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Guys, I don't mean to brag or anything, but I don't really have any other friends I can talk about this with, and my family already knows, so here's my little chunk of happiness for today: I made the Dean's List for my first year of university.

I'm so proud. I've worked really hard to get good grades, but now I've got this on my permanent record and I feel like I've finally, in some small way, proven myself. I have an achievement that I can show people and they'll be impressed. I have proof, in writing, that I am a worthwhile and capable person.

The truth is, I've been feeling kinda down recently, and have had many anxieties and doubts about myself. I'm sure many others feel the same. But let me tell you all right now that, even if you think you're a loser, there's nothing that hard work, determination, and planning won't let you achieve. Don't let anyone take that spark away from you.

I know this all sounds like a big fat gay blog, but I'm just too over the moon. Hope you all have a great day, too!
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Hi Discord guys!

99.9% of you won't understand this :^)
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>he doesn't have a 2016 pass
ha maybe next time kid
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Since4pass thread?
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Do you have an opinion on this bird?
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Just wasted $20 so I can post here with you faggots
Now what
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What does fucking undead elven pussy feel like?
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