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Choose one board to delete.
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If you could turn invisible and/or bulletproof, what kind of depraved shit would you do? Would you fight crime, become a crime lord or just have fun doing depraved shit?
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How do I blank post
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Fix your shit

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On iPhone when you scroll past the ads it stops your music players because the ads plays sound even though there is not sound

Please fix hiroshima
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This is a slow board
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Post the last image you saved

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Last one had broken images
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Osiris Bronx Spectrum Gray

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Alright /vip/, I'm kind of a sneakerbro, but not those fags that pay a fuckton of money for mint condition air jordans from 1998 or whatever.

I'm mostly into skate shoes (DCs, Osiris, Etnies, etc) and I'm into trading with sneakerbros of similar interests. Don't you fucking judge me.

Well, sometimes trades are made with the caveat that the trade is temporary. Most of the time, it's a permanent trade or purchase - PayPal, Bitcoin, whatever.

I've been dealing with this one stupid fuck, where I told him it was a temporary swap and I reserved the right to reverse the transaction at any time and he agreed.

Fast forward to a year later, he tells me that it was a permanent swap and that's why he sent me two pairs for my one.

I have his kik and home address and short of driving halfway across the country (I'm in Texas and he's in Delaware), I don't know what to do to get my shoes back. Chalk it up as a loss? He keeps insisting that it was a permanent trade and he finally relented a few months ago saying he'd send them back when he was done with them. Today, he told me he's not ready yet and I've just written it off as a loss at this point.

I guess I just needed to vent.

Pic related. It's the shoes I traded and want back. They're super old and they're not sold anywhere anymore.
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Be honest with me guys
did you guys like the merge boards?
and do you want some of them to stay?
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