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Why did Trump win?
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What are some websites you used to visit but don't any more, and why?
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Socks Thread

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discuss socks
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Where my yellow fever bros at?
How is it possible for asian women so qt?
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This is a weird board.

Why is this such a weird board?
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Post a favorite picture

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Post 1 of your favorite pictures, /vip/
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If you could turn invisible and/or bulletproof, what kind of depraved shit would you do? Would you fight crime, become a crime lord or just have fun doing depraved shit?
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Guys, I'm gonna be gone for like three weeks. If this thread is still on the board by the time I get back I'll post cute fantasy girls. Like fighters and mages and shit.
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Does anyone still use the acronym "LOL" unironically?
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I wish I was a father.
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