe they develop an app where you scan a qr-code on the feet of the figure and a bunch of lines that can be played appear on your cellphone, then you choose the one you want and the figure talks! Or scan another code and you have specific weapon sounds! Custom sounds can be uploaded. Vehicles have special features, you can activate something with the app like a hidden gun poppingnout etc.

Long term:
-physical toys will disappear. Humans will live longer and they won't be happy about their toys melting or coming apart. Digital VR collections become a thing, people buy them digi-figs from STEAM or scan one of theirs and can manipulate and feel them with special gloves that simulate surfaces (also will be used by porn industry). They could be animated, played with, customized etc.
-alternatively, A.I. becomes a thing and toys talk and shit like that awful movie but I doubt this.

What are YOUR peedictions?