Posting on ghost and internal boards should now work HOWEVER, links will not while an issue with recaptcha (antispam) is worked out

Okay...NOW /vp/'s images should be restored, an interrupt to the copy left a lot out that should now be there.

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>renewed 4chan pass for another year
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>tfw first introduced to 4chan through WoW "friends" in late 2004
>been posting every since
>wasted my childhood here
>literally can't leave now
If those guys are still around thank you but also fuck you for ruining me. Also how did you discover 4chan and get attached to it enough to throw money at it I guess.
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Pass ending

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My pass ends on the 1st, then I can finally renew my old pass and lose this newfag-tier 2016 one.
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A guy on the internet just told me that I have shit taste. Now what do I do?
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webm thread

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Post some /vip/ quality webms.
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What's the best strategy for never looking yourself in the mirror again?

also for never leaving your room?