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Star Wars General : Huttslayer Edition

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Welcome to the Star Wars General!

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>Mission Fleet line announced, release this fall.

>40th Anniversary Vintage Cardback 6" Black Series (wave 1 and 2) is hitting Targets and Wal-Marts. Wal-Marts Retro vintage Kenner figures are out as well.

>Vintage 3" "Repaint wave" is out at some Targets.

>Black Series 6" Probe Droid is out at Targets and online.

>Mafex Mandalorian announced.

>Hot Toys Vintage Kenner style coloring Boba Fett announced.

>Black Series Ghost Crew re-release plus deluxe Zeb in August.

>Hasbro Fan Vote 2020 open: https://fanvote.hasbropulse.com/star-wars-2020

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