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New wave of janitors are incoming.

How do you ensure that free speech and shitposting on 4chan is protected (/b/ e.g.)
How do you ensure that discord trannies or other biased idiots are not trying to infiltrate 4chan?
How do you ensure that janitors are not causing any damage by silencing people (deleting perfectly good posts/threads)

Is there any safety measures against that? Do you check janitors for their work?

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Who's the longest pass user on here?
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꧁꧂ٲٲ[[[[[0]]]]]ٲٲܓ(@[email protected]

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12345 <span class="sjis"> just making a test[/spoiler]
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This is a slow board
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▲ ▲
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Just found this board after half a year of having a pass.

Nice to meet you.

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Hi /vip/
What is your all-time favorite meme? You can only pick one.

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So, why did you buy a 4chan pass?
> Wasting my crypto gains on dumb shit
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my pass will be expiring soon, i think ive got 2 months left. im not gonna renew it or post anymore. my legacy lives on but i remain anonymous. answer this, what will you be remembered for?