The KPOP girl of the day

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Today's girl is Sejeong
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Present your gold cards lads!
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How do you feel about armpits?
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It's Too Easy

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Nobody hears the ticking clock more loudly than Joe Biden. All these shills, and their "It's Over" pronouncements wish to invoke reaction, and that's all.
But, in a Democracy, the voter's vote is the only power he has. When it is molested, the Democracy crumbles.
Too many MSM censors, too many doubt-weary and dysphoric souls wandering about...
But, the bridge between a cheated populace, and justice, by any means, necessary, is going to be built. And, the actual winner's name shall emerge.

>What has Joe to fear?
If he protests, what is it, exactly, which he is protesting?
>The Dominion Program means re-elections must be held.
>Observers must be permitted to observe.
>Laws must not be broken this time.
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Artist here, digital, and otherwise.
Bros, how should I fix this meme?
Also, for a limited time, if you need one fixed i suppose I'll do it if you're not a Communist. Post it, and let me know what you want done with it...

I get hate for Zognald. But, I truly think that between what he has done there,, and Bin Salmon's ego, well, Israel is fucked to the point where the cocaine train is pulling into Auschwitz, and this time they will use gas, just for the lulz.

Will return all to this thread.
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Is this site trustworthy to renew my pass?
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4chan's hypocricy

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>removes loli images on a lot of their boards, even the NSFW ones
>have porn ads that can be seen on boards marked as SFW

Can we finally agree 4chan turned into garbage when Hiro took over as owner?