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/swg/ Star Wars General: Jaxxon Edition

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Latest waves:
>Black Series - Greef Karga, Kuill, Moff Gideon, Dark Side Rey, The Armorer
>TVC - Darth Vader, The Armorer, Moff Gideon, The Mandalorian, Captain Rex, Din Djarin and The Child pack

Recent Pre-orders:
>Black Series Archive Wave (Deathtrooper, Shoretrooper, Hover Tank Driver, Tusken Raider)
>Black Series Bo-Katan
>TVC Slave I reissue (Hasbro Pulse and fan channel exclusive)

Now Shipping:
>Black Series Jar Jar Binks deluxe from Hasbro Pulse
>Black Series Mandalorian Scout Trooper with Speederbike from Amazon

Jar Jar is showing up at Target; DPCI 087-16-2141